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[MUSIC PLAYING] Hey there, I’m
Sophia, and I’m going to walk you through how to
inject Pregnyl into your muscle or intramuscularly. This method helps the medication
absorb into the bloodstream more quickly. One thing before we begin. Pregnyl can also be
injected into the skin or subcutaneously. So just be sure you know
which method your health care provider has instructed
you to follow. These instructions are broken
up into five quick steps. Let’s start by making
sure you’ve got all your supplies ready to go– a vial of Pregnyl,
also known as HCG; a vial of bacteriostatic
water for diluting; a sterile syringe;
a mixing needle, which may or may
not arrive attached to the syringe; an injection
needle; plus alcohol pads; sterile gauze; a sharps
container; and a clean surface. You may get
prescriptions or supplies that you cc or ml
interchangeably. Don’t worry. They’re just different names
for the same amount of volume. For example, 1 cc
is equal to 1 ml. I’m going to share instructions
on how to mix and inject 10,000 IUs today, but if you
require a different dose, check with your health care
provider on next steps. Now go ahead and wash
your hands really well with soap and water. Up first, we’re going
to mix the powdered Pregnyl with the diluent. To get started, remove
the caps from both vials and wipe the tops of each
with an alcohol swab. Unwrap the syringe. If there isn’t a needle
already attached, twist the mixing
needle onto the syringe and remove the needle cap. Next you’ll draw air
into the syringe. So pull back the
plunger to the amount of diluent your health care
provider has recommended, usually 1 cc or 1 ml. Place the vial on a flat
surface and insert the needle through the rubber
stopper and into the vial. Gently press the
plunger all the way in, which pushes the
air into the vial and makes it easier to withdraw. Then, without
removing the needle, turn the vial upside down. Make sure the tip of the needle
stays submerged in the solution as you slowly pull
back the plunger to withdraw the recommended
amount of diluent. When you’re done, placed
the vial on a flat surface and withdraw the needle. Now slowly inject
the 1 cc of diluent into the vial of
powdered Pregnyl by inserting the needle
through the rubber stopper and slowly pushing the plunger
to inject the solution. With the syringe
still inside the vial, gently swirl until the
solution is dissolved. If the solution isn’t clear or
you see any particles floating around don’t use it and call
your health care provider right away for next steps. Without removing the needle,
turn the vial upside-down. Make sure the tip of the needle
stays submerged in the solution as you slowly pull back the
plunger to withdraw your dose. Now you’re ready
to switch needles. First, remove the
mixing needle, recap it, and twist off the needle
and cap from the syringe. Toss the needle into
the sharps container. Next, twist the injection
needle onto the syringe and remove the cap. Point the needle up and
tap or flick the syringe to remove any air bubbles. Then press the plunger
slightly until a tiny droplet of medication appears at
the tip of the needle. A droplet is a good thing. It means your medication
is ready to go. Recap the injection
needle and set it aside. Now you’re ready to move on to
preparing your injection area. There are few places where
you can inject your medication into the muscle. For today, I’ll show you how
to inject into your butt. You might find it’s helpful to
have someone else administer the injection, but if you’re
planning to do it yourself, use a mirror so it’s easier to
see what’s going on back there. To start, select
a location that’s within the upper outer quadrant
of either side of your butt. Keep track of which
side you inject since you’ll switch
sides each day, and never inject into an area
that’s tender, red, bruised, or hard. Giving yourself a
shot in the muscle can be a bit uncomfortable,
so before you start, apply ice or a frozen bag of
veggies for a few minutes to numb the area. When you’re ready,
use an alcohol wipe to clean the
skin, about two inches around the injection
area, then give it a couple of seconds to dry. Now you’re ready for the
injection, so let’s do it. Remove the needle cap and hold
the syringe with one hand, then use the thumb and index
finger from your other hand to firmly stretch the skin
around the injection area. Using a quick, dart-like
motion, insert the entire needle straight into the skin
at a 90 degree angle. Slowly push the
plunger until you’ve injected all of the medication. Do a quick count of 1,
2, 3, press down firmly on the injection area
with a gauze pad, and remove the needle. Nice work. Now your final step is cleanup. If there’s Pregnyl
left in the vial, store it in the fridge
for up to 60 days, then go ahead and toss to
used needle and syringe into the sharps container. And that’s it. Thanks so much for
watching today. Take care. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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