1. Hope you guys have got the hang of it now. I had to do my own and I much preferred it that way so maybe that would be better. Also can you take it out of the fridge a bit before so it's not so cold? I much preferred doing it low down and closer to the middle of my belly, much less painful x

  2. Well done to you both at least that’s the first one out of the way. Lynsey did so well. Sending you all my love and good thoughts.

  3. Lisa the present was such a touching thing to do 💛. Sorry for the pain Lynsey; some days are better than others. I promise 😊

  4. You guys did just fine. My wife injected me the first time and from then on I injected myself. I think it’s because she went super slow (because she didn’t want to hurt me of course), but that’s what caused the most discomfort. When I did it myself I just went in and out- no pain. I’m on 3 shots a day right now and I much prefer doing it myself. Loads of luck!!!

  5. Buddy, I can't lie… I both Lucy and I held our breath and made the 'eeeeeee' noise as you pulled that needle out. But we are all learning and are nervous and you got that medication in there and that's all that actually matters. Well done to both of you ❤️

    Also on another note, you make me look bad, Lucy said 'why didn't you get me a gift?' 🙄😂

  6. Is it that the needle stick hurt or does the medicine burn? I don't have any experience with the med you are using. If it's the needle stick, you have to jab it in quicker. I tend to stick myself slow and I think it hurts more that way. You can pull it out faster too. All that said, Bravo! You made it past the first one!

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