How my high risk blood sugar put me in the hospital

hey guys thanks for coming back to my channel if you're not aware I'm actually pregnant and this is just an update of what's been going on in my journey I've had this great crazy crazy roller coaster of emotions experience that's been happening lately so as recently I found out I have gestational diabetes something that I had before in my first pregnancy I actually spoke about this in my last video my clinic had sent me to a high risk Hospital cording to them they they wanted to just transfer me over because they can help me a lot better on the process so I went and I had an appointment with them they wanted to you know put me in a diet which is not a big issue for me because I was already eating healthy I guess they were like judging in a way because I am a bigger sized woman and they probably assumed that I don't eat healthy I probably like junk all the time which is not the case we're telling me that they were gonna give me the glucose machine they wanted me to monitor my sugar levels which was fine because I can just do myself I had to go back and tell them but hey you know I never received the machine there was a problem I'm not sure so I had to like wait a week and a half for the next appointment and then actually that day there were something that happened so I have woken up and I wasn't feeling really well the heat was getting to me because it was really hot that day and I had a sore throat for some reason so my mom tried to help me to feel better so she made some tea for me I didn't know or she didn't know that that tea already had sugar in so I guess you know where this is going if you already figured it out at this point then I had a hole which was my mistake in my part and then I had breakfast and my breakfast alone doesn't wouldn't be able to like skyrocket my sugar levels but I felt it in my body because when they were checking my blood sure I was telling him I was like I feel like my blood my sugar level might have gone up a little bit because I do feel it in my body my sugar level was like off the ropes basically it was really high it was like on 200 21 which is very very risky and very dangerous which I understand but it's not something that happens often or at all that I'm aware of I told him I was like you know I would have known ahead of time and I would have been more accurate and more careful if I actually gotten my glucose machine for to monitor my sugar but I never did I explained to because I had to think back they were like what did you eat and I was like well I had a small sandwich holy sandwich we're like cheesy or something and I might have have coffee a very small amount of coffee with milk but no sugar and they're like well that's I don't think that wouldn't skyrocket your sugar might go up a little bit but I don't think that would be the reason so then I had to think back and I'm like oh it must have been that tea that I had in the cough drop when I have to really think about it what kind of tea was I was like maybe already had sugar ready the doctors started freaking out there was telling me you know this can you know cause death to your baby and like some of them were really being very nice but then is there some of them being very rude in a way because they were like basically telling me that I'm being reckless which is not the case I was just not feeling well and I thought a tea and coffee op might have helped me but I guess I was mistaken one of the doctors comes to me and she's like yeah we're gonna have to admit you and I'm like what and then she's like yeah we're gonna have to put you into the hospital when I have to put you on observation to make sure that your sugar levels don't go out of whack and I'm like so can I take my son with me cuz I had my son with me and they're like no that department they don't allow any children and I'm like I don't have anyone that can stay with my child so I had to call my mother that literally just went into work so so she can come and pick up my toddler and I'm like okay I'm I'm already like kind of freaking out I was actually crying because I was I was nervous I didn't know what to do I'm like man I really screwed up I don't know what happened yeah like I was like okay I'll just stay how they told me and I'll let them observe me maybe maybe they're right there's a few things that bother first of all I noticed the pattern that they would do on food of the food for diabetics technically you're supposed to be eating lower and carbs and much more vegetables and lean protein Oh at least that's the understanding that I have but I noticed they were much higher in carbs you can say that higher like there was more portion size it was much bigger in carbs I didn't pay too much attention to it at the beginning because I was starving I was like there all day and I didn't eat so they finally fed me around the third meal I put it together I was like why why why did they give me so much carbs in my food I just don't understand if this is supposed to be diabetic food in the nighttime in the first day they gave me some sugar graham cracker cookies or something I'm not sure what it was and I looked at that and then like fruit and I'm like looking at it like so how does this help me lower my sugar and how does this help me in general oh the next day they gave me oatmeal they gave me French toes they gave me fruit and I'm like Wednesday lean protein and the vegetable at this point I'm like okay this is this is this is really wrong this is wrong yeah I know so I had to question the lady that the people that will bring the meals but they're like you know it's out of their hand at that point it's they just deliver if you're enjoying this videos so far and you've gotten something out of it don't forget to like this video and share your story with me have you experienced something like this I want to know though later that day in the second day they gave me pasta with three meatballs and spinach so what I ended up doing was not eating this pasta at all and I just eat the meat and the spinach which I'm still being hungry cuz it was barely anything it's like a little small amount of spinach and like the meatballs and I was like this is not gonna fill me up the whatever I'm gonna just eat it my sugar levels were actually pretty normal after that I saw them all and listen I can actually do all of this afternoon I don't see the point already to be here I can literally make my own food at home I can monitor my sugar levels as long as I get the glucose machine side that I felt like they were trying to force insulin and sweet like to me I never had taken insulin I never took it the first pregnancy why should I take it to the second one it was just weird to me I had diabetes and my first pregnancy and I spoke about this in my last video I feel like they were trying to force it on me they gave me insulin in the hospital but I didn't really agree with it I told them I wanted to leave de weird something I had to send some papers that's it forever because nobody was communicating nobody was it was like it was a mess because I have one doctor telling me that I was leaving that day and then and I had another doctor telling me that I got there was no way I was leaving cuz my sugar level was too high and I'm just like okay y'all not community King like yeah not to be indicating and it's really irritating me and then I had these nurses like coming to me saying you know that having your sugar levels that high can make you lose the baby and things like that and I'm like you guys are making me sound like I'm irresponsible just because I did a mistake sorry to say but that's y'all faults – because if y'all were to give me the glucose a machine from the beginning this would have never happened and I could have avoided this – is telling me that I have to take insulin because they're gonna prescribe it to me and I'm my head I'm like I'm not gonna take that because while they were giving me the insulin at the hospital I felt like instead of helping me it was making me worse I was spiking up my sugar level more and well it could have been that or it could have been the food that they were giving me but I feel like personally insulin was not helping me one other last things that happened was when I got just before not discharged but the doctor was telling me so we have to cut out all your carbs so you're not allowed to have any bread and your eyes and stuff like that so I'm like man that really made a promise to myself that for this week for the first week before I have my Lenox appointment with the high-risk clinic I will monitor my sugar and make sure my sugar levels are well only through food and exercise so that's what I've been doing and everything's been doing well so far I'm making sure that everything's on track this whole week has been fantastic I only could show you guys the chart you see how normal my sugar levels are because I'm controlling it myself and I feel a lot happier doing it myself and I feel stress free and I'm gonna just show you guys the journey from here on if you haven't watched my recent video on my last pregnancy I will post it up on one of these Dukes hi thank you so much for watching this video I hope you got some you know some sort of knowledge or something from this video and I'll see you guys next time

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