Hi, my name is Mai and it was always my dream to have twins growing up So, you know when I entered the childbearing phase of my life I googled the crap out of how to have twins, how to increase your chances of having twins, What are the odds of having twins? Is there anything I can do to get twins into my body? and I’m about to break that down for you right now because somehow my Psychotic wish to have two babies at the same time came true I’ll start with the odds of having natural or really the better word for it is spontaneous twins And then I’ll move into actions you can take to increase your odds of having twins Alright, let’s jump into the video. But before we do I have to shamelessly plug my channel Please like and subscribe if you have not already I make videos to inform and entertain moms So if you like the entertained and informed, press the subscribe button Alright, let’s get into it. Okay so first we’ll start with identical twins because it’s pretty easy to break down the odds of conceiving identical twins because they are completely Spontaneous they don’t run in families There’s nothing you can really do to increase your odds of conceiving identicals They can put a man on the moon, but they still have no clue Specifically what causes the egg to split to create identical twins? across all races the odds of having identical twins is about three and every 1000 births so that’s less than half a percent chance to have identical twins now fraternal czar a bit more complicated to break down because there’s a lot of moving parts and Variables that increase and decrease a single person’s odds of conceiving fraternal twins Fraternal twins are two separate eggs Fertilized by two separate sperm. So genetically it’s the same as just any other brother-sister relationship And in order for you know two eggs to be fertilized The mother has to drop multiple eggs at a time So fraternal are really dependent on the mother’s ability to hyper ovulate Which is a fancy word for dropping more than one egg per cycle The fraternal twin irate is the highest. It’s ever been at just around 3% Thanks to advances in modern medicine and IVF and other fertility drugs But if you want to know specifically what the chances are or spontaneous Fraternal twins. It’s anywhere between one to one-and-a-half percent So I am going to break down for you Let me log into my computer. Come on load load Alright, so what I have up on the screen right now is a little PowerPoint slide that I put together because I am psycho, and I wanted to know specifically What the odds are of conceiving just any type of twins, which you can see up top 14 in 1,000 Worldwide are twins Spontaneously, so this is just you know, no fertility drugs no ivf This is just random spontaneity in the in the world of conceiving twins 14 in 1,000 births worldwide are twins. So you got about a 1.4 chance of spontaneously conceiving twins based on that number of those 14 Spontaneous twins three of those are identical twins per 1000 births. So if you conceived twins spontaneously you have a 21.4 chance of those twins being identical and a 78.6% chance of those twins being fraternal and then I haven’t even broken out further from there So if your dream is to have boy-girl twins Then you’re in luck because those are the most common type of twins with 39.3% of twins spontaneously Birthed into the world are boy-girl twins, then girl-girl fraternal twins or boy boy fraternal twins It’s just under 20% of all twins. Then the least common type of twin is Just girl girl or boy boy identical twins coming in at just over 10 and of all twins So that might have been a little bit more twin information than you ever. Thought you needed to know But I thought it was cool information. So it’s a fun fact you can share with your friends All right. So now that we’ve broken down the odds of all the different types of twins that you can have Let’s move into what you can do specifically to increase your odds of conceiving twins if that’s what you want to do now as I said before the odds of having identical twins is Completely random and spontaneous. There’s nothing you can really do to Increase your odds of conceiving identical twins. I’ve heard that people that undergo IVF do have slightly increased odds of conceiving identical twins, but it’s not as you know, foolproof or clear-cut as if you want twins and you’re doing IVF and you put two eggs into the Little bucket of your uterus or whatever wherever it goes I’m not a scientist, you know what I mean? but when it comes to fraternal twins, there are some things set in stone in just your genetics in your body that Some women are just more likely to hyper ovulate than others and I’ll go over those things first that you can’t control but then there are some levers that you can pull to increase your body’s ability to hyper ovulate per cycle and I’ll go over those last So first, I’ll read out the uncontrollable factors that increase your odds of fraternal twins So the first one is your race African-american women are more likely to hyper ovulate over white women Mexican women and then Asians are actually the least Likely to hyper ovulate so they’re the least likely to have fraternal twins. You’re right – also plays a factor So being taller makes you more likely to conceive fraternal twins Specifically being over 5 foot 5 inches being a heavier weight makes you more likely to conceive fraternal twins Having a BMI over 30 Then the most common one is that it just runs in your family and it’s in your genetics too hyper ovulate So if you fraternal twin yourself or your mother is a fraternal twin your odds of hyper Ovulation are up significantly So it’s not uncommon when you do meet someone who conceived fraternal twins spontaneously It’s not uncommon for them to have a grandma who was a twin or their mom’s twin or they have twin siblings or their twin Themselves. It’s a very strong genetic component and the last one that’s an uncontrollable factor that makes it more likely for you to conceive fraternal twins is being Of advanced maternal age. I don’t like that term. Um Just being over the age of 35 Your body is more likely to drop more eggs the older you get Now for the controllable factors what you can do to increase your odds of conceiving twins This is what I was obsessed with before. I Did end up conceiving my identical twins as one I’ll read through next. So the first one is Ian’s I am I think is just like a sweet potato. I don’t know google it People in nigeria have the highest rate of twin births. It is observed that they eat lots of yams, which are full of progesterone and phytoestrogens which may be what leads to the hyper ovulation and Just like coughs. Oh, my eyes are really watery not crying You know, it’s really amazing having twins Number two eat dairy in a study. It was observed that women who consumed more dairy are five times more likely to have twin babies in comparison to women who don’t drink a lot of dairy that Is a huge increase. So if you really want to hyper ovulate, I guess drink a lot of dairy Next is increasing your folic acid or folate consumption You can get folic acid or folate and pretty much any prenatal on the market It’s kind of the number one important vitamin to get into your body when you are pregnant It is not a hundred percent known why this helps but it’s speculated that if you’re getting sufficient folic acid You’re more likely to hyper al you are more likely to hyper ovulate and increases the odds of implantation All right. So this next control whole factor that increases your odds of having twins I feel like is kind of hilarious and in some of the twin mom groups that I’m in I know That some of the twin moms conceive their twins while doing this not knowing that it increased their odds of conceiving twins, so Breastfeeding try to get pregnant when you are still breastfeeding one study found that women that were breastfeeding when they conceived were Nine times more likely to conceive twins Nine times more likely than women who were not breastfeeding now If you’re watching this You might be shocked, too Because a huge myth is that when you’re breastfeeding it’s like birth control and you can’t get pregnant and so there are some women that just use breastfeeding as their contraception to prevent having more babies and clearly that is not a very good idea because you are nine times more likely to conceive twins if you are breastfeeding, so Now you can scare the crap out of any of your friends who tell you that fun fact when they’re breastfeeding their baby Thinking that they’re not gonna get pregnant You could get two babies then the last one which is I pretty obvious is undergoing fertility Treatments in the last 30 years. The twinning rate has more than doubled. Thanks to Modern medicine and different fertility treatments that you can do. I never Personally went to a fertility clinic myself. However, I have heard from friends that had trouble conceiving tell me that their doctors actually tried to advise against putting in 2 eggs when they’re doing IVF because There are a lot more risks when it comes to carrying two babies versus one It is considered a high-risk pregnancy, but if you really really want twins and you’re having trouble conceiving Your you may already be seeing a specialist. So definitely talk to your fertility specialist I’m filled with more fun facts not actual medical advice so gonna end it there So those are the controllable factors that can increase your odds of hyper ovulation for the most part though I think we can all agree that it’s probably just luck of the draw The last thing that I did that has no clinical research behind it But I feel like I got I gotta say it. Maybe maybe there’s some people who do believe in this and While it is probably just luck of the draw. I feel like I at least have to mention This is my entire life. I have put it out into the universe that I want twins. I want twins I told everyone I want twins I prayed on it I mean Again, maybe it didn’t do anything. Probably didn’t do anything But it doesn’t hurt to put things out into the universe and it doesn’t hurt to pray on it maybe if it even increased my odds point zero zero zero zero zero One percent it’s worth it if that’s what you really want and it doesn’t cost you a dime to put it out there So why not? Positive vibes at least, you know, maybe decreases your stress makes you a happier person and maybe happy people have twins I don’t know. I mean I Don’t know. I’m happy people up to its two I guess Please like and subscribe if you have not already won like equals one positive Twin five out into the universe for yourself I hope this video helps you get the twins that you always wanted or If you already have twins and you watch this just for fun I hope it gave you some fun facts that you can share with your friends or to the millions of strangers That will be asking you for the rest of your life how you conceive twins? It’s a very personal question, but people for some reason think it’s okay to ask how you got pregnant. There’s an obvious answer but Everyone will ask you how you got twins If you are pregnant with twins or have twins leave a comment down below of the craziest thing anyone has ever asked you about Carrying twins or having twins, and if you’re trying to get pregnant with twins ask me a crazy question I will pretty much answer anything. Thanks so much for watching. See you in the next video. Bye


