How to Know If You’re Pregnant

How to Know If You’re Pregnant. There are signs you’re having a baby even
before you miss a period. You will need A knowledge of physical symptoms
A home pregnancy kit and access to a clinic or doctor’s office. Step 1. Pay attention to your body. Symptoms like fatigue, swollen or tender breasts,
and nausea can show up as early as two weeks after conception. Headaches and lower back pain are also early
signs. Step 2. Consider whether you’ve been more emotional
lately. Some women find that pregnancy makes them
moodier, weepier, or more irritable than usual thanks to the hormonal surge that occurs after
conception. Stress can cause hormones to mimic pregnancy
signs like nausea; it can even cause you to miss a period. Step 3. Take a home pregnancy test; it can sometimes
detect pregnancy even before you’ve missed your first period. Be aware, however, that taking it early may
cause a false negative result. For the most accurate results, take the test
in the morning, when pregnancy hormone levels in urine are highest. Step 4. If the home test is positive, see your doctor
right away. If it’s negative and your period still doesn’t
start, then repeat the test in a few days. False negatives are more common than false
positives. Step 5. If you get your period, don’t assume you’re
not pregnant. If it’s unusually light, it may be what’s
known as “implantation bleeding,” which happens when the embryo attaches to the uterus. Step 6. To be absolutely sure, go to your doctor for
a blood test. Because pregnancy hormones are easier to detect
in blood than urine, blood tests are more accurate than home kits. Did you know Did you know? The most common oddball food combination craved
during pregnancy is pickles and peanut butter, followed by Marmite and ice cream, and tuna
and bananas, according to an online poll.

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  1. im confused I have menstuation June 4 2014 then this month of June we never sex with my BF..then July 4 ,5,6 and more days we make sex but this month of July not yet menstuation. Is it possible to get pregnant??  need your help..I'm 20 years old and my BF 73.

  2. K i have really bad back pain almost like someone is stabbing me in the back i been moody for 3 days and when i lie down my stumach is really hard

  3. I'm a guy and the reason I'm watching this is because I Amagined if the girl I liked was pregnant and I was the father

  4. hey I'm not sure if I'm pregnant or not, but we've been trying as well. but I gotta be careful by smoking now, cos I get real dizzy, faint like,  or i do faint or and vomit. but that's only when i smoke, but on the 28th of sept i think it was, but I know it was a few days ago or so, but i was really itchy down there, and it turned out i had thrush. but i went to the toilet and my blood was bright red, than about twenty minutes after, it was browny red. and stopped instantly for a whole week, than i was spotting. I had my period on the 2nd of last month until the 5th. so, I'm either gonna be late or ive missed it. cos i got my period calendar on my phone and it helps heaps. (obviously i fixed up my thrush problem) plz help!! i think im due on the 22nd from what my period calender is telling me 🙂

  5. I took a pregnancy test at the end of 3 weeks. It came out as a fainted plus sign. Told my mom and she told me to wait a few more weeks and take another test. I was told by this lady that having the flu and taking a pregnancy test can cause a fainted positive sign instead of a negative. Now I've been asking but people have said it's not true. This entire thing is so confusing, because if I'm not why am I still getting some of the symptoms? Plus I haven't been stressed at all. It's hard to tell when my period is late. Ever since I got off birth control, it's been acting up. The Dr. at the time said it will take a year before my period is back to normal. But I only get it like 3 or 4 times each month. So far I haven't gotten it at all. I've been thinking about taking another test at the end of the month. Since the last time I have it was on the 26th or 27th of Sept. 

  6. Hello everyone, I have a question for you… I`ve been trying to have a baby with my wife almost a year now but we didn`t have much of success. We payed a visit to lot of different doctors, but answers were all the same, not very optimistic… If you know any method for getting pregnant please share with me. This is my last chance… Thank you in advance 🙂                                                      

  7. You little girls only 12 and 13 years old why do u wanna get pregnant now dont you see its not easy to take care of a baby its not a joke ok why cant you just enjoy yall teenage life instead of wanting to get pregnant now.

