How to feed newborn kittens

hi guys um I'm going to teach you a little bit about the care and feeding of newborn kittens this is a newborn kitten he is approximately four days old he was abandoned by his mom genuinely abandoned sometimes people think kittens are Landon and they're not actually abandoned I'll talk about that in another video but you can tell that this is a newborn by the ratty little face the fact that the eyes are still closed the ears being kind of folded forward and also he still has his umbilical cord attached which happens quite a bit um this little guy has been fed already so he's pretty full and sleepy but you can hear the other one still needs to be fed too he's setting up kind of a ruckus behind me but yeah so this is what a newborn kitten looks like okay these are newborn kitten feeding supplies we have a three cc syringe with no needle we have a tiny little bottle nipple you can get these at most pet stores they come with the bottles right now these guys are a little bit too small to be drinking out bottles they don't quite have the suction power it'll be another few days before I try them on a bottle but they Dipple heavy teeny-weeny little hole in it which the camera will not focus on but that's okay um the other thing that you're going to need is probably a blanket or a rag or something to feed them on and then of course here is my thing of kitten formula it's still warm I would let's see it see further kitten formula that's another thing that you can get at most stores pet stores and stuff they have both the bottle the cans of it that's already liquid and they have powder when the kittens are this small I like to buy the cans because they'll go through it pretty fast and because it have frequently that you feed them when they're a little bit and also it you have to feed them so much that like so often that any time that you can save yourself it is time that you can spend doing other stuff when they get a little bit older in the feeding is a little bit less frequent it's not quite as bad so I like to use the powder because it's cheaper anyway so I'm going to get to it and I'll show you how to feed them with this little weird setup okay this is the other kitten um he has as you can see in one eye open this happens sometimes a little bit too early usually it's fine you just have to keep an eye on it to make sure that they don't catch it or anything normally their eyes don't open til they're about ten days old but sometimes they get habits through trauma or another cat will clot their eye or something like that so you have to keep an eye on them I have the bottle or the syringe full of about three cc's of milk now what you do you want to hold the kitten on your lap flat some people like to burrito them and a blanket or something like that I've never able to get that to work if you can more power to you but keep the kitten flat on your lap as much as possible you never feed him on the best they could aspirate formula um and then just simply guide them to the nipple and squirt it into their mouth and there we go all right keep their head slightly elevated because that's how they feed for Mom and you just sort of gently apply pressure to the end of the syringe so that it gives them a little bit of assistance with the suckling oh yeah you see how he's kind of flailing in the air is that's because he can't quite normally when their own mom they'll need on her belly so that they can assist with the milk flow but he doesn't need to do that but he doesn't know that so he's going to do it anyway you have to press very slowly you don't want to press too hard to be press too hard then you could force the milk into their lungs and they'll aspirate it and that's no good it can cause pneumonia which causes dead kittens which nobody likes so just keep an eye on them usually you can tell if you're doing that because the milk will bubble out of their nose if you do that then stop immediately if you have one of those little bulbs squishy bulbs that you can that they use you know for cleaning out infant noses and so on sinuses you can use that to try and suck some of the stuff out of their lungs but that's kind of an advanced technique here we go all right and they'll struggle a little bit sometimes because they're not really sure what's happening I remember at this age they're pretty dumb they're just little machines that eat and you know you have to kind of teach them how to do this because they're not used to something that requires this much work so you kind of got to work with their instincts yeah I know I'm sorry you were getting off of it come on Lady all right make sure that you got to make sure that the nipple very firmly on the syringe otherwise it might leak it was leaking a little bit but he was still drinking um I feel his little belly swelling up uh they will get a little bit of error when they're drinking so what you want to do after they're done feeding is hurt them which I'll show you how to do in a minute yeah you got it he might be full he already had one full syringe of these he's still squeaking so I'm going to see if I can get him to drink the rest come on yeah stay huh uh-huh there we go good boy yeah it's very gently that in there just kind of keep them supported make sure they don't flip over make sure that they're drinking consistently yes boy yeah all right almost I'm just a little bit more just a little bit more good boy you see it takes a little while because you don't want to do it too fast you want make sure they're getting exactly what they need he's the best here he's dripping all over the place corn you want to watch for a little throat going and sometimes a little ears twitch that's a good sign that they are swallowing you're getting stuffed in there there we go wallah all done um now he is really full you see little bellies come