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what's up with several son Facebook family if you haven't already please click the subscribe button all my subscribers I am thankful and I appreciate you and I also on a services video bison and I love peace and lights to all you beautiful beings now today I want to talk about how I had a successful home birth personally from my experience so how I had a successful home birth so someone this you know I had a home birth of my first child um I did not have any Midwife any doula no medical providers I didn't even know how far along I was dilated really I just knew I was in labor for 26 hours and he came like 13 hours after my water broke so inviting that I learned to tell helps I don't even live in a house so how was I able to support this shit off so first things first I had to mentally prepare my motherfucking stuff because that but having burns and giving birth and that's like well giving birth is like the shortest process of the whole thing the long process is those fucking contractions those are no joke now in the beginning I was like I okay to say shit you feel me I was still walking around I ate a whole meal while I was in labor do I suggest anybody to do that no I ate a whole ass Neal Wolin laser right and I paid for that because when I was in labor I was taking the shit and I was having contractions while taking the shit oh my god that's so cool and then that's the worst feeling and I had like some rice and peas and plant seeds and cabbage and shit I was on the toilet fucked up in labor having contractions while on the soil and I was like oh my god so um that's my things first is do not eat why are you in labor like maybe you have some light like some fruit some water a lob someone I suggest eating no heavy ass shit while you're going away because you gonna pay for that shit later oh stop I had bought like a regular in tech school right wasn't over the pool brother pool costs $500 and I was like what the fuck so I just bought a regular ice pool and put water in it I mean what's the fuck like so I just buy me a little pool live Amazon for like $40 and that in my kitchen filled it up with water and like once my water broke is when I started getting the pool and my water broke at midnight so and he's soon come for 13 hours later I'm thinking like after my water breaking oh yeah then you come a few hours after your water break those neighbors he was not ready and I also think I induced my labor because the day before I had actually pumped my breasts and then that morning I was in labor some I think I actually induced my labor by pumping my breasts so a natural way to induce yourself is to pump your brush instead of getting all that medicine to you and your baby so um yeah uh oh I had a little insects pool was in their children for a little minute then I got out and I was walking around my apartment and God wasn't it tough I kind of live upstairs um yeah the hardest part was just going through the corrections because I had my labor video in here and I have a video of me giving birth I will put those two links below but um the hardest part was actually like getting through the contractions and then get his head out of my vagina of course and um so as far as the contractions is funny because if you watched my labor video I'm like laughs and talking it was Lincoln tried to lay off or really I didn't I speaking our politics louder shit when I contraction hit I'm quiet I had to meditate do those contractions because if I do not meditate to those constructions my ass probably would have been right now so everytime a contraction came I told myself this is insane this is just a cessation and it shall pass this is just a sensation and in shall pass this is just a cessation and it shall pass so I was telling myself that well I'll take a deep breath for three seconds hold it for three seconds 1 2 3 and then release with these seconds 1 2 3 I kept doing that to the contraction pairs in the contraction pants and I'm cool like nothing happened so that's number one is so before you go into labor before you have your baby before get ready to have your home birth I would suggest you practice meditation meditation is key meditation makes you let is levitation for me meditation can really help just calm your mind calm your body realize that we're just energy in these physical bodies that you're really your spirit your essence your your soul not necessarily this physical body that a power line people feel like you're bound to this physical body but you're really not you are nothing purely but you know your soul and so that's what I realized helped me alive especially while beginning label for 26 hours I had to meditate I had some meditate I had to relax I had to like I was doing yoga I was in labor I had my yoga mat I ended up having him in my goggle mat I wanted to have him in the water I was doing yoga I was stretching my body I had a yoga ball which wasn't really you know they say a birthing ball bears got a regular yoga ball fighting below blew that up I was bouncing on that that was helping me like just stretch out my pelvic muscles to loosen up and also I do not like the last couple months I wasn't having sex really in my pregnancy so having sex don't make it easier well I know from my experience I don't have sex and I still was able to push him out so there's nothing that compares to a baby I don't give a fuck how big a dude it's still not gonna stress you out enough to get a head out of your pussy and it feel okay so I was doing yoga majority of my pregnancy and also you guys I ain't very healthy when I was pregnant I ate very healthy like and that is so I don't eat any