hello everybody I'm just gonna come on and quickly show you how to make Pak Pak sickles for after natural delivery so this is the things I'm gonna use other people arm you slander and much other stuff but this is what I'm gonna use is what I have so we're gonna need the maxi pads pink ones and I just got the wrong place once they're big so they'll work and um it's how to come so what you're gonna do is you're gonna open it but you're gonna open it but don't get rid of the plastic you're gonna take on all of our general and you're gonna spread it like this a minute one and then I don't want to use my hair so I just you me and then you boil it down make sure your hands are clean and so and then I have witch hazel I have it in spray I don't have it in but like that so have this one and I got down at the mannequin store so that's pretty good I mean I got this one too and I'm gonna put them on top so and that's it and then so afterwards are you gonna do is put it back together so you just fold it like this and like that and you you would like this I have a nun over here and then you're gonna put it in a freezer and you're going to let it freeze and then once you come home with your baby and stuff you'll have this and it's gonna be ice cold and it's gonna help your lady parts feel better it's my first baby so I'm gonna give it a try for the first time so this is all amazing we traced those out of their Jill and Denver's right so I hope you guys find this helpful and if you like it you like the video thank you right

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