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  2. My period is on june 11 and my sister marriage is June 9…my periods will come every time 3days before the actual date..what should i do to stop my periods…pls reply…

  3. Hey. I want to delay my period for Ramadan its 13th Ramadan today and there are still days for it to end and I'm expecting my period after some days I want to delay so I can fast. Plzzz help which remedy should I follow or what method should I use its been 2 years since my period started but I really want to keep all fasts soo plzzz help

  4. Hii I am 16 years old please advice me
    My school is going in tour in water theme park and I really want to go 8 days are left for my periods and on same day my school is going should I take medicine or just naturally it can delay please help me mam 🙏

  5. my age is 14 and i m in 9th class and i m going vashno devi mandir on 28 may and my period date is same i.e.. 28 may what should i do can i take medicine and which remedies will help me in one week

  6. I have been taking apple cider vinegar I think that's y I am not having my period is there any impact plz correct me if I am wrong I have the symptoms of a period but recently start having apple cider feels like it delays my period 😰??? Thanks

  7. Hello madam… my date is on 20th but I have a outing plan with my family … how can I get my date be late for next 4days that is should be delayed till 24th… plz reply for my caution.. plz madam

  8. mam…iam going to worship …but periods going to destry our events….really i have 3 more days to goo for mine periods..plz give any tips mam?

  9. I want to delay my period for 5 days bcoz I have to go out for the worship of God
    And I am 13 and I got periods last year (not exactly one year)
    By drinking water how many days does the period delay

  10. Mam my daughter is getting her periods on 17 at the same date we have planed a tour to a water theme park what can she do ..?{she is 13 aged}

  11. Hey, my periods date was 21 but it has not arrived and i am going on 23 to a vacation. What should i do? Please reply its urgent

  12. Can i drink lemon water before a few days to my period??
    If not what can i do to avoid my periods naturally???
    Plzzz answer…

  13. My periods date is 18 can i get my periods before that date as my wedding date is 23 can u any tip

  14. My best tip is eating and drinking a lemon cause I have swimming and it that time but it didn't come for like 2 days

  15. I have prom in a month and it’s on the 17th. The same damn week I usually get my period. My dress is very form fitting so I can’t wear normal underwear and I never wear tampons. Also after I get back from prom I’m having a pool party at my house. I legit don’t know what I’m gonna do😂😂

  16. But can we use these remedies before 2 to 3 days of periods. Because we r going to a trip of temples and some historical place plz help me.

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