How to Choose a Surrogacy Agency – Conceptual Options Surrogate Educational Series

Hello! My name is Sally, your Virtual Surrogacy Intake
Manager from Conceptual Options, and I want to welcome you to our very own Surrogacy Educational
Video Series. We know that you came here to learn more about
surrogacy, so let’s get started by explaining how to choose a Surrogacy Agency. Becoming a surrogate is one of the most rewarding
things that you can do in your lifetime; however, because being a surrogate is such an important
mission for everyone involved, it is important that you choose a surrogacy agency that is
going to support you, protect you, and advocate for you every step of the way – like we
do here at Conceptual Options! So, let’s go over some of the most important
steps you should consider when selecting your surrogacy agency: 1. How long has the surrogacy agency been in
business? You definitely want experience on your side,
and Conceptual Options has over 19 years of experience with surrogacy, egg donation, and
sperm donation. With Conceptual Options, we have the experience
and reputation that you will need, along with a dedicated team of over 25 people, to help
you navigate through your surrogacy journey with hope, commitment, and confidence. 2. Does the surrogacy agency provide you referrals
to experienced professionals in this field, to include attorneys, psychologists, health
care providers, insurance brokers, and others? You should expect that the surrogacy agency
that you work with will provide you guidance in these matters every step of the way. In fact, at Conceptual Options that is what
we do, and we always make certain that you and your Intended Parents have independent
legal counsel and psychological support during this process as well. 3. What sort of support will the surrogacy agency
provide to you and your family, as well as your Intended Parents? A good surrogacy agency will provide you with
support throughout the entire pregnancy, even if you think you may not need it. In fact, Conceptual Options has the professional
experience to know of any possible issues that can arise and how they can be resolved. In fact, Conceptual Options makes certain
that you always have 24-hour support, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, and we have a licensed
psychologist in office and on staff, along with a licensed therapist. 4. Is the surrogacy agency just a matching service,
or do they provide the support discussed in our last question? Again, this is a personal decision for you,
but one that you should consider carefully. Although there are many things that you are
required to do yourself, such as deal with your insurance directly or make doctor appointments
as a patient, is there going to be someone there to help you navigate this new and unknown
journey? Conceptual Options is with you every step
of the way to make certain you are cared for and supported each and every day. Although this list is just a sample of the
questions that you need to ask, it is definitely a start for you in your journey. Becoming a surrogate takes dedication and
commitment from you and your family; therefore, it is important to understand that choosing
a surrogacy agency for your journey is just as important, if not the most important, as
deciding to become a surrogate for another family. We here at Conceptual Options would love for
you to come to our office to meet our team and learn more about surrogacy. If you want to know more? Or, maybe you’re not sure what else to ask
of any surrogacy agency, please contact me directly at [email protected] or
call us at 858-748-4222 so we can go over your questions or concerns, and stay tuned
for more videos in the upcoming weeks to help you understand more about the surrogacy process.

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