How to Make a Fake Positive Pregnancy Test

hey guys so I already did the results and everything but you have to stay tuned to the very end because that is where the real results are because they may have changed so make sure you stay tuned to the very end hey Pharaohs it's Sarah Asha and today I'll do an experiment called faking your pregnancy so rumor has it that if you take a pregnancy test and you use apple juice and or diet coke it'll actually show up as positive now I'm not condoning for anybody to do this I just think that this should be out there for situational awareness and just so you don't get tricked right here I have two pregnancy tests they're both different they are from the dollar store because I am NOT gonna go spend money on this here we have apple juice as you can see it's still sealed there we go it opened it yeah it's good it's a still filled so you know I didn't alter anything I don't even know what I would put in there there we go I have made a commitment to not drink any more soda oh okay um all right well sweet oh it's fresh okay we're going to open up test number one the you check result in three minutes over 99% accuracy so you get anything at the 99-cent store that's actually my favorite score so okay that's it I guess what you do is you take it and you dip it in and if you get two lines your positivo and one line is negative oh so let's find out okay there's a max line right here and look we're going to zoom in max and then we're a doofus in the apple juice how long would dip it for for 10 seconds so we recount okay so it's all dip – its dripping when I put it down this looks a little more legitimate oh this takes more work or something one so nuts it is give me three minutes let's see yeah we're going to use the urine dropper drop it at the round well and then it's your show and the results wind up a little soda alright so I'm going to drop it in there alright if it's completely full I don't want to tip it over so let's give that two minutes and let's find out if we're primed it whatever sent by doesn't see another two minutes gee that's hot it's what I hate about making these videos with sanitizer don't AC I mean I have a C but then I get that buzzing noise in that back and it just just like kills me oh I'm gonna be mad if it doesn't work because I just spent four dollars on all this stuff it's been two minutes alright first place oh no it's just having YouTube videos you have to clean up so then you can't buy anything like seriously where's my phone oh my god I'm retarded I am so retarded you guys are going to freaking using my phone to make this video what the Freak they both came out negative maybe maybe it's not sure so I'm just going to swirl it in the other a little more I'm going to give it a second chance you know something big second chance I'm like what the heck this is negative – okay I'm gonna put a little more maybe needs a little more convincing one more minute it didn't work for Diet Coke and it didn't work for apple juice but I will consider getting real test if they're on sale and I have a coupon and redoing this experiment because I have read in several different websites that this actually works so why don't you guys if you want if you have an app practice it has an apple juice or guy Cokely around why don't you guys do the experiment and leave me a comment below letting me know what your results are comment let me know if you want me to redo this with some legitimate brand that's actually on TV like EPT or something what are you doing hold your horses I'm shooting a video we're going to do your video tech don't worry she has her own youtube if you can go ahead and subscribe to that I would have the link below it also check out my blog channel that I just started and the link is gonna be below for that too so let me know what you guys the results are please don't forget the subscribe thanks so I actually have an update for you guys I was cleaning up because of a very tiny person and I was about to throw these out but then I looked and if you look really closely there is a faint double line which indicates positivo for the diet coke so that's this pregnancy test so we have a baby for diet coke now the apple juice one is still negative oh I'm sure the quality of the tests have something to do with it but I just want to let you know that Diet Coke definitely works and it's a boy alright thanks guys

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  1. Leave a comment and tell me if you will do this or not to see if you get the same results!! I literally was browsing Instagram (@sarahfasha) one day and saw a meme that said you can make a pregnancy test positive just by using apple juice or diet coke. Well, this sounded like a job for Sarah Fasha the Science Gal!! Now I wanted to just see if this were true. I am in no way, shape or form encouraging anyone from bamboozling a man or even a woman into believing there is a child when there really isn’t. However this is great situational awareness in case you have any doubts. Good luck!

  2. I don’t know how many times I’ve done that 😂 think I lost my phone but it’s in my hand or I’m using it

  3. Why would you want a fake positive pregnancy test. Lying about being pregnant isn’t funny and women who pull stunts/pranks like that should be ashamed of themselves.

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  7. You still need a man to provide the sperm so technically if you were to go to a sperm bank to get injected you would need a man to provide that sperm, so a women would always need a man to get pregnant.

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