fast now I'll show you how to Oh clean off this little face just to make sure you didn't get any sticky stuff on his face Oh sweetie sweetie all right now show you the proper method for burping a kitten take your rag it's like with a baby turn it over your shoulder put the kitten up right on your shoulder hold them like this and what you want to do is kind of brace there little belly right here with your fingers and kind of massage like mama cat would and you tap gently on their back and eventually they'll hear a little burp you probably won't be able to hear it on the camera because they kind of go poop but keep doing that just stroke them tap the back very gentle like one or two fakers all sweetie and you also just kind of want to take this opportunity to like stroke them and pet them and give them a little bit of stimulation this is at the point where if they still have mom hey they still have mom home would be grooming them so you want to you want to simulate grooming by giving them lots of physical affection and touching and rubbing and massaging you skritching that's good for them and it's fun for you at least when they're clean when they're gross and poopy it's a little bit less fun but you know it happens that's something hoop happens uh all right she's he's burped see his little belly is a little bit less less distended it might be hard to tell if you're not you're not used to it but yeah now he's he's pretty good he's pretty good sleepy eight to about sixty sees as a per feeding is really good for kittens the size if you want to be exact you should get a little postal scale and weigh them on that before you feed them and that will really help you be accurate as to how often and how much you should be feeding them per feeding time per feeding um at this age you really should be feeding them every two to three hours um and you can let yourself sleep about four hours what I usually do is I go to bed at 10:00 wake up at 2:00 feed them and go back to sleep until 4:00 or 6:00 and that way I get to it's not quite the same as a solid eight hours so you know it's a little bit better they can usually they can usually survive for that you don't have to wake up every two hours during the night that would be insane um there are people who do that but I found that kittens generally survive purr for it can survive for four hours without food um and let's after you fed them you usually want to stimulate them to poop and pee because that's something that mama has to do too fortunately unlike mama cats you don't have to do with your mouth we can do it with toilet paper and I will show you how to do that right now okay this is the setup for stimulating a kitten to pee I have a little rag here that that I use basically as a kind of a litter box the makeshift litter box until they're old enough to use a real one what you do is you take a piece of toilet paper and fold up put some worm water on it and then you just gently lift the tail I usually like to hold them like this and love upwards like so and he happens sometimes poop as well yeah I think he's gonna poop maybe we'll be lucky enough to get some poop poop is good we like it when kittens pee that means that everything inside them is working all right well they're good I probably can't see but it's slightly yellow that means that things are happening it should be happening anything's to be done no not quite done okay come on baby oh yeah poop huh when you've gotten into kitten fostering for a while you will be surprised how happy pooper makes you poop is like excellent this kitten is healthy his digestive system is working it makes you very happy there we go he's all done he's ready to go sit for another couple hours until it's time to feed him again and we may still squeak after you're done with all of this but usually you can tell when they're done being done eating he's still kind of trying to nurse and everything like that but I'm pretty sure his belly is still pretty full so I'm pretty sure he's done for now and if he's not then he'll get fed again in a couple hours and he'll be all we have to remember that they're used to series to having mom around all the time to suckle on and to snuggle up to and everything and you can't be mom you can't have that all the time they have to kind of learn to live with your schedule so they will they'll adjust eventually they'll get used to I've only had these guys for about 24 hours they haven't gotten used to being fed on a schedule yet but they will they'll get used to all right thanks guys

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  1. I have 7 days old kitten ,his mother is died I don't know how to take care😭it's not eating properly even I don't know wat should be feedded and how

  2. Great resource. To your viewers – if you are fostering or rescuing neonate kittens, please check out The Kitten Lady videos and Blog. She is probably the best resource out there for kitten info. I didn't realize til I watched her videos that neo-Nate kittens don't pee and poo on their own – Mom has to lick that area to stimulate them to go – and this video shows how to do this, too. 😻

  3. i was pretty clueless. thankyou! I just rescued a kitten. I know shes less than a week. I kust want her to make it!

  4. This morning when I was going to school I heard kittens when I was going to check the school bus came now I came from school I still hear the kittens when I went I found 6newborns without food for 24hr idk what to do I cried when I saw them I don't want any animal to get hurt

  5. im trying to save my kittens they need milk and the mother abandoned them and they need milk and i dont have a syringe

  6. People should use a pillow for the kittens to rest their paws on.  The kittens feel insecure when their arms are grasping at air.

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