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  37. My grandmother had twins twice and I myself am a fraternal twin. My twin and I are boy/girl twins with me being the female twin. I fit all the criteria for potentially conceiving twins. I’m of African decent, my BMI is over 30, twins run in my family, I can’t get over dairy, I’m 5 foot 7, and I’m nearly 35. I’m looking to conceive soon so maybe it’ll happen. lol 🤣🤣🤣

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    We shall see if it worked for me even though I wasn't trying. Thanks again.
    My questions are did you go full term? Did you measure bigger and did you gain more weight? I measured a week larger and I'm heavier and I've never gone this far in my pregnancy! 39. 2 weeks the max not 40+ weeks. I feel it's because we are not dealing with conventional medicine unless needed so letting things happen normally.
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  43. Well, my mum’s mum had fraternal twins and my mum’s paternal aunt had fraternal triplets. We have a few more fraternal twins in our relatives too but no identical ones so I suppose I have some chance of hyper ovulation too. I am 5’6 but my BMI is always underweight (it’s just always been that way all my life). I haven’t had any kids yet and won’t for at least the next seven years so I will probably have my first in my late 20s. I will take a lot of folic acid and I eat lots of dairy anyway but I’ll have yams too. Hopefully I’ll have triplets then I’ll probably be done with having kids. Too bad they make you have a c-section with triplets. I really want a natural delivery.

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