How to Catch A Queen Ant

Sup guys! AntCanada here, welcome to another AntCanada video I’m here in the beautiful Toronto, Canada. I really missed North America, and I wanted to use this morning to go looking for queen ants Because I do know that Tetramorium queens are flying now here in Canada and around North America So! Come join me, it’s going to be a lot of fun. Let’s start this So here I am, um.. it’s kind of a uh Suburb My dog here 🐶 I usually go queen-hunting in the afternoons, but… I wanted to try queen-hunting in the morning Now, Tetramorium have their nuptial flights really early in the morning They’re early birds. As far as ants go mating, they usually have their nuptial flights at 5AM, 6AM, around that time Of course Tetramorium are known as pavement ants, because you find them a lot around pavements like this In the summer, sometimes you’ll see masses of them gathering at the sides of sidewalks I’m sure a lot of you guys have seen that And that’s what you call a Tetramorium war. A lot of times these colonies will come face to face, and they’ll just come boiling up and have a massive Tetramorium war, above ground. They’re a very aggressive species but thankfully they’re not really dangerous to humans. They do have a stinger but it’s really small. So… It usually isn’t enough to do damage on humans. Ok so I see a Camponotus worker there A lot of you guys email me saying “Can you please identify this queen?” and a lot of times it’s a Camponotus worker. Camponotus Pennsylvanicus. This is not a queen, the queens of this species are much larger. They have larger abdomens, or gastors I should say, and a much larger thorax, or mesosoma Alright so I’m gonna continue looking down this side walk for queens. Now for those of you who follow us on Facebook our Facebook Page Hey and I just found a queen awesome right here. I was saying on Facebook we did a live feed Where we live streamed hunting for queens and we found a queen a Tetramorium queen but the wind blew her away but I’m not gonna let this one get away. So let me put this down here, come on sorry guys. It’s ok Alright guys, and we have our first queen of the day, there she is! Tetramorium, easy Ok guys so now that we have our queen right there. Beautiful Tetramorium queen, pavement ant We have to create a test tube set up for her. So this is a queen I caught a few days ago And this is your typical test tube set up It basically requires a water portion plugged in place with a cotton. Another cotton placed here so she can breathe And what this does is creates a very constant environment here which acts as her claustral cell. You know, it replicates her underground chamber while she is getting ready to lay eggs. And then in a few days you’ll have this Which is a queen but she’s got eggs you see that there. See that batch of eggs there It only took her two days or a day to start laying which is great. See those little tiny eggs She has some in her mouth Now of course there is no way to tell for sure if she is fertilized but the fact that she is taking care of the brood like she’s got a bunch in her mouth. It is a good sign cause usually if they aren’t fertilized and they lay eggs they eggs are scattered and she kind of ignores them. But, it looks like she’s taking good care of these eggs. Now typically you wanna keep here covered and in the dark wrapped in maybe a towel tucked away in your deepest closet or drawer Because you don’t want to stress them out too much at this stage I’m kind of exposing her like this so you guys can see what it looks like But if you have a queen, I really suggest putting her away in the dark Because you really don’t want to stress her out, she might eat her eggs Or she might not eat at all I would suggest if you want to check up on her, check up on her perhaps… once every week It usually takes about one month to go from egg to worker So in about a month, this queen will have her first set of workers, the nanitics Now, Tetramorium queens are… fully claustral, so they don’t need to eat within this stage. They have everything they need within them Her thorax, which house the wing muscles She draws her ATP, her energy, from those back muscles And then she creates this self-made nutritious soup which she feeds to the larvae That’s how they grow She creates food, baby food, from her own body which is really cool And then when the first workers arrive, you can wait maybe… 1-5 days, and then you can feed them Either by a tiny, tiny drop of honey administered by a toothpick Or maybe a cricket leg, something like that When the workers first arrive, they’re still hardening, and still feeding from the queen’s self-made soup So you don’t have to worry about feeding them immediately after Alright., and for those of you who need a more in-depth tutorial on how to take care of queens when you first catch them, be sure to watch our caring for queens tutorial, and also check out our test tube tutorial if you need a tutorial on how to create the test tube setup. Never, EVER guys fill this with honeywater, it has to be fresh water. Alright, thanks guys for tuning in! And, stay tuned for another video

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  1. Hi antcanada (ant love forever) I need some advice I have a fire ant colony calling the middle of my gravel driveway home and when I pull in or out of the driveway I'm afraid I'm gonna crush the nest how would I go about getting them to relocate to another area like to the grass yard? Plus it's been raining like crazy here I'm in Oklahoma

