100 Replies to “How to Knit a Scarf”

  1. That is the most unhelpful video I have ever seen in my life. Thanks for the help, but no thanks. I'd rather eat worms than you teach me anything.

  2. thank you but how do u end the thing like if ur done with the scarf how do u take the thing off the needle idk what its called but thank you because this helped me alot just still stuck on that end thing

  3. Do you HAVE to use a size 10? Because I inherited a bunch of needles from my great grandmother when she passed, and I can't tell them apart at all. XP

  4. this makes me angry. why the heck are they skipping parts?? so annoying. from when they say to transfer it over, there are already magically some loops already there. don't make me break my computer.

  5. @TearsBehindSmiles you don't! it depends on the yarn, usually it will tell you what size is ideal. But you can probably eye-ball it (thicker yarn thicker needles, vice versa). I think they just picked size 10 because bigger yarn and bigger needles is best for beginners.

  6. ok, so someone tells me to knit then purl, and someone else is saying to knit and knit! I screw up on both techniques! HELP ME!!! :'(

  7. Me: Okay easy but how does making the stiches at the top make another row, wouldn't I have to make stiches all along it?
    Video: To make the edge of the scarf, knit in the same stich twice then repeat for whole scarf.
    Me: Wait but how do I do all the sides? Or do I only do one, This is confusing?
    Video: Then knot and done!
    Me: ………………………………………..WHAT?????? I'll just go play video games and rot my brain

  8. A lot of things that are easy in this video are explained weird so its hard. I have knitted before and
    kinda forgot but after seeing the video it all came back so thank you.

  9. it is 2012 now 2 yr agao i knew how o knit then i forgot this vid helped me to rember how to knit thankyou howcast

  10. how do you keep it from curling on the sides and end? Every time I try to make a scarf if always curls.

  11. I started with twelve rows of stitches, then I had 13, then 14, then 15, then it went back to 12, I ended up with 10 stitches. I have officially made the worst scarf in scarf making history.

  12. Goes super slow for the really basic obvious stuff, as soon as it gets slightly complicated they give as little detail as possible. Ugh.

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