How Lisa Overcame Postpartum Depression | El Camino Health

hmm I realized pretty quickly within a few weeks after the birth of my daughter that something wasn't right it was terrifying to to feel like I was losing my mind you know who am i if I'm not optimistic and positive and full of energy I just I couldn't recognize myself it was tremendously helpful in my recovery to have people that specialize in care of new moms in the second or third day when I sat in with a group of other moms that were facing similar challenges I realized I wasn't alone and that was tremendously comforting I've rededicated myself to my yoga practice it's been very calming and centering to have that time to really just take care of myself and nourish myself I feel better than I've ever felt and I have a gorgeous daughter who is a vibrant and healthy and the light of my life and I get to enjoy it

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