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  1. Hi doctor I had 4 c-section and I am in my fifth pregnancy do I have a chance to have a natural viginal birth?

  2. Hi Doctor, my first born was 11 lbs 2.4 oz born at 39 weeks via c-section. My ObGyn didn't want to induce me to try natural labor because, of his size.
    My son was 10 lbs 2oz at 38.5 weeks (had to have ultrasound to check baby weight) and that's when my OB decided it would be best to do a c section and my son ended up being almost a whole pound bigger! I was obviously frustrated and mad about the fact that I have to go straight into OR instead try to birth my baby. What are your thoughts? was he correct?

  3. Hi doctor, i had a 4th degree tear with my first childbirth, i was 4cm dilated and had gotten an epidural, no vaccum or forceps was used but because of episiotomy ,i had to be taken to the operation theatre immediately and a repairing was done. Ive had no incontinence after that and healed well.
    Now, Im pregnant again and this time the doctor is suggesting a csection because of the irreparable damage a vaginal birth will cause. What do you reckon is the best option? Im dreading the thought of it and have no idea what to do.

  4. I had GD with my first I was not dilated at all we went in for induction at 39 weeks, they tried to soften my cervix so they could use pitocin shortly before 24hours and after 3 rounds of the cervix medicine I still had not dialated at all so my Dr did a c section. I have lost 50lbs since birth and weight 30lbs less than pre pregnancy. I would like to have another baby in about 2 years I will be 29 at this point. What could I do to get ready for a successful vbac I do yoga now and eat a 70% plant based diet.

  5. Hello Dr.
    I have a question, what do you recommend to keep incision clean? When you have strips? What soap, do you recommend? And the steps to clean it.
    Hope to hear from you, thanks. 😊

  6. What are your thoughts about stripping the membranes for someone who is aiming for a VBAC? I had a check up today as I’m 38 weeks pregnant and I’m 75% thinned out and no dilation. The amount of cramping, nerve/stomach and back pain I’ve been experiencing for several weeks has been now becoming more intense to where it does prevent me from caring for my son the way I should. I feel guilty for when I have to lay down due to the amount of discomfort.

  7. Hi Dr I had a c section nine years ago due to the position of the baby and now I am trying for a second baby at age 38. Do you think I will be able to have a VB after so long and also at my age.. Thanks

  8. How does double nucal cord affect this? I have had two c-sections in Utah and live in WA now and the doctor is up for letting me VBAC. We still don’t have lots of answers about the first two and I never see anyone discuss nucal cords. The labor and delivery nurses seemed to think it played a part in me needing a c-section… but both times we didn’t know the cord was around the neck twice until during the c-section.

  9. Had my cervix checked the other day. They said it was 70% thinned out and very short. Will this mean my 2nd labor will be shorter than the 1st? I hope so!

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