How To Lose Your Virginity For Guys (3 Easy Steps)

It’s Tripp and just doing some driving
around with my new scooter here in Bali Indonesia. I’ve been thinking about a lot of new things
lately that I wanted to share with you and one specifically regarding losing your virginity. One of the big reasons people come to Bali
is to find peace. There’s a lot of yoga here, there’s a
lot of mediation. A lot of people seeking to live in the present
and not be anxious and worried about the future. This got me thinking about, what is one of
the things that guys seem to worry about the most when it comes to sex and dating and relationships? One big topic is losing their virginity. I know a lot of guys out there who are watching
this who have not lost their virginity yet, put a lot of pressure on themselves to be
able to say “Hey, I’ve finally done it. I’ve had sex with a woman and now I can
move on.” Today, I’m going to teach you a 3 step process
that is going to help you, not only lose your virginity, but also take out this fear of
when is it going to happen? Step 1 here is to focus on the process and
not focus so much on the result. That is one of the key concepts in meditation. It’s not focusing on the outcome, it’s
focusing on what’s happening right in front of you. I think that’s one of the reasons why guys
always make this big freak out about losing their virginity and the more and more they
freak out, the less they can focus on the now and the further away the outcome actually
is. In this case, like I’m saying, losing your
virginity. Instead of sitting here thinking I have to
lose my virginity, I have to lose my virginity, and keep on saying that in your head over
and over. Instead, I want you to focus on the actual
process that it would take you to lose your virginity. That’s going to be talking to more girls,
approaching more girls, having conversations with girls, working on all the things that
I discuss on this channel. Working on building your attraction skills,
working on how to get a woman interested in you and how to understand a woman. So that you guys can connect and eventually
connect so much that you have an intimate physical experience. That’s step 1. Stop putting so much pressure on it. Stop saying this to yourself. The minute you’re done watching this video,
I never want you to use the word virginity ever again. I want you to take that completely out of
your vocabulary. Let’s go on to step 2. If you end up with a girl, I don’t want
you to rush it because that can ruin things as well. Some guys end up dating girls, getting in
a relationship and they think wow I’ve got to make sure I have sex with this girl because
I have to lose the virginity. Again, that is going to push her further away. She’s going to notice that desperation and
with that desperation comes neediness and neediness is one of the most unattractive
traits. That’s right, don’t rush it. What happens is most guys put this label on
virginity. If they haven’t lost it yet, then what that
means is they’re not a man and that’s farther from the truth. Just because you haven’t had sex with a
woman it doesn’t make you less of a man. Which is tough I know because we watch movies,
we watch TV and that seems to be a very popular topic and a lot of these teen movies where
guys are desperately trying to lose their virginity. But just because that’s happening, it doesn’t
mean that’s something you need to adopt. That’s not a mindset that you need to have. Step 3, eventually it is going to happen. You are going to lose your virginity. You’re going to be with a woman and you
guys are going to end up having sex. What are you supposed to do in that situation? I’ll tell you this. I know most guys are going to be freaking
out. They’re going to be scared out of their
wits cause they’re going to be thinking “This is it. This is the time when I actually lose it.” It’s not going to be perfect the first time
you have sex. It’s going to be messy. You’re going to make some mistakes. You’re going to put the condom on wrong. It could be just unaware of what to do and
that’s ok. That’s alright. I want you to be alright with that happening. It’s going to be a funny story that you’re
going to look back on one day and be like “Oh I remember that time I lost my virginity
and man nothing was right and that was kind of fun.” Don’t worry about it not going the way you
want it to go. It’s going to go the way it’s gonna go
and that’s gonna happen. Just enjoy it. Enjoy the first experience you get to have
being intimate with a woman. I know some of you are probably like “Tripp,
you didn’t really tell me here how to lose my virginity. You sort of mentioned it in step one. But how do I do it? I actually do want to have sex with a woman. How do I do it?” Here’s what I want you to do. I want you subscribe to this channel if you’re
not already subscribed because this channel teaches you how to get intimate with women. How to connect with women. I can’t put that all right now in a 5 minute
video. But I have so many videos on the channel that
it’s going to teach you how to build the attraction that you need to be able to lose
your virginity. Press subscribe and also press the like button
and of course comment down below and tell me any questions you have related to this
video, losing your virginity because I want to hear from you. I’ll be in the comments answering. I’ll see you on the next video.

71 Replies to “How To Lose Your Virginity For Guys (3 Easy Steps)”

  1. Tripp!!! plz make a video on how to reply to girls when they day stuff like " i bet you say that to all the girls "

  2. how to connect to girls i usually when talking to them dont look at them and they feel annoyed?How do I overcome that i feel nervous while looking at them

  3. Hey trip you should do a video on how to get FOREIGN women. Considering the fact that you might be away from your native country right now. That would be cool lol.

  4. Useful advise: Porn isn't reality, when you have sex listen to her and respond to her needs. Don't pull her hair, or choke her(if she doesn't ask for it). Most women don't like to get a 'facial' in that regard.

