15 Replies to “How should I care for myself after a C-section?”

  1. Do natural fibroid remedy like Womezon Remedy really work and if so, how effective are they? I've heard many amazing things about this fibroid secret remedy.

  2. I had a c section for my first baby but the nurses weren't helpful for some reason. I really appreciated your video I understand a lot that I didn't get at the hospital.

  3. I had superficial infection and an inch long opening in my incision I m little scared. Is it going to be more longer for recovery??

  4. i have spinal pain and back pain …30 days have passed to my delivery but still i have pains what should i do

  5. I used the C Section Recovery Kit with the soft cotton belly band and massage guide and it totally made a difference in my recovery!

  6. 13 days after my csection I'm back on my feet back to normal and haven't been on any pain medication for about 5 days now. Every recovery is different 😊

  7. i have also experience of c section with after it an infection in stiches and have the 2nd operate to remove infection of like puss last year and till yet i'm not feeling well"i am feeling pain everyday more and more!!!!

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