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your period? What is the method or app that you use? Answer me below at the comment section because
I really want to know. Last week, I promised that today I was going
to give you all a super cute and useful gift. Remember that? So stick to the end of the video and I’ll
tell you what the gift is and how you can get it. Back to the topic, let’s start talking about
the first phase, menstruation phase, the winter of our cycle. Very easy to identify, it starts at the first
day of our period and ends at the last one. Usually lasts from 3 to 7 days. I can’t say an exact number of days because
as you know we are all different. During this phase, hormones are at their lowest
level. Your left and right brain start connecting
better so you are able to be analytic and intuitive at the same time. It’s a great time to reflect on the past
month, analyze your performance and set goals and intentions for the next cycle. Ask yourself questions. How are my relationships at work? Am I working on the right project for me? What changes do I need to make in my life
to be happier and more successful? A warning here, be very careful, never ever
anticipate yourself asking these questions the week before the menstruation phase, especially
if you usually have PMS. It can be very dangerous. You will know why when we talk about the luteal
phase. The menstruation phase is a moment of calm
and clarity. That’s when you should listen to your gut
and be more reflective. You might get surprised with the things that
your inner self has been trying to tell you. Journaling can be a useful technique for this
moment. It’s also a great time of your cycle to
organize physical spaces, eliminate useless files, restructure your office, or work space,
or even clean up your closet and donate some stuff that you don’t use anymore. Very important! You are going to be more tired, so make time
to rest. You are going to need some recharge to get
ready for the next month. Clean your schedule as much as possible, slow
down, rent a movie, get cozy and rest. So what comes after the winter? It’s our favorite phase, when we become
super stars. It’s the follicular phase, or the spring. It starts at the first day of your period
too, because it’s when the hormone responsible for producing follicles that will become eggs
is released. It’s the follicle stimulating hormone, FSH. Don’t worry about these names, it’s not
important. What you need to know is that right after
the period our buddy estrogen starts increasing slowly, and testosterone also rises making
us feel great! This phase lasts until the ovulation day. The ovulation day usually happens in the middle
of the cycle. If you don’t know when it’s yours, don’t
worry. I’m going to teach you some tricks to find
out when we talk about the ovulatory phase. But now let’s talk about this incredible
part of our month, that we love so much, and you’ll see why. At this moment of your month you are going
to feel more social, outgoing, creative, energetic, alert and optimistic. You are going to be able to learn faster and
easier. Your verbal skills are going to be enhanced. Your spacial awareness is going to be increased
along with your ability to solve problems and execute tasks that require quick thinking. Your brain is going to be sharp and great
for strategy and planning. You are going to be open and ready to try
new things, like starting a new project at work. It’s the best moment of the month to plan
the month ahead, to initiate something, to brainstorm with people in meetings, to do
some project management. You are going to be more focused on the future
and the big picture instead of the details and small tasks. If you’ve been procrastinating on a project,
now it’s the time to get it going. Get clear on what action steps you want to
take this month. Dream big, take bold actions and make plans
on how you will take over the world. For example, this is the time of the month
that I create content for my channel and plan new things for the videos. Everything that requires more creativity and
energy, I plan ahead to do during this phase. You are going to feel in a good mood, feel
prettier, and in fact you are more attractive to other people too, specially men. So If you’ve been postponing that date with
that special one, now it’s the time. The closer you get to your ovulation day,
the higher is the estrogen, the better we feel. The follicular phase, spring, ends when the
ovulatory phase, summer, starts. This phase lasts around 3-4 days, and it’s
the peak of the follicular phase. It’s when the estrogen keeps rising achieving
its maximum and testosterone also rises increasing your sex drive. This is the thing, your body is ready to procreate,
so it wants you to have sex to make a baby. If you don’t want a baby just now, be very
careful. The testosterone can also cause some acne,
so take care of your skin. At this phase, you are a magnet, men are going
to notice you from far, so don’t use any perfume if you have a date because your natural
smell is doing all the work alone. It’s time to shine, baby! You have high self esteem, you’re confident,
sassy, more social, more persuasive, and a better communicator. So work wise, you should use this phase to
have important conversations, to ask for a raise, to give a public speech, to work with
your vendors, to negotiate deals, to use your collaboration skills, to go on a job interview,
to make new clients etc etc.. In the personal life, it’s a great moment
to go out, socialize, spend time with friends, with family, with your loved one. To eat out at your favorite place, go on a
