How to Breastfeed : Treating Sore Nipples from Breastfeeding

In this clip I am going to be talking about
how to deal with and treat sore nipples. If your nipples are feeling sore and uncomfortable,
one way to help alleviate that is by using a really nice nipple cream. I really like
the Earth Mama Angle Baby or Mother Love Nipple Cream. They’re both organic and based with
an olive oil based. Lanolin is a very popular thing to use for nipple cream and I believe
it’s what you get when you come home from the hospital but often times it’s really tacky
and hard to spread on your nipple and can hurt which is no fun. So with the one I recommend
is one that is really soft and emollient and really goes on very easily and lightly. Now
both of these or specially the organically ones The Mother Love and The Earth Mama are
really good because you don’t need to wipe it off before you put the baby to the breast
and this helps just to provide some healing herbs to the breast as well as just some relief
and comfort. The other thing you can use for sore nipples is The Earth Mama Angle Baby
Bosom Buddies Poultice comes with a muslin pack you put some of the tea in it and you
steep it you don’t drink it you put it right on your nipples and it provides some soothing,
calming relief via the organic herbs. Now if you have more seriously sore nipples that
are cracked or damaged you’re going to want to do a little more. Express some breast milk
on it because that’s the best medicine ever and then you can do either dry wound healing
or a moist wound healing. For moist wound healing you going to want to use something
called a Hydrogel and there’s different companies that provide these. It’s really sticky on
one side. This is something that they use in the hospital for moist wound healing. You
can keep this in the refrigerator it feels really good. And just apply it to your nipple
after your done breastfeeding and keep it there until the next feeding. And then follow
the directions on the packet because each are a little different for how long that you
can use them for but these feel very nice. Some mom’s have very damage nipples because
the baby was latched on improperly. In that case it feels really uncomfortable to even
have the bra touching the nipples. So for them we recommend the soft shells which are
for sore nipples. You put this on your breast and then you cover it with your bra. And what
it does is it keeps your bra away from the skin of your nipple and then when your ready
to nurse you take that off and put the baby on and then when you are done you go ahead
and put this on until the nipple is healed and it is more comfortable for you to have
your bra on. Another thing that people use is called a nipple shield. The nipple shield
is used while you’re nursing. This isn’t one of my favorite things because it really is
a band aid because then you have to wean the baby from this. But a lot of mom’s like it
if their nipples are really sore with cracked or damaged because it prevents the baby from
being directly on their nipple. So you use this while you’re nursing and you take it
off afterwards and hopefully you won’t need to use it for very long. So those are some
things that you can use if you have sore cracked nipples. The other thing I recommend is to
consult the local lactation consultation because if you have cracked and damaged nipples it
means your baby’s latched on improperly and you really need to fix that latch. So good
luck and happy nursing.

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  1. @handsuvlove it would not be wise to breast feed with a nipple ring—or you would have to use a nipple sheild, but long term you should just take it out because it will be a problem in the long run will not likely work well if at all, the baby has to be able to latch on and a peice of metal will not help that. Also, just in case you had any doubt, babies benefit greatly from being breast fed(anitbodies) as do mothers in losing the weight gained during pregnancy – nurses honor

  2. if all those tips don't woek you could have my problem where my baby had a thrush infection in his mouth which spread to my nipple and it was as bad as the cracked nipples i had to get antibiotics from my doctor . thrush is a white film in baby mouth

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