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  1. @Mirani2 & p.s. the body wasn't BUILT to break – we just haven't really evolved to the point where we can do so efficiently without causing issues at least during the birth, at most long-term. & we probably won't have to with modern medicine. or we can't…

  2. @Mirani2 i wasnt referring to on the outside – i was referring to the muscles on the inside.
    & it does BREAK a lot of the time in terms of the skin beneath the vagina tearing on the outside (a lot of the time they just cut it before it gets to that stage….) & many women have problems with their bodies after they give birth. sex isnt satisfying, they get varicose veins & suffer from incontinence.

  3. @TheBgoz What do you man "supposed to"? Why does it have to? Why is that necessary? Not all mothers tear. Are you saying the fact that it tears makes it any easier for the baby to come out than if it were to sucessfully stretch? Why would the body be built to BREAK during birth instead of successfully coping with it?

  4. @Mirani2 it doesnt just stretch – it tears. it's supposed to, & it does heal up, but even so – that has to hurt. & it does so SLOWLY :S not to mention the contractions…
    a lot of women after they give birth find that sex is less enjoyable & have to have RECONSTRUCTIVE surgery (yup, deffs not coping too well) in order to enjoy sex again.

    & im not going to argue with u, i just cant see your argument having any validity. maybe SOME women, but deffs not MOST.

  5. @TheBgoz Many women dont' feel childbirth as painful, and it's not due to confusion caused by hormones after.

    That "hole" is SUPPOSED to stretch like your anus does when you poop.

    And why would nature design the vagina to be WRECKED by birth? Why would it not design it to COPE with birth, since birth is something it's SUPPOSED to do?

    Yes, MANY women find it to be unpainful. It's not always the MOST painful thing someone can go through, either, even for many who do feel pain. Sometimes, yes.

  6. Hmm. I'd like to do sumthin' a lil freudian to a woman givin child birth. while she's trying to push it out, give her back shots. slam that poooo'ssy doggy style. ;- )

  7. @Mirani2 umm…they dont? what do u mean by "many women"? the ones who have an epidural? its believed to be the most painful thing a human can go through.
    something the size of a watermelon being forced out of an opening in your body thats thats made up of muscle. whats going to happen? the muscles are going to rip. sometimes even to the point that your vag & anus become 1. THAT has gotta hurt.

    some women claim its not painful coz of the chemicals released in your brain after they give birth.

  8. If I was a billionaire I would pay a twisted arab to record a video of a woman bein raped by a man with a 9 inch dick while she's giving birth. penis forcing back inwards what it has created! The war between the head and the head. Oedipal fight!

  9. @dannymaclamp It can be caught by someone. Or she can birth on top of a water bed. Harsh pain are not worth a little discomfort in having to catch the baby,

  10. "In the second stage of labor the contractions become more forceful, more frequent, and more painful."

    Who says? many women do not experience great pain, or even pain at all. It is only painful if you are nervous (which 99% of women are, because they are taught to be) and if you are fighting the contractions. It's the difference between having sex and getting raped.

    Besides, why is the woman birthing on her back?? Standing or sitting works with gravity better!

  11. @dannymaclamp It makes it easier for her, because it encourages her to open up, and also releases oxytocin, which helps her relax.

  12. @fuchsinrot …. it was always the case at one time though when people began relying on the city the industrializing of childbirth began to overcome them and they forgot the way … reproduction is natural to people and not a surgical procedure as some would have you think .. people do not need to learn how to do it for it is instinctive within all species and bloodshed is not a characteristic of childbirth … it's not designed to put mother and offspring in bloodshed attracting predators

  13. Truth is, you are NOT supposed to cut the umbilical cord …. Its a travesty against the child to do so for it seperates them from 1/3rd of the blood intended for them …. the placenta will be delivered about half an hour after the baby's body and then the placenta will shrink for the next 3 days as the baby receives the vital stem cell blood that finishes building its immune system. Then on about the 3rd day, the umbilical will fall away naturally ……

  14. @ilovedamusic12
    Bit of the cord is attached to the placenta once it's cut.. When the placenta is delivered(called after birth or last stage of labour) most women choose to donate the placenta and the umbilical cord which has cord blood.. & that contains life saving cells called stem cells..

    Cord blood stem cells can be used to treat some cancers, metabolic disorders & more.. Do a google search, type Cord blood…
    hope that helped..

  15. WHEN should the umbilical cord be cut? I've heard that it can be cut too early, causing complications for the baby.

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