How To Abort Pregnancy In First Month Using Papaya | Natural Home Abortion Method

please like comment share and subscribe my channel today in this video I will tell you how to abort pregnancy in first month using papaya natural abortion method pregnancy is the most beautiful phase in any woman's life it gives a feeling of fulfillment and satisfaction to womanhood and at the same time it makes you the creator of a life it changes your world in no time but at the same time the same pregnancy becomes a nightmare for you if you do not want it the reason may be due to some diseases medical complications or maybe at present you are not ready to carry the responsibility effective and natural methods for abortion the term abortion give a good feeling and it is not considered right from the humanitarian perspective but if the pregnancy is unwanted or the woman has to terminate it due to some complications or diseases during the earlier stage of pregnancy then it is better to go for the natural abortion methods the main plus points of natural abortion methods are that they are painless and you can avoid the surgeries which often brings painful side effects and at the same time the natural methods are cost effective one green papaya unripe papaya has a high concentration of latex a milky liquid that causes uterine contractions which often effect the pregnancy and leads to abortion apart from that it is also a rich source of vitamin C which induces periods as per expert view papaya contains popayan that may cause miscarriage or abortion in the earlier days of what you need raw papaya one water two cups process take the raw papaya and peel it properly in half and with the help of a spoon take out the seeds now cut the papaya into half-inch size cubes pour two cups of water into a saucepan and add the papaya cubes and salt to it boil the papaya in medium flame for 10-15 minutes the papaya is ready to eat you can also add a teaspoon of lemon juice and sprinkle a pinch of black pepper to make it tasty have this boiled papaya in your breakfast and in your meals till you become successful – pineapple like papaya pineapple is a rich source of vitamin C it also contains proteolytic enzyme brah melon and both of these properties are said to cause miscarriages brah melon leads to miscarriage by softening the cervix eating pineapple what you need fresh ripe pineapple one water one Cuban process take the pineapple and with the help of a knife remove the skin cut the pineapple into small pieces take one Cuban peso of water in a blender and add the pineapple pieces to it blend to make a smooth mixture pour it into a glass it and drink it consume pineapple juice every day till you get the result you can also have a few bowls of pineapple every day sesame seeds sesame seeds induce abortion by exciting the uterine muscles its consumption causes contractions which eventually leads to the expulsion of the fertilized ovum during the first trimester of pregnancy what you need sesame seeds water one Cuban peso process soak the sesame seeds in one glass of water overnight next day morning strain the stessa me seats and drink the water continue doing this till you get the result parsley you can use parsley leaves to abort pregnancy naturally in the first trimester this herb induces abortion by loosening the survey what you need parsley leaves 15 strings water one process clean the parsley leaves in water and put them into a blender add one Cuban peso of water to it and blend thoroughly strain it to get the juice and drink it drink this juice two to three times a day for a natural abortion chamomile tea it is unbelievable that doctors recommend taking chamomile tea during pregnancy but the same chamomile tea can also be used to terminate the pregnancy if you abuse the normal intake taking several cups of chamomile tea per day can induce abortion what you need chamomile two to three tablespoons what take the dried chamomile in a cup pour the hot water on the dried chamomile and leave it three minutes so that the dried chamomile can steep properly strain the tea and drink it take this her booty twice or thrice a day to induce natural abortion acacia pod in banana chute powder the consumption of the powder of banana shoot in acacia pod is known to cause abortion naturally what you need unripe acacia pod process take both the unripe acacia pod and banana shoots in a small bowl keep it under the Sun to dry naturally now mix the sugar and make a powder of all the ingredients take 6 GMS of this mixture and add to a glass of water stir it well and drink it take this mixture several times a day till your bleeding starts Angelica donk' also known as donkey this Chinese herb Angelica is known to cause natural abortion by activating the contraction of the uterus and facilitating menstruation this herb works well when the pregnancy is not more than four weeks old what you need Angelica powder one teaspoon water one process take one Cuban peso of warm water and add 1 teaspoon of Angelica to it stir it well and drink it you need to take this herb four times a day to abort your unwanted pregnancy nach blue cohosh blue cohosh is an herb which promotes the release of the childbirth hormone called oxytocin thus induces abortion what you need dried blue cohosh one teaspoon water one process take the dried blue cohosh in a cup pour the hot water into it and cover it with a saucer leave for five to seven seven minutes so that the blue cohosh can steep properly strain the tea and drink it take this tea three times a day to induce natural abortion please like comment share and subscribe my channel

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  1. so At The End Of The Day I Did It! I Tried All The Things Above And it Didn't Work Out For Me So Instead I Went to See a Doctor And I Did Terminate My one month Baby. I Guess i Was So Desperate That I Couldn't Think Straight I Had a Lot In My Mind And I Was So Depressed About Everything Thinking Of how Can I Bring Another Specious in This World like Me? I Have Mental Health Issues I Grow Up Without Parent and I Was Abused at Such Young Age. My Boyfriend Didn't Want The Baby Either, I Couldn't Control My Anxiety.
    Of Course That Doesn't justify of What I Did. But Then I'm Regretting Now I should've Terminated My Innocent Baby I Should've Kept It, I Was a Coward. I Have So Much Regret In My life but I Then Guess That Will Always be The Worst Regret of My Life. I Thought I would Feel Better After Doing It, But It Almost a Month and I'm Feeling Worthless, with so much regret. I don't think I will Ever Be Able To Forgive Myself. Do I Deserve to be Forgiven? I'm even scared of praying I can't even say the word God Anymore I Feel Like I Have Come to Far To Go Back. I know I'm a Sinner. But if there is Hope Just Little Bit Hope For Me! I Hope I Deserve to be Forgiven. No Matter what The Situations is I Think it's Right Thing To Keep the Baby the baby Nothing Wrong. I'm Not Here To Judge Anyone, It Just That We Should Think Twice Before Making our Decisions. We should be Reasonable Not To Regret.

  2. I just had pregnancy test today and it show I'm pregnant but I broke up with my boyfriend because he treated me like shit and I loved him I thought he loved me but then I realized he never does now I'm pregnant I think I'm losing myself just the thought of having a baby at this difficult situation I haven't told him yet but he surely won't agree with me, I'm suffering from anxiety and depression I had such hard times growing up without my parents love I don't want my baby to have the kind of life I had. Isn't that more than reasons for me to do abortion?

  3. hi mga sis, i recommend mam Angelu Chua for kabayans abroad who need help too. I was helped by mam angelu a month ago mga sis, a very trusted seller, very safe and effective medicine. worth the price talaga.

  4. Am three month pregnant and am not ready to have baby for know is it pain when take those things and for how long is the result plz rply

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