How to Breastfeed : Learn the Proper Shirts & Clothes to Wear for Breast Feeding

Hi! This is Alicia with Expert Village and
I want to put all these pieces and kind of incorporate them, and giving you some choices
that will make it convenient and easy and hassle-free to breast feed. Now, we are on
the second part of our theme where I already showed you the undergarments, I already showed
you how to cut the top of the shirt, now I’m going to show you some excellent choices and
just over the top shirts that you can wear with this method. I always kind of try to
look for stuff with buttons. They make it easy to expose your breast, which would be
like as in this shirt. You are able to kind of pull it from side to side when nursing.
Now I’ll show how this will be useful in breast feeding. You can take your baby and just pull
it off to the side and breast feed. Ok, now let me show you some other choices in shirts.
We’ve not only done the button up shirt, but you can also choose shirts that have a swooping
neckline, like so. I’ve chosen one of them right here, and I’ll demonstrate how this
one works as well. This one works in the same way where you can either pull down the shirt,
like such, or you can also unbutton it, and that works great. So, I’ve shown you some
examples of different shirts you can use and what to look for. Also what works really well
is the v-neck shape. which I didn’t have one of those with me, but those also works very
well in the two-ply method.

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  1. How can a baby nurse when the woman featured in the video is wearing a white under shirt?

    Is this a special shirt? Where can I buy one? What brand name is it? How much is it? Why am I always the last to know about these new technological developments in women's apparel?

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