How to Crochet Newborn Baby Scratch Mitts for BEGINNERS | Last Minute Laura

hi guys today I am back with another crochet tutorial in today's tutorial we're going to learn how to make these little baby scratch proof mittens so if you don't know already newborn babies have itty bitty newborn baby hands they're little nails are like razor blades so for the first little while when you've got a newborn and even with little babies there's something called a scratch mitt that's this thing so these little scratch mitts don't have any thumbs don't have any fingers it's just kind of a cover for a newborn baby's hand and that is what we're going to do today so for that we're gonna need a couple of things a four millimeter crochet hook I'm using an aluminum one I'm gonna need some sharp scissors and you're also gonna need some yarn today I am using white because I feel like white is super cute for baby stuff and it also matches with those baby booties I made in a previous video and they're both being gifted to the same person so I wanted them to match I am using 100% cotton yarn also links to everything that I use in this tutorial tutorial excuse me it will be in the description below so to get started we're going to need a slipknot for that create a loop with your thread hold on to one end with your hand cross the loop over itself to make an X with the hand that's not holding the tail reach through and grab a little bit of that yarn and pull it nice and tight and that makes your slipknot that little bit goes onto your hook and then we are going to begin crocheting so for this pattern we're working in the round and what we're going to do to begin is chain four stitches so 1 2 3 & 4 and then we're going to slip stitch into that first stitch that we did so we're going to slip stitch into the first stitch after our chain 4 so chain 4 and then insert into that first stitch wrap around with your yarn wrap your yarn around the hook and pull through both loops that are on the hook and now we're going to chain 3 1 2 3 and now we're going to do double crochets into that hole so that that we just created by doing the slip stitch we're going to do double crochets right in there like this insert in wrap around pull through wrap around pull through two wrap around pull through two and then you can push that as close as you can to that first chain three and we're gonna do that eight more time so total we're gonna want nine double crochets and one chain three it's gonna look like it's ten double crochets two three four five six seven and as you go you can pull those stitches around that doughnut just flatten them out eight nine ten so once you get ten ten total so that's nine double crochets and your chain three you'll go to your chain three the top chain appear the one that is attached to the the following double crochet we're going to slip stitch through there so grab that wrap around pull through everything on the loop and now we've got a circle see just like that now we're going to work in the round but we're going to work in half double crochets so we'll chain one after we slip stitched them together and now we're going to do two half double crochets in every double crochet stitch so that's actually going to begin with the one we just did by doing a chain one that's going to basically replace your half double so we're gonna wrap around and in that chain right down here the one that your chain came out of the one you slip stitched together we're gonna do a half double crochet in there you wouldn't usually do that but we're doing two stitches in each stitch so we want to add that extra stitch then we're gonna do two in the next one oops half double half double two and we're going to go all the way around okay so once you make it back to the beginning of your project of your round excuse me you're gonna finish with your last half double and then you're gonna get the top chain from that chain one that you did in the previous round stick your hook in wrap around pull through that loop and pull through the loop that was on your hook and that's going to join your round so now we're going to just build up so that first round created a circle the second round widens the circle and now that's as wide as we really need it so we don't need to put two stitches in each stitch anymore we just need to put one now so we still need to chain one and for this pattern we're going to do several rows without doing any changes so what we've just completed is that top circle so we're all the way done until until right here at this point so now we're going to do six more rows just a regular half double crochet with with no increase and with no doubles nothing nothing Crazy's going on for this part so I'm gonna wrap around insert wrap around pull through pull through all three just all the way around your little circle at this point but eventually scratch MIT and just go all the way around and join at with a slip stitch when you get to the beginning of your round I'm just gonna do this round on camera and then I will I'll do the other five rounds off-camera so total right now we're going to have six rounds along with your circle and increase around just like that half double crochets if you don't know how to do a half double crochet that's okay I do have a playlist with all of the introduction to crochet stitches so there are crochet stitches for absolute beginners in that playlist I have single crochet double crochet triple crochet half double crochet the waffle stitch the basket weave stitch the Tunisian stitch the wave stitch the shell stitch there's lots of different stitches in that playlist and so you can learn the basics that way before you start getting into projects like this but if you already know that stuff then just follow along and you can definitely figure this one out as long as you've got the basic stitches when you come up to the end of the round and you're on your last stitch you'll wrap around insert wrap around pull through pull through all three and then find the top chain that you made in the previous round and slip stitch together at that chain you can even see now I'm only I've only done three rounds and we're already starting to curve up the way that that little scratch mitt does so now we're three in one two three four five more rounds like this exactly the same way no increase no decrease nothing Crazy's going on just remember when you do your rounds skip this first bit because that's part of your stitch and go straight into that second one and then just come all the way around with the half double crochet do five more rounds and you can pause the video here while you complete those rounds and when you come back I will show you how to create the eyelet holes in order to put your little tie for the mitts together okay so I've just joined my round and now I'm about to go into the eyelet stage so these are the eyelets right here and I've just completed this row so now I've joined them together I'm going to chain one for the height and then I'm going to do a single crochet right in to the hole that the chain came out of right down here just like that and then chain two one two skip one half double crochet and do a single crochet in the next stitch just like this single crochet a single crochet into the next stitch and then we're going to chain one chain two skip that next one and then do two single crochets in the next two stitches there then chain two one two skip a stitch go into the stitch after that do a single crochet then do a single crochet in the next stitch now we're back at the beginning and we're going to slip stitch the first together just like that chain one and then we're going to do single crochets first into the stitch that the chain came out of just like this okay and now what we're gonna do is single crochet into that big eyelet hole just like that but just one single crochet into that eyelet and then single crochet into the next two stitches and then single crochet once into that eyelet and then into the next two stitches and then into the eyelet just like that and we're gonna go all the way around and by only putting one stitch into that eyelet we're not going to accidentally increase the size of the mitt if we put two single crochets in there then we would end up having a whole bunch of extra stitches that we don't want just one single crochet goes into those holes from the two chains before one single crochet into the eyelet and then one single crochet into each of the single crochets all the way around and once we've made it all the way around like I'm just finishing right now we're going to now I'm going to slip stitch together those two rows with the chain as my guide as to where my hook is going there we go and then I'm gonna chain just one and now I'm going to do half double crochets all the way around this row to every single stitch don't skip anything don't do any chains nothing new nothing crazy and believe it or not this is our last round easy peasy little project so go all the way around with half double crochets then fasten off so when you're at the end of your round come back and I will show you how to create the little chain to put into the eyelets and final assembly okay so I'm just joining that final round with a slip stitch and then I will cut my yarn wrap around one more time and pull through pull that nice and tight and now you can see we've got the basis for the little mitten you can see these eyelets now they show up nice and clear and we've got them all the way around the project and now we need to make the little tie what I do for this little tie is I take my crochet hook make a slip stitch and chain 50 I like to leave the tail on this a little bit long and I'll show you why at the end so just chain 50 do your best to chain a tight chain you don't really need it to be loose because we're not working it so keep it as tight as you can but chain 50 once you've done your 50 chains you can snip off your yarn wrap around one more time and pull through and pull that all the way through then what you'll need is a little yarn needle this is my trick for hiding those ends while keeping the edge looking super cute okay so after you get your yarn needle on weave the needle around and between all of these chain stitches maybe five or six chains down um and once you've woven it in pull the needle through and then pull on your chain and that way you can trim the yarn down here and your chains edge is a nice finished edge and that's it that's the whole little band zoom unit so you can see that's the whole little tie and now all we have to do is weave it in and out through those little eyelet holes just like this until the little chain makes it to the end then you can tie a little knot and create a little bow and that's it that's the whole the whole thing then you've got these adorable little scratch mitts maybe it'll take you half an hour to make a little pair of these guys and then you can gift them to somebody who has a newborn in your life these are a little bit bigger obviously than like a brand new baby as you can see these fit in my hand but that's great because it gives them a little space to have air to move around without actually risking them scratching themselves so these are the easy pair of newborn baby scratch mitts I hope you liked this pattern if you did if you liked this tutorial let me know in the comments and check back on Tuesdays and Thursdays because I do put out a new video every Tuesday and Thursday so check back for new stuff like I said every Tuesday and Thursday anyways thank you so much for watching I hope you enjoyed and I hope we see you in the next one bye guys