  8. Hi Stefan.If ur trying and wanting to have a baby but its not been a success lately,try taking food supplements that will help you.Firstly,these food supplements will nourish you and your wife's body for you to be able to produce and be fertile.
    Secondly,it repairs whats needed to be repaired on your body thats causing for you or your wife to be not be able to conceive.
    Lastly,pray to God.
    If you are interested in the name of that food supplement,please do message me.It helped a lot of people

  9. Hello I'm not sure if you are still trying to get pregnant but my gynecologist was very optimistic about being able to get me pregnant. After a year and a half of no success my gynecologist told us he had a mathematical formula to get women pregnant. I'm bad at math so he told my husband the formula. Today I have twins and a son! If you need this mathematical formula let me know and I'll have my husband contact you.

  10. I want to get pregnant what I should do I went the doctor.she told me ur everything is normal and she doesn't give me any kinda medican I really wants to get pregnant please pray for me

  11. ive been getting a sore belly and feeling yucky. like tightness. i do get reflux so im not sure. and im not due for my period until Friday.

  12. yassssss pretty mixed baby, u guys are truly blessed, hope it looks like Gina 😀😀😀😀

  13. can someone please help me I think I'm pregnant and it's only been a week but I'm starting to eat less is this common?

  14. I have a scare.. and it's been eating at my brain. a week ago my bf came on the outside of my area (tmi) I'm still a virgin and he never went inside of me. I'm so scared that the semen somehow made it inside.. does anyone have answers or a similar experience

  15. I haven't have intercourse with anyone. I'm a little scared since I'm feeling morning sickness and feeling emotions, and my period hasn't come yet.

  16. is my girl preggo? she had spotting for 2 days and it went away. now she's nauseous, fatigue, and has food cravings. in our hearts we believe she's pregnant. I just bought 2 test for her to take today. so far from others they told me she's 4 weeks. her last period was June 7th. any mom's please let me know!!

  17. hello i was so confused at myself,i feel sleepy most of the time,it's been 2 weeks when my husband and i interfere,these past few weeks i feel dizzy,and he was the one to told me that im pregnant because of what i feel but
    i can't confirm it myself,

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  19. I have two daughters one is 14 and one is 4 my 4 year old came up to me with a ball in her shirt and said she was pregnant😂

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  21. i have tested
    pregnancy strip three time with the gap of 1,1 week it comes negetive but my periods are not happen so im pregnent or this id due to weakness or irregulation in,manustrial cycle kindly reply,me soon… im worried

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  23. I'm not sure if I'm pregnant. .
    but I hope I'm pregnant. because I want a baby. yeah.. im crazy because im to young. but I want to be a pregnant. im so excited know that but one more before i know that I'm pregnant hehehe..

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  25. Well well I’m not in mood when I’m on my period that doesn’t make me too be pregnant i’m just worried about staff

  26. This whole month I never had my period…12/30/18…so I'm nervous too….my head has been hurting…I do have nausea in the bus while im eating

  27. I’m scrolling through the comments and I’m seeing all these 12 and 13 year olds saying they don’t know if they’re pregnant and they might be pregnant and this and that. I’m only 16. Let me just say that I might be pregnant. I have been showing signs. It was accidental. My boyfriend didn’t mean to do it. And now I’m so scared cause I don’t want to lose my own baby and I was waiting till I was married. And I know it’s my own fault but I just gotta say I’m too young… how am I gonna raise a kid at this age?

  28. I’m 15 days late nd have insomnia, tender breast and back pain and moody idk if I’m pregnant 😭 I hope ik just stressed

  29. some please help me in 12 years old and i think i'm pregnant i didn't have my period for 2 months then it came for 3-4 days and i did some research and it said it maybe a spotting then my saliva felt thick and i researched and it said that it sometimes happen to pregnant women and then i had headaches at school from lunch to after school AND IT SAID THAT HAPPENS TOO im now waiting for my next period

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