How to Avoid Postpartum Hemorrhage

If you have your baby in the hospital with
a midwife, the chance of you having interventions is much lower. There are a lot of complications
that the interventions create. For example, it’s very common these days to have everybody
induced at 39 weeks. They are induced for convenience for the care provider, and they
are induced because they are tired of being pregnant. The midwives value spontaneous labor
because the risk of c-sections is less, and the risk of postpartum hemorrhage is less
and because they go much smoother when they are spontaneous. Just the fact that not every
labor is induced creates less of a risk of having these complications to occur. Additionally,
a midwife is less likely to be rushing the pregnant woman as she progresses. The idea
of progress in the medical model was set by this bell curve that says your cervix should
be dilating a certain amount of centimeters per hour. Not every woman dilates on that
curve and a lot of interventions are done because a woman falls off of that curve. Midwifery
gives you that time, that patience, and allows the woman to progress at her own rate without
involving intervention.

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