in this video we're going to talk about how often you need to have sex in order to get pregnant hi my name is Susan and this is the Auslan so the question today is how often do you need to have sex in order to get pregnant so the very loose basic answer is no more than once per day and no less than about twice per week real life though is a lot more complex than that there's a lot more factors going on that are affecting your sex your sex life all the time so in this video we're gonna delve a little bit deeper into that and get more specific regarding your specific life what if you or your partner have a very high sex drive so if you're trying to get pregnant it is best if the male partner does not ejaculate more than once per day so frequent ejaculation is a sign of a very healthy sex drive and it's completely normal for you know ejaculation to happen multiple times per day but if you are trying to conceive then ejaculating more than once per day is not ideal frequent ejaculation can affect both the quantity and the quality of semen and sperm that is produced so the longer a man abstains from ejaculation than the more time there is between ejaculations it's for the sperm to accumulate if sperm count is in the normal range and you and your partner want to have sex every single day then that is perfectly fine it is great to have sex every single day that will definitely affect your chances of conceiving having a positive effect on your chances of conceiving but it is best to just keep it once per day and not go over boy or overboard so that you're not affecting the quality and quantity of your partner's sperm but this is just sort of a guideline if your partner or you if you're the male if you do ejaculate more than once per day it's really not the end of the world honestly this is just a guideline so that is if sperm count is normal but what if your sperm count is low if sperm count is on the lower side it is generally recommended to have sex every other day during the Fertile window the day in between will help you replenish your sperm supply and possibly increases your chances of conceiving longer abstinence periods are generally associated with higher sperm counts so what if you or your partner it has a very low sex drive so don't worry you don't have to have sex every single day or every other day during the entire month in order to conceive if you or your partner have low sex drives and you're just not really looking to have sex the entire month then that is perfectly fine – perfectly normal so what you can do then is you really need to figure out when your fertile window is so a woman's fertile window is about three to six days in length this includes the day of ovulation as well as a few days before ovulation so what you need to do when it comes to trying to conceive is you need to have sex before the female ovulates that way there is sperm inside her uterus or fallopian tubes inside her reproductive system just waiting there for the egg to be released on on so if you have a buildup of sperm already in there waiting for the egg then as soon as the egg is released then your sperm can go ahead and fertilize it but this means that you still have to find out when that fertile window is for the female partner in order to figure out your fertile window or when you ovulate I have a couple videos that I have already posted so I will put the links down below as well as as tons of blog articles on this exact topic so I am just going to post all of those down below so feel free to check all of them out they are tons of ways to find out when you are ovulating a lot of it is trial and error some most of it is not just you know try it once and you're going to find out exactly when you ovulate but there kind of are those options as well so just check the links down below and you'll get all of that information so as I was saying if you or your partner has a very low sex drive what you actually only need to do in order to the frequency of sex that you need to be having in order to conceive is actually just every day or every second day you should be having sex during your fertile window so during this three to six day period the rest of the month or the rest of the cycle is basically just for fun if you want to so last but not least what if you don't know when your fertile window is so what if you have just a very irregular cycle so it's difficult to even test for a fertile window or what if you just don't know when your fertile window is and you just don't feel like trying to test for it you just don't want the stress of that well that is fine too so if it comes to that situation then basically how often you need to have sex is every three days at least so every three days throughout your entire entire cycle throughout the entire month and so what this will do as long as the sperm is healthy and you're having sex every three days then there should always be sort of a supply of sperm inside your reproductive system so that whenever you do a view late the sperm will be right there – to fertilize the egg in summary if you and your partner have a healthy sex drive and you are having sex at least once every three days then that should be enough if you have a very low sex drive then you're going to have to figure out when your fertile window is in order to make sure you're having sex during your fertile window on the opposite end of the spectrum if you are having sex once per day that is perfectly fine if you start if you're male the male partner starts at evacuating more more than once or twice per day then this could have a negative effect on the quantity and quality of sperm that he is producing so what should you expect once you start trying to conceive and start having sex at the frequencies that I have just mentioned here well even if you and your partner are having regular sex and you are both completely healthy then the chances of getting pregnant are actually only 25% every single month each month so but if you start tracking your cycles and timing sex based on your fertile window then the chances of conceiving each month go up to like 38% so even if everything seems perfect you're both healthy and you're having sex regularly you know don't expect to have to get pregnant on the very first cycle it can happen but like I said it's like a 25 to 40% chance that you will get pregnant even if you are really trying and calculating and tracking your cycles and having all this planning in general though 85 percent of couples who are trying to conceive will get pregnant within one year if you have been trying for a year or longer and the female partner is under 35 years old then you may want to seek seek fertility counseling talk to your doctor about some fertility counseling if the female partner is over 35 years old then they advise waiting just six months of trying before you speak to your doctor and seek fertility counseling each couple has their own individual risk factors and things that are affecting their chances of conceiving so definitely even if you are in that 15% that are not or haven't conceived after the first year of trying definitely talk to your doctor and do all the fertility tests that you can and that is going to increase your chances of conceiving even more so I wish you all the best in your trying to conceive journeys I'm spreading baby dust your way thank you so much for watching and let me know if you have any comments any ideas for any future videos any questions anything like that just let me know in the comments below I will talk to you all later thank you so much for watching bye

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