hi guys welcome back to my channel for another video so for those of you who are new welcome my name is Michelle I have four kids currently and I am about 8 weeks postpartum so the reason for filming this video for you guys is just because I know that pregnancy you put on weight you might not exercise as much after having your baby you're not exercising for a while you don't have a lot of time to make healthy choices and your body is probably not where you were before or where you actually want to be I am among – for kids like I said I'm starting to feel that like slump where I really really need to get my body back together feel better feel more energized and I'm just realizing that I need to take care of myself as much as I take care of my kids because my kids do need a healthy mom for them to be happy and healthy as well and really really start to get in the groove of working out eating healthier just being healthier overall probably started this about a week ten days ago so I want to share with you guys what my plan is for weight loss I have about thirty pounds that I want to lose so it is quite a bit but at the same time I know that it's completely feasible I just have some excess fat and I would like to trim that down and just look overall healthier and just feel healthier as well I do have a few things that I started doing a few tips for you guys few tricks if you're just trying to trim down pretty quickly so the first thing I started to do is actually run so now that I'm a postpartum and I have my checkup and the doctor said I can start working out again I am running but I have not ran in years probably since my last pregnancy and my little boy is just about two years old now so it's probably been almost like three years since I was running so I have like no endurance no stamina I really can't run so I started using this app on my phone it's called couch to 5k the app is pretty simple this is where I'm at I'm on week two day two of running you run three days a week and it just encourages you I think like the first week you're running a minute walking a minute and a half running a minute walking him in at the half and then so on and then it just teaches you like today's run I think in a minute and a half run and then two minutes walks four times and then one minute run one minute walk four times as well so that's pretty much how it goes and it's super good yes you have to pay for the pro but I feel like this is definitely gonna be something that's gonna help me achieve my goals that will also help me like clear my mind I put some music in my ears I just get running I typically do it alone if I can when my husband's home and when he's not I just push the double stroller or the single stroller depending who I have with me the next thing I'm doing is just drinking a ton of water don't drink your calories away is a super important tip people who drink like a juices and fruit juices even though they claim to be all just juice like real fruit and vegetables you're still drinking your calories and I find that that doesn't fill you up as much as eating like actual full balanced meal or like a smoothie with a bunch of stuff in it so I tend to drink coffee in the morning and then I will also drink I do add a little bit of milk but no sugar or anything like that and then I do drink water all day long drink out of something that is going to make you feel good feel happy I have my Hydra flask I also have my Yeti which I really enjoy and then just a typical mason jar around the house I use those on a daily basis I use a Hydra flask when I'm out and then I'll use the mason jar or the Yeti when I'm at home and that just makes me feel good reliable I get my intake of water in and that's just super awesome the third tip that I have is just to meal prep when you're a mom to one child or a mom to many children or you're working or not working or you have no kids at all life is super busy and hectic and when you're hungry you just grab and go and oftentimes they'll grab and go snacks are not the healthiest for us there are full of calories and refined sugars and just things that you do not need to be putting in your body so I have been guilty of that in the past but recently I have just been trying to meal prep get like a dozen hard-boiled eggs into the instant pot get that all cooked up chop up some vegetables prior make some homemade hummus or just some regular hummus because that's also good for you pre make salads anything that you can pre make this gonna be good for you even like those little egg bites for protein in the morning eating lots of protein is gonna satisfy you for a long time it's also gonna help you achieve your goals physically and look better overall feel better feel satisfied as well so meal prepping is something that I never used to do in the past but now having four kids that is super super crucial to me if I want to take the time to just grab two hard-boiled eggs in the morning and run out the door with them to whichever activity we're going to then that is what I will do I also started getting up in the morning about 5 days a week whenever her home if we're at the cottage or something this doesn't always happen because I'm typically alone with the kids and they're just out and I have to run out the door but typically I will get up in the morning I will just go in front of my mirror have a sip of water tie my hair up normally my husband's already out with the babies or the baby's still in my bed after I've nourished her and then I just do a quick little workout so I'll just do like squats I'll do some lunges I will do some crunches and sit-ups and then just some arm workouts with some little dumbbells I'm actually just using seven and a half pounds because I'm not trying to build too much muscle I'm just trying to lean down and tone all the muscle up so I have been doing that and that also makes me feel better start the day off right the next thing that I'm doing for weight loss is also just to get out and get moving it's summertime it's beautiful the weather is great so why not just utilize that we do have a play structure and all that in our yard but it's super important to just get out and get moving so either I'll play with the kids in the yard we'll toss the ball around I'll take the babies for a walk whether I'm using the double stroller whether Easton's walking whether I'm holding baby Everly in the carrier whatever it's gonna be I just like to get out and be as active as I can so I'm not doing a really strenuous walk at this point I'm just getting out and moving around and then the last thing that I am doing in order to lose weight all of my baby weight since this is our last baby is to just eat healthier overall and this has definitely become a family effort because it's difficult to make multiple different meals for everyone it's difficult when you're the only one attempting to eat healthy and the other ones are just eating junk all the time so we are definitely striving as a family to make healthier choices I do most of the grocery shopping so I definitely do like to meal plan ahead of time so I know what we're gonna be eating throughout that week probably about four to seven days worth I make a list I go on Pinterest find all kinds of different healthy ideas and then head to the store and make sure that I stay on track with my grocery list we also started adding like more salads to our meals it's a lot easier to eat healthy in the summertime and our climate because fruit vegetables are more readily accessible you can have a garden here in the summertime so it's definitely really really good time to get myself on track hold myself accountable have plans and all of that just before I let you guys go I did want to say that the best thing for me and for probably a lot of you guys too is to just hold yourself accountable create some goals and stick by them have people around you that are gonna help you out instead of bringing you down people who are gonna hold you accountable maybe you're running with a friend or you're trying a diet plan with a friend I am trying to be a little bit extra careful because I am breastfeeding and establishing that breastfeeding relationship was super important to me I have breastfed all of my babies so in terms of like crash diets or diet pills I cannot do that but I wouldn't recommend them to begin with anyway so I'm just trying to do this moderately not too quickly just feel good about myself overall and then in the end I will feel super great anyways guys thank you so so much for watching this video and we'll see you guys next time bye guys


  1. I agree. I don’t like to drink my calories. I’ll have water only and Diet Coke (on special occasions lol I know it’s bad 🤭)
    Meal prepping is so important, yet I neverrrrr do it

  2. You’re doing great to do all this at 8 weeks PP & having 4 kids👏🏼👏🏼 I’m trying to lose the last 10ish lbs PP right now, meal prepping is the key for me & I quick drinking anything but water too

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