How to go from being scared of childbirth to excited!

my name is Chumlee and this is Brent and we are currently 32 weeks along in our very first pregnancy with our first baby so we found out about new birthing through Instagram and we found shower it that way and I'd followed her post for quite some time and thought it looked really interesting so when we got pregnant we decided we would reach out so over the past two weeks we've learnt lots of different things that we didn't know about hypno birthing about birthing in general basically everything could not recommend coming along to this anymore we absolutely loved it it was so educational but I think both first and foremost I've learned a lot about control and that this is going to be a lot about mindset and almost like conditioning your mind for the birth I think for the guys – it's very good I think it's you too good to come to something like this you learn a lot so previous today I was a little bit scared about what could go wrong I'm just not having any education internally and we wouldn't really get taught this kind of stuff now I actually genuinely feel like kind of excited to give birth which is so weird because I wouldn't have said that like three weeks ago but I do feel excited I feel empowered and I feel almost just safe like I've got my own little toolbox now I'm gonna know it what to do and it's so good having Brett here because he can then help you know with the journey it disagreed for a lot work I didn't

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