I don't care if they told me that they were gonna rub my body and cream corn as long as I baby came out safe and healthy and everybody was okay hi everyone and welcome back to my channel I am definitely in my pyjamas tonight um I was there my fancy pyjamas though they're like my Lands End PJs I'm fancy jamming it tonight um today's video it's kind of inspired by some friends and family because I actually have a lot of people that are about to have baby so I was actually just talking with my cousin Krista oh yeah I go she's my cousin she married my cousin hi Krista um we were talking about like natural childbirth and she wants to have as natural as possible which isn't always possible I understand um but I kind of thought I would gather my top five tips on how to have a successful natural earth um a little background I had my son Owen on March 7th I will link my birth or his birth story so you can see that whole video um but I had not the dural he just came out leshiy like well no he didn't just come out like evening but no epidural natural childbirth so I may not be an expert medically but been there done that got the t-shirt I'm good so I have my list over here something like I'll be glancing down I thought every once in a while but my first tip which I know isn't always possible for everyone but I'm so glad I did it I actually switched from a normal ob/gyn to a midwife I almost didn't switch and I'm so so glad I did I switched when I was around 24 weeks pregnant there was nothing wrong with my ob/gyn he was nice it was okay there was no problem with it but when I switched him amid what midwifery like natural childbirth center it was such a difference when I was at the ob/gyn it was like 10 15 minutes appointment they pretty much come inside your goodbye which is fine it's the whole point is to have a healthy pregnancy and he said I was good and sent me on my way but when I went to the midwifery it was so it was so much less so much less I don't know less formal the midwives would wear like regular people clothes and the first Midwife actually met I have there's five in the practice now there's four yeah there's four in the practice and I would I saw all of them throughout my pregnancy but the first one I actually met was Bernadette and Bernadette actually ended up delivering Owen so that was kind of cool um but she hugged me and she sat with me and I think we were there for a good two hours and of course you don't have to be but if I had a question or a concern or anything she would elaborate she would ask me how it was doing it was a more I don't how to say it it was it was better it was more well rounded I guess of an experience because when I was at the ob/gyn it was pretty much okay pregnancies good that's good see ya when I was at the Midwife she wanted to know how my mental health was she wanted to know how its eating she wouldn't know everything about me and she had tips and tricks and like all of this information that would help me gear up for a natural delivery and a healthy pregnancy I truly believe that having a midwife that's her only concern was to have a natural birth essentially and she was really on my side and I think having a midwife really really helped and I understand that's not possible for everyone but that was one of my biggest changes and I'm so glad I made it the next thing that kind of goes along with my going with a midwife / a doctor was I need an epidural not an option there was no there was nothing in my brain that said and this is if you want to go with I don't have a journal there's nothing wrong with getting an epidural but this is my natural childbirth tips not my epidural childbirth tips because I never got one of those um so if you don't want an epidural I personally didn't go in there saying oh well if it gets too bad I'll just get the epidural but it's fine if you get it fine whatever a lot of people get most people get one you don't have anything to prove it's just it's your personal decision but I didn't go in there with the thought that well I think it's too bad I'll just kind of tap out and get the epidural I physically could not get an epidural as soon as I signed into the midwifery place no one was equipped to the big legally couldn't they were anesthesiologist they couldn't give me a spinal tap they couldn't give me an epidural so there was like it wasn't happening so when I sign the papers it was there was actually when I signed in like all these forms there was a big paper and it says I understand epidural is not an option here so I made it like a hard no not getting one no matter what the only way I would have had been able to get an epidural as if something went drastically wrong and they had to transfer me to the big hospital although it's only like five play the bigger Hospital and then for a c-section but that's a totally different story but I pretty much made an epidural not an option hard now this is one of my biggest tips that I don't think a lot of people will agree with but don't have a written birth plan and a lot of times you'll go on Pinterest and I had them I had been saved and they have like these like templates or you could print out like check boxes of what you want and they were like well Han went out to every nurse and I just my midwife's basically midwives basically said that I'm not really received with the hospital when you go in they seem very demanding which it is your earth but at the same time they're the professionals they know how to best suit you and how to get the baby out the safest way the fastest way possible which is the main goal for them I'd rather than have a written plan I really advise to have an advocate I'm a human being mine was my husband Tom and also my sister Jamie was there so if I was out of it if I was asleep if I was unconscious because there were times where like I was literally like so loopy but you stay awake for a few days in labor let me know how it goes like instead of having this written plan that just had little boxes check from something it'd bring up Pinterest Tom knew and Jamie knew exactly what I wanted exactly what I didn't want they were 100% lucid they were tired specially Tom he was tired but then if something was gonna happen Tom could say hey she doesn't want that she doesn't want a PC out of me she doesn't want you to cut the cord until it's done flowing she doesn't want an epidural that didn't really apply to me but he was there and he was someone that would stand up for me a piece of papers I could stand up you think it's just the written thing that they're not nobody's like you're an active labor and they're like wait a minute let me read this paper really quick nobody does that but Tom's right there he was my advocate and this could be anyone it could be your spouse or your partner come your mom or whoever's with you well I I feel like nobody births alone even if you own a partner you've got you've got somebody with you right so have an advocate that 100% knows exactly what you want and you've got a human backbone to help you my last two tips are kind of connected one would be mind ever matter women have been birthing babies quite literally forever your body is built for this it's built to have a baby unless something drastically goes wrong you really should be able to have a natural childbirth obviously I'm not a doctor don't take this as medical advice something yeah just have them in your kitchen he'll be fine no um no but as long as you're safe I personally personally believe that the pain is worth the outcome I guess that would be how I said it like everybody asked me they're like oh well if you had another baby would you get an epidural no I wouldn't I would if I had six kids mm-hmm nope I would go no epidural just babies I'm not having six kids okay so my camera overheated which is a major pain in the butt and it is why I'm upgrading my equipment next month um so the last tip I have it kind of goes with the mind over matter it just it's something my midwife bird that kept saying she just kept telling me trust my body trust the process trust your body trust the process like I said babies have been born to women for millions and millions and millions of years so it's supposed to happen that way that's where babies we're designed to come at home so I think it's a lot of people overthink it and just go with the moment if you trust your health care provider whether it be doctor Midwife doula whatever if you trust them then they know what's best and they'll help you in any way they can so even if they tell you to do something weird it's probably gonna help so those are my top four or five natural childbirth tips I hope this helped you if you're about to have a baby and you're aiming for a natural childbirth know what you truly want but don't have such rigid expectations where your whole world's gonna come crashing down if you do have to get an epidural it's not the end of the world the most important thing that happens the day you give birth is you get a healthy baby or babies my cousin Brittney is having identical twin boys I don't know about that but neither are gonna walk out of there with healthy baby or babies and that's the main goal I don't care if they told me that they were gonna rub my body and cream corn as long as I baby came out safe and healthy and everybody was okay that was the most important to me it was just a bonus that I got to do it pretty much the way I wanted to which I know doesn't always happen for whatever reason so subscribe to my channel if you haven't I make new videos three times a week on motherhood and lifestyle I'm getting a really good technology upgrade pretty soon and I'm doing a very not very big but it made a pretty good giveaway next month for mid to end of February so subscribe to my channel if you haven't because you not be able to participate unless you are subscribed give this video a thumbs up and I will see you in my next video

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