16 Replies to “How soon after a miscarriage can I start trying to get pregnant again?”

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  2. When i has my son i almost miscarry n also miscarry few time but been try get pregnant. I do want more kids

  3. I take pregnancy test on dec.9, the result is positive.
    Then ,dec 19 ,start of bleeding, im 2days bleeding..what is it cause ?

  4. Is it safe to start trying for another baby immediately after a miscarriage let's say after a week?plz reply

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  6. Very interesting and full of information video. I am forever having my eyes peeled for tips and tricks to hand on to my infertility patients trying to get pregnant in their 40's. I work with a lot of gals with all kinds of issues struggling to get pregnant. A big thanks for putting this up.

  7. I miscarried a an-embryonic pregnancy at ten weeks exactly 26 days ago.. But i still get very nauseas and tired from time to time.. Could I be pregnant again, this quickly?

  8. Anybody know what is Pregnalarex Miracle about? I hear many people get pregnant despite their infertility with Pregnalarex Miracle (google search it).

  9. hi I miscarried 4 weeks ago and I never got my period also I'm having clear with some white strechy discharge. I was just wondering could I be pregnant cuz I have read some women got pregnant rate after and that you are more fertile after one. I took a test n it came out positive with a second faint line

  10. Please i wish to know if there are success stories of ladies who conceived immediately after a miscarriage…i mean..those who didnt wait for the return of their first cycle…asking because i had a miscarriage a 7weeks..a d im simply impatient..

  11. Can you make a video on how to cope with a stillborn loss its been month that i lost my 35 week baby girl and it has been very hard…..

  12. I miscarried at 6 weeks, no ins no er would do anything or regular dr. Youre fine just go thru the miscarriage and try again. Well they all forgot to mention that if you get on birth control the day or day after the miscarriage starts, you can get thru it more quickly. Itll regulate your hormones back to normal faster than my 9 month long fighting with constant blood gushing, er's, dr's and all other medical morons. Why they dont tell you this is beyond me.

  13. I had an early miscarriage at 5-6 weeks in early April. Just had an ultrasound a week later to make sure everything was cleared out and it was. My doctor recommended to wait 4 months but I completely ignored her. Got pregnant with my son at the end of April and am now almost 22 weeks pregnant with a completely healthy little boy. You can start trying again as soon as you want provided that your uterus is clear. Good luck to anyone suffering through a miscarriage. Don't give up hope!

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