22 Replies to “How to Deliver a Baby: Police Officer Training Film (Video of Live Birth)”

  1. It is so sad how little people know about reproduction and birth. Our education system has gone down hill, over the past 30 years.

  2. At 11:24–11:25 what on earth was it i think it was the womb but if not could someone please tell me what it was 😃😶

  3. What on earth? I can't figure this video out. It seemed so staged, with the mother calmly saying out the window "I think the baby is coming" but then there was a real birth. How did the filmer know to go on this cop's route to film the birth?

  4. for a 1950's pregnant woman she has a finely trimmed bush and a big ol' clit 🙂 
    That and why did the placenta 11:19 remind me of one of the pods from invasion of the body snatchers?

  5. I have not yet helped a woman to give birth but Now I am able to help if ever needed .. I really am thankful for the posting of the birth…however I hope I don't have to help a woman ever … God Bless…

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