How Life Has Changed For Young Woman Who Was Pregnant And Addicted To Heroin

every couple hours throwing up Nikki excelled at everything she was the captain of the varsity cheerleading squad she did heroin once and that was it she was hooked I’ve been prostituting on and off now for about three years to support one of it my greatest fear is that Nikki is possibly pregnant I am pregnant if I did try to detox right now I’d not only would I get very sick but it’s a huge risk for the baby you do know that if the baby is born and survives that the baby will be born addicted to heroin your choice is right now this minute you get yourself clean to give this baby the best possible chance it has and give you the chance to get your life back yes Horace well joining us now is Nikki who is currently almost 13 months sober so you have got a rug what made you decide I don’t want this anymore it wasn’t me I felt nothing redeemable in myself at that point right my plan was to go into labor on the street have my baby taken away from me never tell my family and like I felt like I was being so strong so I would bear that burden on my own that was like how delusional I was but I thought you know I’m given this opportunity I will never get a chance like this again like I need to do this for this child at least [Applause] were you surprised that you came out of here with a plan like I haven’t been a treatment before I’ve been intervened I’ve been sent to treatment I was just I didn’t know what was gonna be different this time so what was different you asked me you’re like you know Nikki like why do you do this why do you do this is it cuz you didn’t like I think you said something about my dad like this and I was like you know what dr. Phil I don’t know I don’t know and like I’d been searching for a reason for 10 years like why do I do this I don’t know why I’d do this like I got 2 origins and I got like a proper education I’m an alcoholic and a drug addict that’s the reason I get high like bottom line at this point you are working to establish yourself in the eyes of the state the court the whole thing where you can have custody raise this child do all the things that you want to do right are you excited about that I am I’m excited I’ve you know I’ve I thought I could like will these things into existence for a long time and like when I got here I just didn’t think it was possible I didn’t think there was any way I could possibly become a mother become a functioning member of society I didn’t think it was possible and all some of these things are just falling into place they’re just happening yeah you’re making them happen what do you do by the way you have a job I do I work at a treatment center I’m I manage a halfway house part-time for women well I can’t tell you how proud I am of you and how grateful I am that you come here and share this with everybody because someone where you were can look at this and say if she can do it then maybe I can do it and that’s what I want people to see that’s good job

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