How much does it cost to have a baby?

hi so today we’re going to be talking
about How much does it cost to have a baby your pregnancy is all about happiness
that you share with your partner there is a slight chance that at the back of
your mind or at the back of your husband’s mind a small little thing
called ‘how much do I need to budget’ right pop it to make things a little
more interesting I’m going to share my screen with you now your pregnancy
journey can be divided into three your prenatal phase that is the phase before
you give birth the hospital and the delivery and your first year right up to
your little ones first birthday party now to budget for this let’s start with
the pregnancy confirmation .confirming you’re pregnant includes the home
pregnancy test you would need to go to a hospital to confirm the pregnancy and
you would do a registration to open a patient file and they would ask you to
do a blood and urine test to confirm pregnancy doctors consultations are
something that you would have to do many times during your entire pregnancy now
this depends where you having your baby and the hospital that you choose on an
average you might have 15 to 20 visits in the entire pregnancy I personally had
17 visits to the hospital every appointment would be accompanied by the
doctor giving you prenatal vitamin so you would be taking calcium iron folic
acid and a multivitamin apart from this you would also sometimes be given a
vitamin drip or an iron drip especially if you’re anemic this would
happen once every trimester you would also need to receive two tetanus shots
and in some cases you might also be advised to take a flu shot now pregnancy
Rohtak all testing there’s a lot of tests involved now the main test is a
urine test which is there at every single doctor’s visit you’ll also have a
blood test to have this test called a pregnancy blood workup now this is a
test in which they are checking for genetic diseases they are checking for
HIV and the baby they also check for any abnormalities this is like a major
testing that they do it’s done only once in my case it was done in the second
trimester and you also have your glucose tolerance test
now if glucose tolerance test is also done after the 24th week
in case you’re having high levels of glucose then they might repeat the test
ultrasounds and scans are the most exciting parts of having a baby now
there are different kinds of scans that you do and while I was trying to figure
out how much it costs I noticed that every single scan costs you a different
amount it depends upon the type of scan whether it’s an internal scan or an
external scan which is an ultrasound there’s also a test called the OBS fetal
color Doppler now this is kind of like a 4d scan where you can actually see the
baby you can see the blood flowing through the umbilical cord it’s also a
good experience but it’s not mandatory to have it done altogether my prenatal
course including the pregnancy confirmation came up to an average of
31,000 but don’t be alarmed by this large number it works out to a monthly
cost of roughly three thousand five hundred rupees
now we go to additional items we would need maternity clothing be helpful for
you as postpartum tilting you would also need a lot of abdominal underwear and
this would be the other way that you’re using at least six months postpartum in
case you have stitches you would also need some luxury items like maybe a
pregnancy pillow or a maternity belt depending upon your physique and you
also would require a pair of flat shoes I was very surprised when I heard that
as your tiny little feet are growing inside your wound your feet increase a
whole size and that change is permanent as much as I didn’t want to believe it
yeah you feet do change a size your delivery and hospitalization costs
depend a lot upon the kind of birth that you have just as each of us are unique
the birthing experience is also unique now you have options such as a normal
delivery and in dose delivery a painless delivery via epidural a c-section or a
water birth depending on the kind of delivery that you have your course can
come from about 5,000 rupees right up to about 75,000 rupees in case it’s a
c-section the first question that the hospital registration would ask you is
are you insured or not in my case even though my insurance was allowing me to
have cashless treatment the hospital did ask for a deposit of today’s rule costs
that you would have to check with your network provider would be which are the
hospital’s covered the type of births covered some buds are not covered under
insurance for example a water birth may or may not become and an epidural as
much as we love the epidurals and the fact that we don’t have to feel pain the
insurance companies don’t love it as much there’s also the possibility that
after the baby is born they might have a little fever and need to be admitted
into the NICU you would also need to check if the baby is covered under the
mother’s insurer so you might want to make that phone call just to be prepared
hospitalization costs for your baby that would include the baby’s registration
the pediatric consultations that they would have any NICU usage you would also
have vaccinations now vaccinations would include at birth
three days after birth just before being discharged and you
have periodic vaccinations during the child’s first year the first year is
entirely up to you now you have two options of feeding a
child mother’s look or you could formula feed the child mother’s milk is
generally at the best preferred but in case you’re not able to feed your baby
that’s always formula a baby would consume about six to eight formula feeds
a day but then could be anywhere from two hundred to five hundred depending
upon the brand that you choose essentially even if you think recipe
ding is absolutely free there are some costs such as buying a sterilizer a
bottle warmer or even a Presta whatever you choose as long as your child is fed
it doesn’t really matter diapers on an average a baby might
change eight to ten diapers in a day you could save money by subscribing to a
diaper subscription either on Amazon of us cry and you could bring down the cost
by about 15 to 20 percent tiny little baby clothes would be the cutest little
clothes that you see but the baby would outgrow these clothes in a flash so
don’t spend all your money on only buying new points to face it out
depending upon the broad faces also have some other baby essentials like a baby
court a pram a butter bath soaps lotions moisturizers and also baby toys to keep
your baby and stink some additional fun items that you would have to budget for
would be your baby shower your free maternity issue your religious rituals
like a seventh month or your ninth month rituals after pregnancy you might want
to indulge in warm oil massages the baby massages as well as soodikha treatments
for the mother trust me those warm oil massages might be the only thing that
gives you strength to wake up after a sleepless night of constant feeding and
a crying baby so to conclude with our Fremantle’s hospital and birthing costs
and therefore costs this would give you a general idea of what to budget for
your baby don’t forget time flies and your newborn
would soon be a tiny little toddler so enjoy every stage and wishing you a
happy pregnancy and a quick postpartum recovery bye

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