How Safe is My Pregnancy at 16 Weeks?

How safe is my pregnancy at 16 weeks? You’re roughly four months into a nine to
ten month process, depending on how you want to count it. I’m counting by weeks. Let’s just say the odds of it being an ectopic
pregnancy are dramatically lower because if you had one of those, you’d have known by
now. We knew I didn’t have that because of the
first sonogram. The odds of miscarriage drop off significantly
after the end of the first trimester because that’s when organs are forming. That’s around the twelfth or thirteenth week. There is still a risk of miscarriage, but
around four out of five that are going to happen have happened by now. I’ve heard there were other risks during this
phase of pregnancy. There is a chance of preeclampsia, where the
baby essentially demands more than your body can deliver and your blood pressure starts
to go up. I thought it already did from all the blood
and other fluids sloshing around in there. This is a sudden spike in blood pressure that
can lead to stroke, aneurisms, heart attack. That is serious. So if you start literally seeing red, have
a pounding headache, blood rushing through your skull, dizziness, get to a doctor to
see if that’s what is going on. Can they do anything about it? Yes, save your life. I’ve heard dizziness can be a symptom of a
different problem. If the placenta detaches a little or there’s
any type of internal tear, or the growing fetus puts pressure on an existing fibroid,
you can have internal bleeding. I know that any type of bleeding during pregnancy
is bad. It is common for women to see a little blood
after having sex because the blood swollen tissues are more prone to tearing a little,
though that’s not bad in and of itself. That’s good to know. And very minor spotting can occur if the hormones
aren’t quite in sync. If I have a full period, I’m not pregnant
anymore. If you have severe bleeding like a menstrual
cycle or a steady stream of fresh blood even if minor, you need to go to the emergency
room. I thought you’d say doctor. If you have a detached placenta or are going
into early labor, the doctors need you where they can do surgery and blood transfusions
if necessary. What are the odds of that? The odds of any of these worse case scenarios
are very low, less than one percent. However, you want to know about these things so that
if it happens to you, you know to go to the hospital to get the right type of care. Then I’m pretty much safe from this sort of
thing. I can’t say that your high blood pressure
won’t get worse with pregnancy, which can seem like preeclampsia if it gets high enough. I’ve already talked to the doctor about that. And if you have unmanaged blood sugar, you
have a chance of a ten pound plus baby. That is what leads to complicated labors later
on. Fortunately, I don’t have that risk factor and it sounds like good odds I will have a
healthy baby at the end.

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