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Let’s say this just happened. And I think I want to get an abortion. In New Zealand, abortion is still listed
under the Crimes Act. Abortions can be performed, but only if two certifying doctors agree that the pregnancy is a serious danger to your mental or physical health. So now I’m at Family Planning to figure out what I should do next. Hi, how can I help you today? I think I might be pregnant. All right, when was your last period? It’s about a week overdue. And are you on any
contraception at the moment? I just use condoms. Okay. Have you had any condom breakages or? Not that I’m aware of. Not forgotten to put one on? No, never. I’m too responsible. All right, and your last period was a normal period for you?
Yep. Are you in a relationship or are you having casual partners? Lots of casual partners. Okay, so we probably need to
do some swabs today as well. Okay. So how do you feel about this? Have you had a bit of a think
about what you want to do? I have and I would like
to have an abortion. Okay. So you’ve got a few options. So there’s medical and surgical. So for the medical one,
I’ve got a book here. And you can have that up until nine weeks. For the surgical one, it’s up
to twelve weeks and six days. It’s not going to happen
before you’re six weeks. So you’ve got a bit of
time to think about it. You don’t have to make
a decision right now. The medical abortion,
is that taking a pill? Yes. So you will need to go
in for an appointment. They will give you some medication and in the next day or so, you’ll have to go back and take some medication again. And then you sort of pass. And you’ll pass it at
home within a few hours. Okay. And then the surgical
procedure involves suction? Yes. Is it gonna hurt a lot? Depending on which type you go for. Medical one can be a bit painful. Basically like having a
heavy, more painful period than you normally would. But you can do that at home. For the surgical one,
they usually give you some medication to relax you. And they do numb your cervix,
so it shouldn’t be painful. How much does all of this cost? As long as you’re entitled to funded healthcare, it’s free. Some ultrasound clinics
do charge a fee though. After this appointment, you will need to go get an ultrasound which I can book for you. I’m going to print off a led form and you need to go and
get the bloods done today. After your ultrasound results are back, then I will give you a call and we can discuss what
form of contraception you want to go on afterwards, if you still want to continue, and which method you’d prefer. So then, after you’ve
organised all of that for me, are there other steps after that? There are a few other steps. EDU will give you a call about three days after I’ve made the referral and they will book you
in for an appointment with the certifying doctors. Right. And then you’ll need to go
back for the actual procedure. Doctors, plural? Yes, so you do have to be certified by two separate doctors. How annoying. I know. Now I have to see the two doctors who will need to agree with my
decision to have an abortion before I can actually access one. I, a grown woman, who can make responsible
decisions for herself, must cross my fingers and hope the doctors let
me do what’s best for me. – [Automated Voice] Yes! – [Automated Voice] Yes. I’m about to have my procedure. Because I’m between six and
fourteen weeks pregnant, they’re gonna give me a local
anaesthetic in my cervix and perform a vacuum aspiration. So they’re gonna dilate my cervix and it’s gonna feel a little
bit like period cramps. Then they’re gonna insert
a small plastic tube and very carefully suction
out the contents of my uterus. All of that’s only gonna
take a few minutes. And then afterwards, I’m gonna recover in the
clinic for about an hour. And then I’m gonna head home. (upbeat music) After the abortion, there might be a little bit of bleeding and some cramps. I’m gonna be susceptible to infection for a little while, so I’m not gonna have a bath for 48 hours, do any exercise for two weeks, use tampons for four weeks, or have sex for a while. Post-procedure complications,
they’re super rare. But if I’m concerned about anything, I’m gonna go straight to my GP. For now, I may be feeling light-headed and a bit nauseous. So I’m gonna get someone
to hang out with me for the rest of the day just in case. But you know what, I’m gonna be just fine. The Abortion Legislation Reform Bill recently passed its first reading, so it’s looking like the
law might finally change. But if you have any questions
about accessing abortion care, head to Everything you tell them is confidential. (upbeat music)

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  1. Well obviously you dont WANT an abortion since it is a crime. Do you want to do a burglary or do you just have no money?
    If abortion is necessary then the person should be fixed.
    If you cant own a set of genitals without killing, we would lock you up, if you were a male.
    Soon, if this law change comes in, males will have to patent their dna to protect it from females.
    You dont own the male portion of the dna. Destroying it will be punishable.

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