like animal products and that's so imperative to make sure if you want to have a home birth make sure you're healthy make sure I didn't have any side effects I didn't um have like you know girls face Confed Thanos gonna be they feed be swollen like the only thing I had problems during my pregnancy was I couldn't actually feel my head spreading and sometimes it was so bad I actually could walk because and I would actually do yoga and I would help out significally brain I would say that was probably my biggest vice while being pregnant was actually my hip spreading but I didn't really have any sickness and if I did have sickness I know it's because I ate our and ate some bullshit like I never get when I was pregnant I ate some vegetable fried rice some Chinese people why did I do that I don't know I was sick for like two days I couldn't even hold down water so we know that home making my own meals eating healthy drinking my smoothies every day meditating and doing yoga I was cool and I ain't gonna lie you know me being twenty years old my first pregnancy my first birth I was kind of nervous like hey you know everybody was telling me I could not do it I mean when I say everybody I had one close friend of mine who was actually like hey you know you can do this you got this or a goddess your dope you're strong don't let nobody push they fears upon you you know you got this all you have been through this ain't you saying shit compared to what you they've been through and who you are like and that friend of mine really just helped me really helped me like give birth like encouraged me to give birth so also surround yourself with people who are encouraging not people who aren't going discourage you people will tell you can't do it if people don't think you crazy like even my child's father like he was not for me having a home birth and I was gonna die he thought it was a terrible idea he did not want me to do it the slightest big and he was just disgusted that that's that's even what I wanted to do it all so yeah that happened so he was not supporting it all at all my mom wasn't supportive most of my family members was telling me I shouldn't do I need to go to the hospital it was dangerous it's unsafe because everybody had their you know certain things that they had happened during their pregnancy and during their labor and delivery and but I didn't have any problems I got his head out on my own I pushed it I did everything I got him out of my vagina on my own it was nobody in there pulling and tugging on him nobody pushing on my stomach nobody holding my arm down man my friend show me her hospital birth and she had her baby natural and I almost really wanted to cry I don't know if this Kansas season that's why Pilates emotionalism sort of very emotional so that you know my birthday July 2 up coming up in a few weeks I found you 21 but when I watched that videos she showed me like a couple days ago I almost cried she had her baby natural it was hauling her arms back like she was like in an asylum or something and then it was pushing really hard on her stomach and then they actually had their hands in her vagina and they were like pulling the baby out like which is very traumatizing for the baby and the mother she actually said that that birth had traumatized her and I and I feel so bad and I and this is why I really want to educate women on having a home birth home child because I feel like my birth was way better and easier than the births you had at the hospital natural like when I was looking at that I was like I would have been traumatized for one why was the nurse or the doctor whoever fuck sticking her hand in her pussy like she could push the baby out herself where you don't need to put your hand in her vagina and pull the baby's head like know that she would have got it out perfectly fine my and then as soon as the baby came out they didn't even do Chester chest like it kind of was just shaking the baby and they hurry up and cut the umbilical cord which is the baby's life supply had a baby breathe and shit like it was just how the crazy shit and she had told me I thought the hospital told her to like you can't record you can only take pictures but whoever how she still had her friend recorded for her they ain't no but man when I say I see why they don't want you to record that shit because that shit is traumatizing yeah they're they're doing shit they're not supposed to be doing so you could have pushed everything out on her own she's strong she's smart she could be back but they actually was holding her fucking down by she was in jail there's some shit and pushing on her stomach and pulling at the baby all at the same time I'm just like oh my god then when the baby finally came out they pulled the baby they denied consumers I can't burst him down oh if you watch my birthing video but he got laid right on my chest and then he started crying first my babies when he was not breathing he was purple I think I most babies come out that way but he was fine I never thought I never had one doubt in my mind that he was not gonna breathe or he was gonna be dead or he was not gonna be okay like I never had one down my man he's fine he's here something on my city as we speak so yeah like I have watch that shit I said was traumatizing and being heard I know she could have did that shit at home easier and it would have been more it would have been more pleasant for her and her baby she was traumatized I'm pretty sure so consciously her daughter is traumatized as well so it's just like these hospitals y'all they're sick they were sick as fuck and that's the first thing they her ever do is cut that vocal cord like damn breath don't