HOW MUCH would you PAY?

I mean I don't know I don't know what what what was it what about for you guys that don't breathe snakes and all you just keep is there a line where do you where do you draw that line this is a tough question top of the morning friends and family how you want to forgive people doing the day we got scrummy guys can be guys criminy guys hey Eli what do you know what about dragons you can see we got big peepee in the cage down there I got to clean that up headed to freedom breeder today also what do you guys wait right there and white poop another white poop is so hard to clean sometimes so last night I was editing until like yeah yeah we got we got multiple cases to clean back there I was that name basically until the time that I usually wake up I was just really feeling the edit like adding little pieces to every little one of Noah's wax on my Bush I was just feeling it so I did it but now I'm gonna be a little bit loopy today going up to freedom breeder also Jessie was sick as a dog so I didn't know if he was gonna be after recording so I made some plans with other people to record including uh the lovely Miss kina may Mercado I don't know if I'm saying that right kina Mei Mercado this is that or kind of Mei Mercado we'll figure that out when we get up there other thing going on today somebody's gonna be the lucky recipient of two of these wonderful these things they're great for checking your relative humidity and also relative ambient relative ambient and also they're great for temperature you can put one on either side of the cage make sure you got a nice temperature gradient and also even a humidity gradient which is something is harder to it but if you have willies two of these to be exact it's a little easier so we'll give some details on that on the drive up to freedom breeder and I'll show you guys like three cool snakes at free new because we don't have a lot of time today and just bear with me while I loop out cuz I'm I'm loopy today do it as luke and we're looping hard [Applause] it doesn't matter how hard I loop today because I'm wearing my blue shirt brew [Applause] you guys tell the difference between your difference makes p like halos P is super sweet smelling and the pie is P Grumpy's P is like smell super sour I don't know how to do it with her personality but it's a fact the smell is different she had a little bit of stuck here so we gotta get that figured out for sometimes she doesn't shed it all the way off but sometimes you sometimes halo most beautiful snake in the world 100% unbiased opinion is real right on the light some freaking rabbit blood duck on her neck Oh super satisfying get that off of there also super sweating out last night sublime concert – you see Lucy our fire clown female here let that egg cut out of her sheet she took her first meal since giving that egg out the night before last so she's already going into shed and things are looking good for I took the little stitches out of her vent that we're helping to keep her oviduct in place and keep it from coming back out and looking strong looking strong pretty happy before we hit the road I just want to show you guys this car real quick sheet this is just like super stunning mochi know I've had to choose a baby of course like most of snakes and I don't sneak soul time and I get this thought in my head like I feel like everybody like a lot of people watching I already have snakes and you get to see snakes every day so it's like yeah we see snakes every day but then then I think actually maybe you know I think there's actually a lot of people I heard that don't actually keep snakes the watch the channel so if you could do me a favor leave a comment down below I'm just curious how many you guys that watch don't have snakes is a Hillary just pulled up back from the dentist with little baby moose who had looks like she's gonna have to have some little bit of laser surgery on her friend Lynne up their friend ulama we gotta take care of the kids do it do it ever necessary to make sure they're good but man I like doing stuff like that she's okay she said that some decay and her front teeth so we gotta do some stuff about that it's from her she's got a bird lift eye and it it doesn't allow the saliva to clean out her gums really well I got it okay I gotta get that I gotta get the mushi in the house I'm gonna put this girl away this is Beatriz by the way and we hit the road that's my little monkey toots we can't go without this you know what what do you know what what about Godzilla that he's the most famous monster in the movie Godzilla and he's super strong and at the end of Godzilla king of the monsters he king Dora and Mothra and globular are kinda relate and that's all I know so funny stuff come full-circle I was waiting the Godzilla when I was a kid too man are you kicking me are you kicking you daddy are you ready to have a nice day let's get you out of there do it because you want to do it not because you think somebody thinks you should do it do what you feel from your heart not always easy usually isn't easy but if you practice and practice and practice that eventually it gets easier to do those things that you feel in your heart and it's nice it's nice to do things that you feel in your heart and for them not to feel hard and for them to feel right regardless of outside views and feel right for yourself not feel right for what you think you're presenting to other people not feel right what you think about presenting that anyone know presentation about what you feel internally feel good about yourself nobody can take that away from you there's part of me that's really