  5. Tripp can you make a video on how to finish I know how to start but I can't get to the point where I finish. Girls just end up thinking I'm weird and stop talking to me or assume I want Just one thing. I lost my virginity already but I lost my touch

  6. 1. Be self-esteem to yourself
    2. Don't nervous, talk some interesting stuffs
    3. Treat the girls like your main priority
    And, that's what you will lose your virginity

  7. Hey Tripp! Any tips on how to not be needy when you are starting to date for the first time in your life?
    One area where I feel very needy is touching and kissing. I go for a kisses a lot during my dates and get rejected a lot. Same with hugging her, holding tight – I make her feel uncomfortable a lot. I feel like a problem is that I'm rushing things because of my lack of experience with girls. What advice can you give me?

  8. I have a question, how do I deal with rejection if I get rejected by a friend. How do I stop the rejection from escalating into awkwardness and then resentment if I see her often. With rejection from strangers, I can simply run away and pray I never see her again. But with a friend, particularly one in my friend group, I can't simply run away. For confident men, moving on means means acting like it never happened. For me moving on means disappearing. I have a female friend now who although I like, I don't intend on dating because asking her out will result in rejection. I know for a FACT she does NOT feel the same way due to the way she flirts with other men. I don't even know how to flirt, and any man who does, automatically has an advantage over me regardless of how he looks. I also tried going to parties but those plans seem to fall throught. I also though of approaching girls at my college campus but the attractive ones are almost always with their friends, and I am always alone. So tell me, how can I get over this fear of rejection, while I am in college, with no real way of practicing without losing friends or being creepy?

  9. I was wondering if you had an ideal order for your playlists for example How to approach a girl, then how to attract girls

  10. what about for those thar are like in their 30's or 40's (the insecureness increases) and if they get intimate, should they tell her they are virgins?. Great channel.

  11. trip I got a use question for you…..what if you got erectile dysfunction and you seem to not loose your virginity during sex what would be the solution especially if u last 5 mins and haven't lost it…. can you please tell me?

  12. Step 1: Cut a hole in a box.
    Step 2: Put your junk through the hole in the box. Whoops. wrong list.

    Step1: Go to bar.
    Step 2: Tell girls that you are a virgin and ask them for help.
    Step 3: Repeat until successful. In fact, feel free to repeat the following night after success! You can't be sure that the first try stuck, so only after three times can you really be sure that you are no longer a virgin.

    I am a born-again virgin. 😉

  13. I'm the second-oldest virgin I know (at 34), and… it sucks at times. At the same time, I look back on at least one opportunity I had and I'm more okay with being a virgin and passing on that one time than I think I would be if I had lost my virginity in that case. That said, if any cute women in my neck of the woods want to help a virgin guy out… 😉

  14. noticed those scooter which often used by Bule to get around and fuk… I wish I had a chance to meet up you in Bali…

  15. can you make a Video about how to get over a girl? i mean Not the relationship i mean getting over the feelings for a girl

  16. guys i have a serius question pls dont troll me. i am about to lose my virg and i am afraid that i wont be able to penetrate her liek i wont find the hole i dont know why srsly.i think i am gonna start missionary and wont be able to find it.

  17. I was a virgin until I was 25 unfortunately. Was the worst period of my life from High School and leaving College a virgin. Met someone who wasn't the best person for me but was glad to have lost it. Not with her because I didn't like her in that way but getting rid of it. How I feel now is very conflicted. I am now almost 28 with basically 1 experience to my name. Working on myself during that daunting period from 23 to now, giving up porn to this nofap thing (went a year and a half) and going out more is nice. But I am just a shy person and I am who I am. The thing now I am considering is suicide. Yes I improved my confidence, learnt to love myself, and all the cliche things people with the experience say. I have done all the hard work and gone through the pain, but now I just want to die. it's great for the many who lost theirs in a normal fashion or lost it and have a gf, but for me i feel its the best thing to do.

    From hobbies i am now involved in during that period, to facing fears in highs and certain tasks, and even starting a company. I improved a ton but I am unhappy. So my own story will be mine and it's not normal to say the least. Many of you should do the normal thing and get the rejection burns early so that you don't end up like a person like me. I regret not trying more in High School to build up the pain tolerance when girls reject but thats my life's regret. Good luck to you all.

  18. Anybody lose their virginity to a cougar? I'm 21 and women my age dont like me. I always get compliments and flirty looks from older women. Any advice y'all?

  19. I have a finnish accent and everyone thinks I sound stupid here in sweden. Girls won't be attracted to me. And I'm also scared to speak swedish cause I've been bullied for my accent since 1st grade.

  20. I am a 21 year old virgin and I have a master plan on losing my virginity. Once I get enough money I am moving all the way to Amsterdam to see the red light district. I also live in New Mexico which is in America. Yeah, that is how far I will go. I will leave America a virgin and come back not a virgin. I hope I don't end up getting a girl pregnant and I am in America unaware of it when I return. I will only do this if I stay a virgin for too long in America. "Land of the free." Land of too many virgins and I'm going to free myself from this country. There is a lot of problems with this country and I think it is going downhill.

  21. Taking a guys virginity likely tomorrow. Any tips?? I want to be as supportive and helpful as I can

    Edit: Didn’t end up happening. Got called into work. Felt bad but what can you do. Still open for tips if you guys would like to give any, virgin or not doesn’t matter to me

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