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  1. I wish I heard this my first pregnancy I gained so much weight close to 80lbs after I had my baby I was so self conscious I didn’t even care anymore I stayed that pregnancy weight for almost 2 years about 8 months ago I started to lose weight and eating healthier I lost 60lbs and found out after losing the weight found out I was pregnant with baby #2 I was so scared about gaining to much weight this pregnancy but I’m 14 weeks and have gained half a pound. I’m proud and pretty confident with this pregnancy I’m not gonna gain an excessive amount of weight.

  2. So I gained 45lbs with my first and lost 31 of those right after delivery so I feel like I hold onto a lot of weight. Like I'm 9wks with my 2nd and do 20 minutes of cardio a day & can't fit my pants over my thighs…. So it's inevitable for me

  3. Completely agree with you. I let my diet go a little during my 3rd month and I put on 6lbs and my ob-gyn was not happy. Since then I have been very careful to eat nutritious food but low on unhealthy fried foods or sugary foods and I'm now in my 27th week and I'm exercising regularly and eating healthy and I'm very happy with the way I'm growing. I'm energetic, I'm fit, I have good energy and I'm consuming nutritious food only. My mother in law is not happy. But I guess people don't understand this is not vanity it's a healthy goal to avoid diabetes and blood pressure issues for you and the baby.

  4. U r so real. When i ws preg 1st time i was 50 kg n now 10 yrs later i m 73 kg. Again preg. Need to eat healthy food only.

  5. You forgot the boobies! Im a cup a but durin pregnency and after its c and bigger, so no shirt feets me anymore😂Great video!!!

  6. She’s extremely knowledgeable❤️ I’m going to watch this episode frequently and put in my favorites. I’m close to 4wks preg

  7. Thank you for your video. I will implement your suggestions as weight gain is a serious issue for me and I do not want it to worsen. Fantastic tips. Also my gym nutritionist has also given me a new nutrition plan to strictly follow. Your video arrived in time for me.

  8. Honestly you are going through one of the best things life has to offer. Stop being so hard on yourself and focus on yourself and how you look. Indulge in this time of being able to grow a baby. You don’t wanna ruin the vibes of being a pregnant woman because you’re constantly putting yourself down because you “had a donut” so what. You guys need to grow up and realize that weight gain is part of life. That shouldn’t be more important than the pregnancy experience itself. If you look at the comments people are so focused on their weight.. that’s sad that’s all they’re going to remember pregnancy as. Is what they ate and how much they ate. Just let yourself live and enjoy this moment you have your whole life to get rid of that weight.. you guys are woman you will gain weight and you will NEVER again be the same jean size you were in highchool because you were a kid back then.. this honestly makes me feel really sad that you people actually worry about this… instead of having positive energy for the baby to feed off of… rant over. sigh

  9. I’m 25 weeks and 6 days along this is my first baby we are having a baby boy 💙 I gained 21 pounds in a month …. they told me I have to change my diet because I am at high risk of getting gestural diabetes I take that test when I’m 28 weeks and a few days along now I’m counting calories and I am not eating any junk food I hope it makes a difference 😞 I just want me and my baby boy to be healthy the video was very helpful ❤️

  10. Im 25 weeks.And look like 3 months.But like my whole body is thicker.Everytime the bottom of my belly curves. My stomach flattens back out. Its weird lol also my appetite totally decreased.. My metabolism makes me hungry. Weird asf right?

  11. I don’t find that this video considers the fact that women often need to eat more often to control nausea

  12. I don’t believe the bit she said about the top fitting is entirely true
    It’s different for every women
    My chest size goes big from 6 weeks and by 12 weeks I’m normally a cup size bigger
    By 20 weeks nearly 2 cups
    So don’t know where she gets her research from

  13. Great advice! I agree with the healthy eating and exercise during pregnancy. There is so much misinformation out there! Pregnancy is a time for great habits and I must say changing to a vegan diet 1.5 years ago was a great way to kickstart my habits and pregnancy journey. I lost 9kg before getting pregnant and I'm so happy now to be eating healthy and providing my baby with the best fuel. Unfortunately I got bad back pain right from the start and didn't exercise much in the first 3 months but I go on long walks as much as I can and I do dancing sessions and prenatal yoga to make sure I don't gain too much. Thank you for the great video!

