How the hormones create the menstrual cycle?

my name is abhishek kumar I'm a new trophy specializing with fertility tility awareness method and I would love to share with you some interesting info about your body so let's start so many times I've heard those back so many times I've heard those names estrogen FSH LH corpus luteum and I just couldn't get into my mind I just couldn't remember what each one of them is doing and when in my body thought you got to be a doctor to know all of that and this is just what I was thinking before I start teaching fertility awareness and then I realized that I must find a way to make women remember what are those names and what is happening each day in your body so you can learn and know much more about it every day so it's all starts with your brain in your brain there is this big mama which that sits there and all she wants like all old auntie's is and baby from you she wants to get you pregnant and let's see how she does it so your first day of the cycle is the first day of your bleeding she wakes up miss estrogen miss estrogen ladies is the most beautiful gorgeous sexy juicy women woman you can think of if it's Angelina Julie or bar refaeli for you whatever makes it for you imagine this gorgeous woman wakes up and start preparing your body for ovulation so how does she do it first of all she affects your brain and she makes you more energetic and communicative and you want to go out and mingle around and meet people and you're talking and writing skills are getting better and you feel better with your body and you your skin looks better and you have got more mood to do stuff and closer to a relation time one of your sentence just to make sure that you will find the one especially the sense of smell is getting more sensitive to catch the firm's of the men around you and you want to have more sex well this is not only miss estrogen miss aislinn is getting help from her friend me mr. testosterone testosterone is the male hormone this is what makes men look like men and act like men and want to have sex actually men have 20 times and more testosterone in their blood than women have so imagine that for everyone thought you're having about sex they're having 20 or more so closer to Revelation time the star and is getting higher so you can feel it and what else miss Estrin is doing I told you there's a lot of things to be done so she's preparing the house for the sperm to come so she pulls out the red carpet and she put a new layer of blood in your uterus she's open up the gate of the uterus is the cervix so the sperm can go through she turns on the AC you know how men are always hot so they need cooler environment so she would use that to better align your body so the sperm could survive and she creates from the cervix this amazing cervical fluids those amazing cervical fluids when the sperm you arrive we'll take it will hold it will pamper it will massage it and like this nourish it and like this will keep it alive for five days in your body just in case the sperm is to wait for the egg to come so those amazing cervical fluid is not just on the house spot for the sperm it's a very sophisticated way of the body to eliminate all the spurns that are not good enough and keeping only the best so here's the sperm with the cervical fluids waiting for the egg everything is really big mama I think so what now Big Mama is a bizarre observing everything she sees that mr. chosen is about to finish it all and she calls up FSH who is FSH fulica stimulating hormone I know it's hard to remember so check this out now imagine this like foxy player handsome men coming all the way to the ovaries with his new with his style and he's checking the little eggs that are asleep and start stimulating and waking them up hey girls and the eggs started to wake up few dozens starting to wake up and grow and they're so exciting and growing for TC superstar FSH they are getting more and more developed and just in time Big Momma calls FSH ah away and sends LH who is alleged Lou theorizing hormone imagine this sincere prince charming romantic one man one woman man goes all the way down to the ovaries and this guy will choose only one egg well sometimes it's hard for him to choose we choose to but it's rare let's go for one so it's more sense better so he looks over and choose the egg that is the largest egg the most developed egg Annie helps her to step out of the follicle where she's asleep and taking her to the fallopian tube where she will wait for the sperm so he takes out there and he helps her to pamper her and just put some makeup and be ready for her date and they are waiting and they can wait 24 hours until the egg will dissolve into the body if the sperm will not arrive let's take this scenario when the sperm doesn't arrive okay Big Mama winch doesn't know it she wants a baby so much so sure so she's sure that each time you're ovulating we have baby so right away as the egg goes out of the follicle the follicle turns up to this Corp turns into this corpus luteum and Miss progesterone is waking up so Miss astron went FSH LH one and miss progesterone now is in the house so please ladies imagine this big heavy pregnant woman in there so she affects your brain and she's making everything more mellow you don't want to go out you want to stay home to do your little things you want to eat more you feel more heavy or lazy or some women feel some depressed everything works lower even your digestion system works slower and you don't have sex so much because you're having a baby what for and what else she affects also your body so instead of this light red carpet of Miss estrogen she put a thick heavy blood nourishing for your baby to come in your uterus she closed the gate this is the cervix or no sperm can come and if the sperm some sperm will dare to arrive instead of those amazing cervical fluids of Miss estrogen miss progesterone is making this acidic thick heavy the question coming from the cervix and if there's any sperm around it will die within 30 minutes because we need to protect the baby what else she is increasing the temperature of your body because you're having a baby that needs to be hard if you ovulated once in this cycle you will not ovulate again because your body is thinking that you are pregnant already and miss progesterone is made from the corpus luteum that can live between 10 to 16 days after it dies no more miss progesterone and this is the time where Big Mama will discover that no sperm has arrived so what do you think she's gonna give up no way we're starting all over again first day of bleeding after Miss progesterone is going away all the place going out all the preparations for the last cycle is out and miss estrogen is already awake and kicking and doing her work this month you're gonna have a baby so I hope you like this story and I hope you learned something and that you will remember what's going on and if you want to know more if you want to know the fertility awareness a method so you can charge your health and you can prevent pregnancy or cheap pregnancy without hormones or all kind of stuff and you want to be more aware to your body so please contact me Abishag maya @ and i will write for you so have a great day thank you you

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    I must say you video is very excting and wish I could bid on this job .
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    I hope somebody give this job what it needs.. you are definately made for the camera! Good luck!. Sincerely, Mike M.

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