you know that's that baby swear to life the whole nine months in the womb like y'all can't y'all couldn't even wait breath they can't they don't even breath the placenta before they hurry up and cut that umbilical cord yeah give me that placenta so I can go ahead and mix stem cells do stem-cell research and care a whole bunch of rich people with your placenta huh they're funny they didn't get my shit I bury my shit outside when I was going after after she dried up I buried this shit right outside yeah and I getting this and giving it right back to mother nature some people to eat the placenta me personally I just didn't I just didn't feel comfortable eating something that came out of me I don't know I just I don't judge people for who do it but I've heard it's really a lot of side effects to me personally yeah I just didn't want to eat my um I just didn't want to eat my own placenta but it was a great experience and you know I like he this is really his home I had him here he's still here right now um this is his home is his place he's he didn't have to be born around all those bright lights and all those strange people smacking the baby shaking the baby all kind of crazy shit cutting the umbilical cord doing all kind of crazy shit to your baby that you're not control up and get someone I had my baby at home I was in control of everything that happened so in order to have a successful home but if you need it I was suggest you do yoga eat healthy do not eat hello bullshit to make sure that you have a healthy pregnancy that's number one to have a healthy pregnancy number two is do yoga your normal time pregnancy actually helps open up your hips and your vagina so the baby can pass through the canal easier and also meditation meditation meditation meditate while you're pregnant and make sure you meditate meditate to those contractions without that I probably definitely I'm not gonna say probably I would've definitely went to the hospital and I actually had him laying down on a yoga mat I don't put I don't I don't suggest anybody do that cuz I actually have popped my um my tailbone I had a plane to my tailbone was like all the way like you know highs in the middle usually of the too low to you cried your butt crack when you got the tailbone right there my shit was all the way on the right side of my butt cheek it healed himself naturally I still never went to the hospital everybody's call me crazy feel I don't give a fuck but I'm perfectly fine now I'm I just did go over and then eventually popped back in place and I'm fine and it doesn't hurt anymore but for the first like month I had him I couldn't even like really fit back like this ahead set up because my was compression on that it was popped out of place and I think it's because when I had him I should've been laying I'm playing on the floor not even on a bad I was laying on the floor like so I would suggest you guys like squat and have somebody like hold you up behind right-ho like you would have to have somebody supporting you behind I like holding on to a pole because you're not gonna be able to just squat and do that shit on your own why the contraction saying you don't need like some supportive person and maybe put their arms underneath underneath your underarms like this and hold you up so you could have been way easier cuz gravity could have just pulled the baby down but I literally had to just push push push him out because I was laying on my back and that's so crazy that's exactly one of the reasons I didn't go to the hospital cuz I didn't want to have him laying on my back and I ended up doing that shit anyways but you let me learn this baby I'm no better but I'm here so that's that's that's just like from my experience what made it easier for me to have a home birth and little tips and a few things that you can do to have an easier home birth and I also have a link below it would be great if you guys could donate I'm actually starting a non-profit to help women have home births have how to have any guidance I don't have any midwife I don't have any nurse because my insurance didn't cover it and I didn't have enough money to pay anybody to be there and help support me so I was on my own so I'm starting a non-profit to help educate women help women get man wives help women get some kind of you know medical professional there to help them in order so we have a home birth because I know in the state of Ohio insurance does not cover home births so I'm just you know working on different aspects in different ways to help other women a community have home births without being missed educated misunderstood and without feeling like the hospital's only choice but I'm out peace sending our love peace in life if you like this video please like it below turn on a little bail notification and also subscribe to my channel I will constantly be posting videos with my update about my life about me you know cyber saying will we go through every day and I appreciate all your I appreciate y'all even taking the time nitride and listen to me for real stay blessed stay stay peaceful keep positive energy positive things all day remember you plan on having a home birth anybody who doesn't support you having that home birth just cut them off because they're gonna fuck up your whole energy I'm cold Fung Shui cut them I'm out peace

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  1. I seen a birth yesterday were they gave this woman an Episiotomy and it looked so damn painful! Then they were pulling and yanking the baby out of her. And after the baby was born they pulled on the placenta until it came out. Craziness!!!

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