  14. How you carry and a part of what you gain is GENETIC. Some moms have water retention and bloat that can add 20 lbs that another mother doesn’t get.

  15. I dnt eat junk food all the time but sometimes its inevitable. Like i mean i crave something like your life depends on it so once in a while having something junk is i guess okah.I am 6 months preggo and already 72kgs , i tried hard not to eat but than i would be feeling hungry every 2 hours so what else can i do but listen to yout body.It also has something to do with genes i guess..my mom and her family have all been a lil over weigt so i guess this is something i goto consider.I was 57 kgswhen i found out i was pregnant and in 2nd trimester i gained like so much but then found out its normal..we shouldn't starve n cry over something we cant eat when we r pregnant..some are naturally thin so even in their pregancy they dnt gain much and some are like me they gain even if we breathe air.Lol..buy yah we gotto at healthy; veggies; fruits, dry fruits are all good !

  16. i gained around 10lbs during my first 2 pregnancies. and had 8lb babies. so i was a lot light after i gave birth. i just started working out in the 2nd trimester and kept it up until birth. and that's all i did.

  17. I’ve gained 20 pounds and I’m in my second trimester. I had really bad nausea and eating was the only working remedy for me. Now I feel like I’m too far gone 😫

  18. I had a question.. is Rhodiola safe during pregnancy? I researched yet there are mixed reviews. I need something safe for adrenals also giving me energy and good mood.

  19. I found out I was pregnant 3 days ago with my first child (5 weeks) and this has given me so much more confidence about the journey ahead. All I seem to be craving is a lot of steamed vegetables and my normal appetite has definitely shrunk meanwhile I'm starting to learn what foods I can and can't eat. Thank you so much for sharing your story, I'm very grateful <3

  20. Thank you for this. Thank you for breaking it down!!!
    I’m 6weeks.
    I found that eating three meals, snacking on healthy snacks throughout the day and drinking a gallon of lemon water a day helps.

  21. People just turn to junk. Even if you had a major sweet tooth…getting some mangoes, pineapples or strawberries to chow down on is the best ever. Or cereal, I don't normally eat sugary cereals but it's a treat to me.

  22. 3rd pregnancy here and 3 under 3 too. How much you gain in pregnancy is not just about how much or what you should eat. Sometimes it's hormones or if you store water more. Or if you develop an illness during pregnancy.

  23. Sweetheart y don't u just gives us diet chart… No need of daily ..but 4;5 lines …each trimester special food… Well I understood Ur video..I liked it…9:32 cutie 😍😘

  24. I've been trying to find a video, blog or something like this so thank you! Because of a health issue last year I gained 15 pounds over 6 about months, so before I found out I was pregnant I had just started a lifestyle change and now with days left in my first trimester I've only gained three pounds, and a chunk of that is in my boobs they basically blew up overnight early on, while at the same time I've noticed my body changing for the better. You're the only person I've seen so far that helped me with the information I needed, thank you again.

  25. I gained too much weight during my 1st pregnancy and never really lost it. I was slim and became slightly overweight. I’m pregnant for the 2nd time, I’m at the end of my 2nd trimester and have a much better pregnancy than the 1st so far. I go to spin classes 4 to 5 times a week and body pump classes once a week. I think cardio is the reason why I’m feeling so great. I really helps with hormones. It gets everything out.

  26. What about someone who needs to constantly eat to wean off morning sickness? I tried so hard not to eat anything extra or carbs….but I was so sick and found some “junk” made me feel a little better. And I’m having such a hard time drinking water this pregnancy!

  27. I’m 29 weeks. I watch what I eat and I work out. What I find is that people want to hear you say that you just had a pint of ice cream for breakfast and a lot of donuts. They think it’s so cool. They almost frown upon pregnant people who work out. It’s like a cultural thing.

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