How to give PROGESTERONE IN OIL INJECTION – Jun & Keshia's IVF Journey – IVF Vlog 6

hey Keisha I guess what time it is again what yo hammy wine how's it going so Keisha told you the good news earlier we have five eggs that actually fertilized so we won't know the exact date that we're going to do the embryo transfer they'll give us a call like I said just monitoring them until they reach the different stages so we may either implants in three days or it could be five days so that doctor's office is just going to give us a heads-up so they gave us a couple of drugs – some new drugs thank you guys so what you got there I got my Estridge no estrogen patches they're covered all dots – they're supposed to help with the endometrium so you can see and I've been applying it to my abdomen area every other day and we also got progesterone and what this is going to do is basically help with the uterine wall just keep the uterine wall nice so nice for them to go ahead and attach the embryos whenever just the lining let's go ahead and draw up the progesterone I'm going to go ahead administer these drugs and these have to be put into the booty 40 40 40 40 reckon so yeah so we'll do the progesterone yeah let's get into that when you take it out of the box it's going to look like this alright so what you're going to need to do is you're going to need an alcohol prep pad you're also going to have your syringe so this is a three milliliter syringe and there's already a needle attached to it which is the 22 gauge now we want to keep this for later we're going to use this actually to inject and I have another needle here this is an 18 gauge it's a little bit bigger so it's going to be a lot easier to draw out the progesterone because the progesterone is in oil too so it's a lot thicker than like saline all right so let's go ahead and draw this up first what you want to do is you're going to pop the top off of this and then you got your alcohol pad let's rip that open and we're going to clean off the top of that so we make sure that top is nice and sterile we don't want to touch that any more we can go ahead and open this pack it up this is our syringe let's take this out okay so here's our syringe let's take this top off we're going to store this away but make sure you put this away and don't touch that tip we want to keep that part nice and sterile now we have this needle we're going to go ahead and put this needle on let's attach that take the top off now you want to draw up a little bit of air I'm going to draw up a little bit let's go ahead and put this into the top here and we're going to push that air in turn it upside down and let's go ahead and draw out the 1cc the doctor told us to so you see the numbers there we're going to go to one make sure we don't have any air bubbles in there and we'll take this out all right and there we have it so I'm going to go ahead and switch the needle cap out I'm just going to grab it up here stick this on our sharps container and now we're going to go ahead and attach our thinner needle so there's a little bubble here let's go ahead and tap that push it up get the bubble out okay now we're ready to go so I drew up all the progesterone riding this syringe over here so I have one cc in here now you want to make sure you have all your stuff ready I wash my hands already we have an alcohol prep pad because you're going to clean the site first and I have some gauze for after so I can hold a little pressure just so that you know if there's any bleeding or anything now the doctor told us that she needs to lie on her side here and then we're going to inject into the body so we're going to go a point between your hip and basically your butt crack so when the point in the middle is where that meets so it's about right over here so what I'm going to do first is I'm going to clean off the injection site okay we're going to clean it with alcohol and they said make sure it dries thoroughly yeah all right that's done we let it dry a little bit and My gauze ready for after right there all right now what they said you want to do is you are going to spread the skin hold it like a dart stick it into the butt okay we're going to stick it into the muscle right over there support it with your other hand they said you have to stick the needle all the way down into there and then pull back a little bit make sure there's no blood and then if not you can go ahead and minister the drugs after you're done with that you're going to hold it for a couple seconds there pull it right out and then we can apply some pressure okay so you're ready Keisha all right here we go you ready here we go one two three you okay did it hurt so I'm drawing back they said if there's bubbles that's okay now I'm going to go ahead and insert the medicine how's that feel okay so I'm just gonna push in slowly you don't want to just push all of that in at once I mean it's not a lot of fluid but still I probably wouldn't want to push pin so fast all right so it's all in you ready for me to pull it out here we go one two three it's out just going to apply a little pressure here and we're done you okay huh not the needle isn't in all the way good that's it there's no blood I'm excited the day of our egg retrieval I was so excited they came in the room and said oh so we got 14 eggs out and they just kept coming in and check on Keyshia because she was under anesthesia right so we wanted to monitor her butt and every time they stepped out I was so excited I was just pop it and pop it lock in here and that me popping and locking popping and locking popping oh man there ain't no more needle I put it away though I was so excited that I was just dancing in the room and Keisha's just like all groggy and waking up from the anesthesia yeah we're happy we're excited so yeah I'll see you guys next time hi you know what Forrest Gump would see right now he would say I got a shot in the book talks come on oh good man

7 Replies to “How to give PROGESTERONE IN OIL INJECTION – Jun & Keshia's IVF Journey – IVF Vlog 6”

  1. Love the dancing at the end. My heart got a twinge watching this seeing your excitement and knowing it didn't work that time.
    I pray every night that all the contestants will get pregnant. xoxo

  2. My husband and I are about to go through IVF and this cycle we don't have to do PiO but I'm not afraid of needles but not looking forwards to giving myself all of the shots.

    You guys made this fun and not like something terrible we all have to live through. So thanks for that! It's hard to see the light when not a lot of people talk about IVF and the normal things you do see are so negative.

  3. Hi, awesome video! When I did mine I iced the area for a good 5 mins prior to the shot that helps. And after you can use a heating pad to help break down the oil med in the same area. take care! Baby dust! ~ Michelle

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