bummed about nobody wants to have to do things with other kids I understand what we're gonna have to do when it comes time to fix the latest friend frenulum is uh we have to they're gonna apply local anesthetic we're gonna have to hold her down while they laser treatment it and the the optimist in me is of course thinking that that's a pretty minor procedure compared to what some people have to go through with their children it doesn't necessarily make it any easier you know and maybe it's maybe it's my my loopiness today that I'm feeling from the little bit of sleep deprivation but I just like I want I want to go back home already like I already missed my kids and it's there's definitely part of me feels ridiculous about that because I get to spend way more time with my kids than most people do I think you know I get to spend many days many hours of them but it doesn't make me miss him any less man like I've miss him right now like I want turnaround home right now I Drive back home we see him right now but that's that's I'm okay with letting that out like I I'm getting more and more okay with just being 100% okay with my feelings about stuff and not being afraid to share those things because I think that if I do it maybe helps other people do it and the more you you're honest with yourself and let other people see that it's okay to be honest with yourself then I think that that's that's a good thing it's a good thing for the world I think it that's a big part of like what the letters I get back the feedback I get back from people on the channel is like helping other people other people just too whatever inspiring in any sort of way that has a positive effect on the world around you man if that's the thing that I can bring with with this channel to the world is that sentiment of bettering yourself and being more honest and open with yourself in a way that actually helps benefit others as well to see how empowering could be for yourself well I think that's a good thing I don't want to go down that rabbit hole too far witless we're gonna we're gonna shallow out a little bit I don't know yet super deep the subject I was going to talk about is not nearly as deep as the pool I was about to jump off into right there but in a way it's related is taking care of things jr. I'm about to get jr. back jr. is now officially the most expensive snake that I keep and you guys that are aware of the different genetics I have involve pythons and mice in my thing that you can take a wild stab as to what what that means the funny thing is jr. I didn't I didn't pay for jr. he was given to me kind of as a compensation for an issue that we had in on on another deal that basically I got a rack from my buddy that he built and it wasn't quite up to spec and I had some struggles with the do some modifications and jr. was offered as compensation for that struggle versus monetary compensation I was like sweet yeah I always liked motley golden showers are super cool and obviously as you guys the watched Channel know he's been having his issues is one of the battle on the UC Davis which is how he is now become my most expensive snake so this question that I'm gonna ask you guys is not an easy one it's probably really personal one I'm not expecting everybody answer to put their thing down there but if you feel like letting us in on where you think about this like what is that number is there a number that you can put on your animal as far as its care like if it's going to the hospital and these vet bills are piling up and piling up like is there a line like where do you draw the line obviously I need to make sure that my family has food to eat and I wouldn't drive us into the point hopefully not hopefully I'm not irresponsible enough to drive us into the point where we would be struggling for food because of vet bills I'm not the most financially intelligent person I can tell you that right now is there a number for you if there is a number what is it that's a very personal question now that I'm now that I'm saying it this seems like kind of maybe a ridiculous question to ask you guys to put down on the comments but if you're feeling comfortable with it then then go ahead I don't know what the number is with Junior I don't know what obviously we put whatever we needed to to try and get him back to being a hundred percent so that he can come back and and live in a big part of me my philosophy and my mind a thing of that is that I do sell snakes I do receive income from snakes and because of that it sets my mind in a way like how could I not put as much money necessary back into one of the snakes to help them give them the best chance of survival and being a hundred percent healthy and that's where my mind goes you know if if that wasn't the case I mean I don't know what what what was it what about few guys that don't breed snakes and all you just keep is there a line where do you where do you draw that line this is a tough question but if if I like your answer I'll give you those two freaking thermostat thingies I mean woo hoo well this was my idea for the subject now let's just press on the freedom breeder and I'll know maybe I'll get some feedback from those guys as far as well as I think that's it very good subject to put out I don't know look at this guy with the last minute paper delivery if you guys need some snake paper some paper for keeping your snakes on I'm gonna put a link right email this guy and bug the crap out of him and deliver it right to your front door he's gonna live it right to your tailgate anywhere in the anywhere in the US dude I can't you can't go back on that now paper its paper have