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  1. When the moon hits your eye like… [YOU FINISH THE LYRIC!]

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  2. I thought our ancestors used moon cycles to measure woman's cycles. If a woman skipped a moon cycle then she would be pregnant.
    From what my grandparents have told me ….

  3. and out of ALLLLLL 5,540 placental mammals, only one corresponds to the length of the moons cycle. our women!

  4. AhHAHAHAAahah !!! do you realise how amusing and ridiculous you sound? as if you are a woman and you know for sure! So many women are getting more and more in touch with their bodies thanks to Hindu philosophy, Native American women and authors such as Alisa Vitti , or Christiane Northrup …It s okay to be smart? I would say, It's not ok to JUST LOOK smart !

  5. My period always starts towards the end of the month, ruining every major holiday for me, is this related to the moon?

  6. "By the dim light of the new moon." There's… no light reflected by a new moon, it's on the other side of the planet, hiding in the daytime sky with the sun on the far side of it.

  7. I would like to disagree on the women's menstrual cycle being linked to the moon. It is supposed to be…and I know many people whose are…and most of them live out of organic home cooked food. Food, life style, medications and contraceptives to name a few can influence and affect the cycle…which is why they are not synced. I would love a video going more in depth to prove this hypothesis wrong.

  8. Lunar cycles and day length are important with plants too. Daffodils and Tulips bloom earlier in spring on increasing day length Chrysanthemums, Turtlehead (Chelone sp.) bloom in Autumn as daylength shortens. Growers will trick mums into blooming earlier (when we want to buy them in fall) by using black covers to mimic the shorter days of fall, even though production starts in August. They normally bloom a lot later in nature.

  9. No connection my ass, we live in a world not regulated by the moon. Think about it you disprove yourself. All those animals synched in evolution with the moon not the other way as the moon predates them… come on… so we've made this artificial system with non stop light if you chose… first flames… now never-ending light… of course woman don't follow it in synch anymore because they are inundated with light(woman aren't allowed on subs)… it would be advantageous to sink with the moon for mate optimization because human mating markets are a parado, distribution. Woman are more risk adverse, men are the opposite… without a constraint on coupling, large amounts of higher tiered men control the mating market… we are of nature… we just choice not to aknowlege it… study women in the wild… you scroag at night and if my theory is correct, a synch, cycle would mean partner bonding… at least more egalitarian to propagate diversity. We've killed that.

  10. maybe were not as much ape as scientist would like us to think. i think its not just random chance that a human females cycle is linked with the moon

  11. Wtf do you mean "dim light of the new moon"? The new moon gives off no light, it's not even above the horizon at night

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