10 Replies to “HOW TO LOSE BABY WEIGHT | Get a Flat Stomach Postpartum”

  1. I am interested but I am due in January in Chicago. It sounds like a lot of the workouts are outside. Are there accommodations for a plan indoors?

  2. With it being a 12 week, are you saying it starts the day you get home from the hospital doing simple things? Or waiting to start the 12 weeks until you get the okay from doctor?

  3. Mam i watch this vedio. Im a malayali. And i dont understand fluently your language.. Can u help me to text the important features… Plssss

  4. I would love to purchase this plan but $100 is a really big chunk for me right now do you ever have your plan on sale?

  5. Hello! Is there a nutrition plan included? Also, do any of these work outs require gym equipment? Thank you! I can't wait to get my body back!

  6. I am 36 weeks pregnant and so excited to get back into shape after baby is born. I've just recently discovered you and your videos and I love them! I am excited to do your postpartum workouts when I am cleared by my dr.

  7. My intent in posting is not to come across as creepy or weird but I just have to say: you are absolutely the most beautiful pregnant woman I have ever seen. Love how happy, positive, and radiant you seem to be.

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