you ever seen have you tasted it paper so I told you I was gonna show you some snakes here for your ear I I usually get here when everybody's just kind of still working but I apparently it's clock I always clocked out everybody's gone Jess he's not in here Jimmy's gone Julie's still out there getting stuff taken care of but I've told you guys I'll show you three of my favorite snakes here today so I'm gonna do that real quick but I'm gonna find out wherever Jesse went to and we'll go from there I got I got his son not like Adam I can't imagine little guitar first birthday I'm surprised why they should be cool so it's not like super crazy you know like one a wild crazy snake you never seen before it's coral glow blackhead fairly simple combo but just look at how beautiful the contrast is between the alien heads and the and the rest of the snake the dorsal just very clean looking a coral little blackhead you imagine you can work this project into a direction where something unbelievably stunning would come out of it I'm looking at this not for necessary the snake itself which is very very beautiful but I'm looking at it as the potential that that holds as well just because of how that simple combo you know it just just look at it just look at it so I got to do so Mojave gargoyle enchi coral glow black pastel and I mean you could just see like the way that alien has been completely fractal eyes like they're still there but they're so small but they're so get off with their fly kind nothing worse than flies in the snake room and I just can't just grinds my gears anyway just look look it's beautiful one of my favorites today so if you guys didn't see the freedom bleeder video with the snake I'll put the link right here so you can go and watch it and see the other awesome snakes that Jesse picked out but this is a lot of you actually guess right Jesse didn't tell you what it was but this is a spider Cypress also hid hypo but still look at look at how beautiful that is look at all the colors all the different colors coming up inside the alien heads just like the oranges and the pinks and I'm having trouble getting rid of shadows today for some reason it's really bugging the crap out of me the shadows in the camera everywhere what can I escape them God right here okay so yeah the the colors coming up in alien heads it really would make this combo amazing for me so pretty freakin sweet man you see that I'm dripping I am just I'm dripping sweat it was like 70 degrees when I left my house it's like a hundred degrees here in Turlock the snake room was cooler than it is outside but it's not it's not helping the fact that I come from the heat out there this shirt is not the most the light this kid's gonna be stoked man Jesse's son is always like when I bring my guitar and plays like his favorite thing and he loves to plan it too in place like I figured first birthday what better than a guitar it's a little like 3/4 size smaller one I'm sorry I'm excited to see like what his face is like when he sees this thing clearly you have a guitar too bro we think about that I think he was pretty stoked my way yes that was pretty cool to see his face man how much you love that guitar you got it maybe he'll beatbox for you guys one day man that kid's got some rhythm some natural rhythm Jesse was sick as a dog this past Father's Day like like almost on death's door type of stuff we didn't eat for like two days and like fever stomachs I didn't even he's like 90 percent better now but I still didn't feel like filming them because I just you know you know put a camera somebody's face when they're feeling like crap but I'm hoping tomorrow we get to filming in with him as for now it's time to head up to Manteca and then we'll meet up with Tina and film some triple beeped I made it I made it I'm here with kena and Spencer I've been calling you kina I thought kinda maybe this morning and I was like kind of kind of got it oh I didn't recognize manteca this part of Manteca when I drove and it's actually really nice I might go out there and get some don't trust that Lake afterwards this this is a I grew up in Livermore we used to play this place Manteca and it's it's not I don't know this side this side doesn't doesn't warrant the Manteca moniker we're gonna do a triple B TV episode right now so go over there subscribe to Shelby TV and you'll see the whole snakes of friends episode she's got some really cool snakes in here especially gonna sit in with us too and maybe we'll play some guitar who knows we just finished filming triple-b TV and I'm not you know they're gonna say okay it's probably one of the best episodes the snake sometimes of done yet just because of the variety animals these guys showed off and just the way they talked about it and the amount of knowledge they've amassed in the short time that they've been in hobby that I wouldn't have guessed that you guys had only been in it for a couple years like I said even less than that for you like you guys have just clearly done lots of research and it was a it was really a pleasure so I'm really glad you guys thank you and Shelby oh and I'm welcome back let me I didn't fully let loose yet because sometime when you wake up and all the food in fridge is gone there will be a link in the description of course with Shelby TV as well as for where you can find these guys on social media and yeah just turn your trip will be it's gonna be a little bit you know we got a queue in line so that episode to be coming out but I promise you it'll be worth the wait so thanks guys you know I didn't I didn't want you guys to go home empty-handed without seeing a snake so you