  2. Man…i got a queen today…and i got it alone…like…it was acting weird…i had a big bottle…i filled it with dirt to the middle…but a rock…and some grass…i poured some water on top…and i think it got way too soaked…there was a little pool on the side of the bottle and the other side had all the dirt…and i put the ant inside…it was drinking…i gave it bread…left it home for about 4 hours…and when i came back…dead…just like that…dead…Oh and yes…i put lots of holes in the bottle so it can breathe…but still…dead…imma try again…but this time…in a big glass jar…and the queen is gonna be together with some other ants of her colony…imma try to not soak it too much…yeh…thats it…


  4. Hey can you help me out I’m trying to catch this queen AN and I’m watching your videos but I don’t really think I can find any because I live in America

  5. Dear AC family my ant kingdom is wery inpresiv thanks to you(thank you)

    Ther is a little problem the earth is wery dry and my ants can't rely dig tunels whar sould i do??(sorry for my bad english im from hungary!)

  6. I doubt anyone will ever read this, but I need somewhere to vent:
    Today I saw my first irl ant queen, a pavement ant queen and I was so excited to see her. Later, I went back out to see if there were any more(I was at school and we are allowed to go outside again at the end of the day if we don't get in trouble) and there were THREE! I also saw a lot of dead males, most likely the mates of the three queens before me. Anyway, I invited a friend to come and look. I thought aloud about catching one, and he raced off to get a container. He came back with an old salt container he dumped out. I told him to stop, as I doubt I would have permission to bring an ant queen home and I would likely accidentally kill her on the ride home on the bus. He didn't listen. I told him to let the queen out, and he did agree. But our bus was called, and he couldn't get the queen out. On the bus, he was letting people hold the container and they were SHAKING it. I yelled for them to stop, but no one listened. "You shouldn't kill her just for being alive." I yelled again. Near the time my 'friend' had to get off, he crushed the container a bit so he could open it, and he said the queen wasn't in there. Of course, the people he let hold the container backed him up. I don't know what happened to the queen, and I feel really guilty about it. I am crying as I wrote this. My school is full of brutish murderers who kill animals just for being alive. I don't expect anyone to care, but thanks if you made it this far.

  7. I want to start an ant colony but I have been looking for ant queens for 2 months but I haven't found any. Plz help me out finding ant queen

  8. I'm so bummed, my 5 year old called for his dad to come kill a "big fly" in his bedroom, but after my husband swatted it and showed it to me I recognized it as a queen ant! Only since my kiddo and I have been watching your channel. Daddy felt very bad, but I told my son we will try to find another one. The poor queenie doesn't look like she's going to live but I'll check on her in the morning. Thanks for your informative channel.

  9. OMG how you do that 😂😂😂,I'm trying to hunting ant queen but I didnT get any queen I'm almost hunt this FrEakiNg ants for a week and I didn't get any queen😢😢

  10. Great video. I was trying to find one but identifying a queen results a bit difficult aside that I have a 9-5 job. I got my son a red ant farm online but no it didn't include a queen. After a few months all the 30 farm ants died. I found out the only way to keep them going is by having a queen. Is there a way I can find someone that can help me out with that? If not, I completely understand. Thanks a lot

  11. Caught a queen but she still has wings on after 2 day does this mean she not fertilize. Did I look to soon ?

  12. I have to many ants in my balacony how can i catch the queen without damaging my balacony please answer???!!!

  13. Hey mikey after the female ants lay eggs what then just let it alone in the dark and they will grow or what can you reply to my questions??!! Thank you??!! Watching you from St.Paul Minnesota U.S.A??!!

  14. I've been looking all summer for a queen and only found a wounded formica fusca that died over night, you find one within three minutes of leaving your house

  15. If a queen ant doesn't shed it's wings right after mating can it still fly. I am asking this because what if you see a queen flying should you catch it.

  16. Hey antscanada! I live in Toronto too! I’m in south Etobicoke! You? I’ve noticed that there have been yellow crazy ant queens on the ground and when I was digging in my garden for worms I found a queen with a couple workers and a bunch of eggs! I did what you do and I’m super excited!

  17. I m shocked there is a whole channel for ants and they even sell ant colonies and people actually want them. Wow. Guess contact me i have thousands of them in my backyard 😂

  18. When i was young and stupid, i stuck a stick in a ant nest and small ants came out THEN ANTS THE LEGIT SIZES OF WASPS CAME OUT AND I FREAKED OUT
    do u know what type of ant they r?

  19. You seem like a reliable source. Can you help me identify what species of ant is invading my backyard? I have surfed the web but every result has 3 that match the description of that ant. The ant is 1/4 inch long, black, and id about 1/8 of an inch thick. It likes to hang round the patio and has a mound going inward into the ground

  20. Getting ready to move to Jacksonville Florida, I am looking to start my own colony. Willing to buy a starter from a farmer in the area. I will be there by Monday October 21st if anyone knows anyone in the area.

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