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  4. The crazy thing is i did all of theses except the sisors and now my period is a week late but i already know im pregnat cause ny period is never late

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  11. The one reason children are on this video is because one they wanna/already know what it is,Two they wanna play with them self’s,And three they’re trying to get a girl pregnant.

  12. enikk randd kuttikalundde eniyum onnukude venam ennunde pakshe pcod karanam sharyavunilla eni enthu chwyyum

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  14. I am sharing my experience, Getting pregnant naturally is easy if you follow the Lisa pregnancy method, more than 3 years I had taken lot of medicine and waste huge amount, later that I found the Lisa pregnancy method

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    and I followed all the method and technique as per Lisa instruction for few months and I got pregnant naturally without any medicine. I hope this will help those who looks for pregnancy naturally, have a good day to all.

  15. Hello don't talk too much 😵I get pregnant with out possession with my partner, more sex style can damage uterus..

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