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  1. I dont own a snake but used to. I would pass out watching tv while he would roam around on my bed and wake up with him in a coil on the pillow next to me. Miss my Stewie

  2. You can't put a price on love. I would give my all and if it isnt enough i would ask for help from family, friends and anyone else who could help. If my vet wont work with me (always have but hypothetically) i'd find one who would. You do what ya gotta do. If all this fails i would find a rescue willing to take it on as long as my animal had a chance at life..even it its without me.

  3. Used to have snakes. Now just arachnids. If I had a snake and it need a vet? Honestly it depends on the cost. A dog? I’d definitely pay whatever needed to be done. Dogs have compassion and feelings. Reptiles don’t (I think)

  4. In my opinion that line is only where it negatively impacts my other financial responsibilities. Other than that if it's tens of thousands then that's what it's gonna be. I personally can't put a price on the bond I have with that animal.

  5. hope all goes as planed with your daughters procedure. your right it is a small procedure, but your love and companion for your child takes over….. I cried like a baby when my son fell off his bike ( was a paper cut…I saw gash and stitches ). Kids are allot stronger than you think, the hard part is going to be slowing her down after. the mouth heals really fast as well, so hopefully not to much pain.. Deep breath and HUGS to you & the Family

  6. It's all how you look at the subject
    Some might say it depends how attached you are to the animal.
    If you're very attached spend what you need to spend.
    But if you're keeping it for other reasons and it's less expensive to replace it, especially if it protects your collection. Then replace it.
    It really all depends on your outlook

  7. I have two snakes but they’re little ones not big ones.
    This video is why I subbed here. Because you’re a gentle sand genuine man!
    As far as what I’d pay for any animal and their medical costs it would be situational. We have two small snakes and a Great Dane. Our Great Dane is 10 and his medicine for arthritis pain is $325/mo plus we do blood work and a checkup quarterly. That’s not to mention the ramp we got for him to get into our truck, the lift and other gear we have to make his life easier and more comfortable. He is still happy and thinks he’s a puppy and that’s what matters to us. We save money every month for pet expenses so we never have to stress out if we need something ASAP. Our philosophy I guess is that as long as our pet is happy and not suffering we will do what’s necessary to keep them that way. Of course we would have a cap at some point but we haven’t hit it yet as what we do is working well for us. We chose to get the animals and in that we essentially entered into a promise to do everything we can, as we would for ourselves or our children.

  8. Well, I just lost both my babies within 6 months, I had ,had them for 12 and 15 years!! Idk. I loved "love" them so much it's hard to not spend your food money on them, but you also have to keep in mind their life expectancy ,most dogs don't live to be over 15 -20 years . And what my dog had was not curable so….. that being said , I spent a bundle about 5 days before he passed, so I think that number is impossible to know!!! Love you man!

  9. No snakes as we have 2 scaredy roommates who can't even handle a little garter snake. Oh well. Geckos are fun too.

    Where do you draw the line? I don't think it is specifically a monetary amount as it depends on the person, animal, and how much they can spend, borrow, or get into debt with.

    I had a cat who cost us about $1,000 with two cancer operations. He was unable to go through more as it would have taken away primary functions which would give him a bad life. Cancer got into his ears and possibly further. He was in bad shape, balance gone and he started hiding in pain. He didn't even want to be touched. That is when I knew he needed one last trip to the vet. It was one of the hardest things I ever had to do.

    A couple months ago my sister's cat came down with feline urinary syndrome aka FUS. It almost came down to monetary issues pushing us to the unwanted conclusion of having to draw a line; however, we got lucky and my sister and I were able to drum up enough funding to get him his operation plus I found a veterinary clinic which would do it for $1,000 less than the emergency clinic. He came through the operation, needed one more trip to the vets and since then has been fine. If we had not been able to get the money for the operation … he would not have lived with that illness and my sister would have had to pay for a different, more terminal, medical choice.