romantic weekend, being very careful if you don’t want a baby. To hang out with your bestie, prioritize pleasure
and enjoyment. Now this is how you are going to know that
your ovulatory phase started. I’m going to share with you two strategies
that I use to identify when I’m in this phase. First one is a pharmacy test called ovulation
predictor, and it costs around 20 dollars. It contains 20 test strips. It’s similar to pregnancy test. The instructions of the test tells you to
do the test daily starting at the day after your period ends. I don’t do that because I think it’s very
annoying to pee in a cup everyday. So I start a week after my period ends. That’s also because I already know that
during the first week I’m not going to ovulate, and I’m not trying to get pregnant. If you are still in the dark about your cycle,
I recommend that you follow the instructions and track your info in your app or calendar. Be very strict at the beginning until you
understand how your cycle behaves. With time you won’t even need any of this
to know when your summer starts. This test measures your LH surge. It’s going to show positive 24 to 36 hours
before ovulation occurs. And that’s your answer, you are officially
in the ovulatory phase. Another strategy is to watch for cervical
mucus. It’s the vaginal discharge that has the
looks and the texture of egg white. Supposedly, the mucus starts a few days before
the ovulation, and it ends at the ovulation day. So it’s good evidence that you are in your
ovulatory phase. Some women, like me for example, also experience
a mild cramp during ovulatory phase. It’s considered normal if doesn’t last
long and if it’s not strong. I don’t even know if I can call mine a pain. I would say that I can feel the ovary working
and I can even tell what side is releasing the egg that month. It’s a very informative kind of pain. But remember! I’m not a doctor, and this is not a medical
channel, so if you feel pain, or experience any atypical symptom go to your doctor and
explain everything to him. It’s not normal to live with pain! Ok, so this is the end of the ovulatory phase! But that’s not a problem because now we
are entering the Luteal phase when progesterone starts rising. As I said before, you know you are starting
the luteal phase because your ovulation occurred, which was between 24 to 36 hours after the
positive test. This phase usually lasts two weeks. It’s the last two weeks of your cycle. It’s until the first day of your next period. Are you with me? Okay. I personally like to think of this phase in
two parts because during the first week our progesterone is rising and even though our
buddy estrogen is not in its peak anymore, it’s still there. But during the second week, when the body
realizes that there is no baby coming, the hormones say bye bye and drop. So we feel different from one week to the
other. That’s why some women suffer with symptoms
of PMS a week before the period. The peak of the progesterone, which is the
hormone that run the show right now is in the middle of this phase. It starts rising at the first week, it has
its peak in the middle and starts dropping at the beginning of the second week. So we have a good window of time to enjoy
the benefits of this hormone. During this phase, thanks to the progesterone,
we feel calmer, we sleep better, we want to stay home more, we become less social and
want to spend more time alone. Our energy levels decrease. It’s time to slow down the schedule. We feel like nesting and investing time in
self care. Finally our skin gets clear. Remember that during the follicular phase
we were all about the bigger picture, big dreams and plans to take over the world? Now, we are ready the execute all the plans
we made! We are task oriented soldiers. Our focus now is on completing projects, getting
things done, doing that is going to bring us pleasure. We want to work on expense reports, working
sheets. We want to wrap up, review and submit our
reports. Good time to catch up on bookkeeping. We are detail oriented now, and we want to
get our life in order. Don’t let the PMS distract you. If you are more sensitive and easily getting
annoyed, don’t make any decisions now. Keep all the thoughts in a journal and reflect
on that during your menstruation phase. That will bring you better results and less
regrets. Okay, so after the luteal phase you know what
happens, right? We go back to menstruation phase, our beautiful
and cozy winter, and the cycle starts over. Hopefully we are wiser after every cycle and
can improve ourselves always on our journey. If you enjoyed this video and found the information
useful, give me thumbs up! And remember to subscribe and activate the
bell so you don’t miss our next videos. And now it’s the gift time. I made a super cute bookmark with a summary
of our super powers of each phase, so we don’t forget. In the description below, you will find a
link to download a file. You just have to print it out, fold on the
lines and staple or glue. You can leave it inside a book that you are
reading always to remember what’s going on with your body and what you should do with
your schedule. I find it very useful. Thank you so much for watching, hope you enjoyed
this and the last video, and really hope that you are going to sync your cycle with your
routine to have a better and happier life. See you next video and have a great week.


  1. I think every woman would benefit from knowing this and implementing these tips. You're doing a great job! XOXO

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