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  1. If we have a pre disposed thought in a subject due to bias judgement for whatever reason it is……. you can read a sentence and take it however you want to take it if it builds somebody up how is it going to cut another man down.. and if it does were these words that were said inappropriate then… and are they inappropriate because of the words that were said or written or how we decided to take them more than likely fueled by a bias through emotion via lack of internal honing..enjoying ones process of delivery from a teaching just that.but its what we make it isnt it๐Ÿ˜‰. Breath were u must.. .. I enjoyed this video as well thank you

  2. Hi a just finished my first set of mit but one of them is just a little bigger then the other. I made maY tie a little longer. Thank you going to make the booties to match and a beanie. Going to work also on a second set.

  3. I thought this was for BEGINNERS ๐Ÿ˜ฑIโ€™m 13 and Iโ€™m tryna make this for my baby sibling thatโ€™s coming in 6 months.i really want to make this and I have all of the supplies but I need an easier video to follow

  4. I appreciate shorter videos because they give me the details I'm looking for without the laborious "yarn over, pull through two," that I sigh through on so many other videos. I think people who are truly beginners should seek out longer videos, because those are more likely to have the slower, step-by-step instructions they need. Going to a baby shower tomorrow, and have a pair of these ready for gifting. Thank you for a wonderful video!

  5. Excellent video and Iโ€™ve already made 3 pairs ~ they all came out beautifully ๐Ÿ’• thank you for the awesome video and lesson ๐Ÿ˜

  6. Thank you, you did a good job explaining. I am making this in white for my grand nephew who will be born in a few weeks. I made two blankets, 6 pairs of booties in different colors and two baby hats so far. I love crochet!!!!

  7. Hi! I love your video, and I tried following along and I made it but mine looks a little off and I think it is because I can't distinguish where my first stitch is my eyes are getting confused, I probably need to mark the stitch so I know where it ends, to begin the new round. Anyway do you have this in written form?

  8. Haha Love the picture of the razor blade finger nails!! ๐Ÿ˜‚ Completely describes them to a T!!

  9. Where is the written pattern……..I do like this pattern……..I am going to be a Great Grand Mother in May-2019

  10. I've been crocheting over 40 years. I had never made baby mittens and this was a bit confusing. A little to fast. I couldn't tell what she was doing and trying to keep an eye on my project. Just slow down and let us know how it should look and how many stitches we should have as we go along…thank you

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