    Any case is not easy. It's not easy to go through watching them suffer the pain. It's not easy fighting for their lives. It also is not easy having to decide on when their life has to end due to finances or situations that make their lives agonizing.

    Anyway, the good news is that Bailey is doing well and so are our other animals. Take care and have fun.

  10. To me it’s up to why the snake is sick or hurt. If it was something natural like cancer or liver failure then I’d probably tap out at around $1,000 if it meant a good chance of surviving. How ever if it was because the snake is my pet, and got hurt or dropped or anything because it’s living as a pet and not in the wild then I’d spend as much as I could afford to and not bank rupture my self.

  11. I can't own a snake although I would love to. I know it would not get the are it needs because I can't get past that fear. That being said I have learned a great deal from you and Brian Barczyk. I have lost a lot of the fear I had. If I see one now I don't run and I don't kill. I let them go on their way to do their job.Thanks for your help….

  12. So id say the line is going to be specific to each owner and their animals, if I can afford, even if it means going without, but I would never put my children's or wife's well being at stake for a animal no matter how tuff it is. But a actual # is hard to give. 2nd if I couldn't afford the vet bills, id try my hardest to get it to someone who wants to help and can afford it, and will take the risk,but hopefully gets the reward.

  13. To me it’s not a number it’s about pain or suffering I mean will the snake dog cat lizard suffer longer trying to save it will it be ok ? I’ve seen horror stories a savanna monitor broken neck has to be fed and watered … me I would put it down . These spider balls with zero balance not being able to figure out up or down … I’d put them down could u imagine a life of vertigo? Reptiles and small rodents I can put down humanly dogs or cats go to the vet when it’s time or if they’re going away comfortably from old age they can stay home and get cuddles until it’s over !

  14. its tough to put monetary value on something you love, maybe if its just a part of your business it is easier to be more objective. personally if it my python was sick i would spend anything i could afford, i think many are the same. i think the really tough question is when not to treat your animal. i had to put my greyhound joe down a few years back, blood cancer, there was treatments available that the vet wanted to try but he was suffering and it felt wrong to put him through them just to extend his life by a few short months with lots more suffering (most likely). it was the toughest decision ever and honestly i still feel really guilty and that after he got me through the toughest time of my life i let him down. i no this isnt true and that objectively i made the best choice for him, but i miss my best friend so much.

  15. i dont think u can put a number on when to stop paying vet bills but i think there is a number where you should give your animal to some who can care for them and honestly i think that number is what you can afford to a point where it doesn't affect your family or well being. but if your cant afford vet bills i feel like who every is going to buy a snake or any animal for that matter they should reconsider

  16. I don't have snakes, but love watching them. They don't freak me out like they used to. I might hold a garter 🐍 someday. 😄

  17. Firstly I don’t keep snakes I keep leopard geckos but sometime in the near future I’m sure I will have snakes, secondly I love your videos man keep them coming so easy to listen to and you talk 100% legit sense 👌🏻

  18. when vet bills start to make you even wonder or worry..for me I will put any animal down..when it comes to my family or every time..have it put down or see if someone wants to take on the care.or start a gofund me..

  19. Much love bro sorry about little moosh. I love animals so much it's a impossible question to answer. Beautiful snakes both Beatrice at the first and those sweet balls at the end. We floated the river this weekend so playing catch up, but I broke my guitar on the river.

  20. the number is different for each person depending on there circumstance . just like buying a bag or a car . and also on the relationship with the animal and your general circumstance .it is really hard brian ,i do believe you shouldnt have animals if you cant afford vet care at all but the number is relative to each person xxx

  21. You may feel it's a "strange" question to talk about, but it's an important one. As a veterinary technician, it is the most difficult discussion to have with a person – the price tag on your beloved animal's life. For me personally, that number is different for each animal in my care. It's not a number per se, more of a what can I afford and what am I willing to sacrifice in that moment for that animal. There have been animals, with whom my bond was so strong that I was willing to make large sacrifices to the vet bill. There have been others that the suffering for all involved was more than I was willing to pay. In my adult years, I now keep a savings account specifically for my animals. I try to keep it funded with at minimum $2000 (I pay myself a monthly "insurance" premium). That being said I still need to decide on who and how that money is allocated. I do struggle with "valuing", or the specific dollar sign of one life over another.

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