so you want to have one of these do you stay tuned where I tell you fast and easy tips right hello trying to conceive today is trying to conceive Tuesday and it is time to get you pregnant I'm not going to get you pregnant that's not how it works but I am going to give you some tips that are easy and will get you pregnant fast this is mainly if you're like just deciding to try to conceive or may you have it try these methods but regardless you're wanting to minimize that time that you're trying to conceive if you don't know my story I have four children and all four of those children I got pregnant with with only one time sex like we only did it one time that entire month I've actually gotten pregnant five times my last one was a miscarriage at the end of June and I'm going to include this in the examples Alexander and the baby we've lost I did this method with them and I got pregnant like that cycle with Alexander we have tried about four or five months after my tubal reversal and what took us so long to get pregnant with Alexander is that we were trying to girls way if you don't know what girls swing is it is basically where you are doing specific things to intentionally try to conceive a girl after month three or four we were just like you know what we're done with this we waited ten months to have the surgery I went through the surgery Lonnie how to help me we had a go give the recovery process and then we've been trying for like four months so we were like we are done boy or girl we did not care the cycle that we had decided to stop girls swing and just do what we normally do and try this method I got pregnant this method wasn't intentional but now that I'm looking back it seems it definitely works so I wanted to share with you guys what it is I know you're all sitting on your seat quit telling us about your children history tell us how we get our own children so let's tell you first and foremost I recommend buying these ovulation tests they are clinical guard on Amazon you can get fifty for like eleven to thirteen dollars if you're an Amazon Prime member it's free shipping and it is awesome I like these when you are trying to use this method because other ovulation tests really give you a long no for this method it works perfectly because when I get a positive on this I know I am ovulating within 18 to 24 hours and usually closer to 18 sometimes it's been sooner than that so one time is like 12 to 18 out of those and say I know that when it's positive I'm about to ovulate and I need to get my groove on so I suggest getting these again their clinical guard this is what they look like I'm going to waste one on you guys but it's ahead love you that much it's literally like just a little strip if you know when in the cycle you ovulate like I normally am you later so I don't even start using these until like cycle day 14 because I'm like it's a waste of ovulation desk but if you if you're an earlier ovulate ER or maybe you just don't know I suggest starting on cycle day 10 these are why I love these because they're so cheap so you can use a bunch of them and not feel like it's draining your bank account so use a museum museum and then once it gets close to a positive that is when I'd start having sex every single night even when it's gets close to positive you're only like 2 days away from ovulation anyway once your ovulation test is positive make sure to do it even if you haven't done anything it literally can only take one time and literally guys that is it that is what I did I didn't put my legs up in the air proceeded I didn't use soft cups I have used all of those but it seems like when I do the simplest things is when I got pregnant I was at on vitamins I was literally doing nothing if these a wait till it's almost positive and then just AB sex nightly until it is negative what I would do if it was positive that morning I'd be like okay Lonnie we're getting it on tonight I would test before we did it to make sure it was still positive and then I would test to get in the morning so I would test twice a day until it was negative once that test line started to get lighter I knew that ovulation had occurred so that is how to get pregnant fast if you have any tips that work for you please please leave them in the comments below if you like this video give it a thumbs up and go ahead and hit that red subscribe button if you're not already a subscriber because I am about to start a series of I would say fertility treatments but I'm going to start it with a video about Clemen and then IUI and IVF I'm just going to start doing informational video for you I did want to do this one first because I have gotten a lot of questions of like how I got pregnant so fast with Alexander how I got pregnant with my last one that we lost I would always say we didn't do anything special but I really got to thinking about it and I really think that this is what helps especially since it's what got me pregnant on my last time too so thank you guys so much for watching I really do appreciate all of your support and we will see you next time bye


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  13. So I am so glad I came across your channel. I have a 13 month old daughter and I am ready for another. I feel pregnant I have sore breasts.. spotting (2 days) puking/vomiting.. fatigue… headaches… And the biggest one I AM 2 MONTHS LATE! My period is always perfect and on schedule yet I have been taking test every 3 days for almost that entire 2 MONTHS but they all r negative. Is something wrong with me ? Or am I pregnant? What do u suggest?
    I have also called my doctors and they said wait a few days and retest. No help from them. 😑

  14. I have a few questions one is I plan having my tubal done by the end of spring/ being of summer. Did you end up getting staples or did you end up with stitches. I am also worried about recovery but I had all my children C- section so if its anything like that I should be OK. Also how long before I can bend over. I hope these at not silly questions. I did find the ovulation tests on Amazon for 20 with 100 ovulation tests and it also comes with 20 pregnancy tests for 20 and free shipping. Also I am not sure when I even ovulate any more since I had my tubes tied my periods are really messed up and all over the place. What would be a good app to use on my I phone. I can keep you posted on everything if that's OK with you. Its been 7 years since my tubal. I hope to hear from you soon. I love your videos. God bless your family . Thank you for any advice you give me.

  15. I’m 21 and married and I got off the pill in september2017 and in February we are officially trying!

  16. When v hav to take ovulation test? Last month I suppose to get period on 20th but it was on 24th is it clled irregular cycle???

  17. Make sense I just check it and only show the control line. It is too early. I am irregular and I spotted 7days before real period. My lab test does not show anything irregular with me. So I decided to do the test 1day after my period finish so I can understand when I am truly ovulate🤤

  18. is it normal the test show only the control line? and not show a second line as faint? ovulation should be in 1week. but doing the test it only show one line. is it invalid test? thank you

  19. Do u have sex on light positive or only on both lines are darker? This test when u about to ovulate it show very dark ? Both lines?

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  22. Does it make any difference to use the ovulation test during the morning or evening? What are your thoughts

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