How to Overcome Miscarriage with God’s Word—Terry & Hannah Minor Testimony

hello my name is Terry miner and this is my wife Hannah and this is a newborn baby so we started leaving too and have our little blessing and we lost our first one and that baby went to heaven and then our second and then our third so that was definitely a time of trial and after my third miscarriage they had to go and check to make sure everything was you know cleared out and something else was to meet with the doctor that day so this is a totally for doctor I've never seen her before and she walked in the room and she was actually the first thing she gave me a hug she said everything's gonna be all right she said I have the same exact condition that you've been going through she said and I want to be your doctor with your next child and we're gonna see to it that this child is healthy and beautiful and I want to walk you through like the whole process so we believe that was definitely divine and then right up to that we had another confirmation when we came to Texas and Kenneth Copeland you know brought us up front and prayed over us and about this time next year [Applause] you will have a beautiful healthy child [Applause] but this one I was like it's gonna be easy you know God has spoken through Kenneth Copeland I've received this healing and I know because I felt it like I felt it when he prayed over me that day and so so anyway so we found out we're pregnant which we were celebrating I think I just come back from that we both got back from the gym that day and I just found out so I surprised Terry and told him and we went for one of our first appointments and we're so excited we'd gone downtown that day and had you know a lot of fun together and then went to our appointment and as soon as I got home I remember I went to the bathroom and I said Terry I said and I came out the bathroom I was like he's like what what is it I was like I was like I'm having signs again of miscarriage I said I don't even you know we just found out I just cost the doctor the excitement was there you know we were ready because we knew and I knew my mind like that's gonna be an easy pregnancy because I've been speaking it you know and I know the promises God had for me to know when he had spoke to Kenneth Copeland to me and Terry was so quick to take me by the hand he's like sit down sit on the couch everything's gonna be okay he said he said Hannah he said we are gonna see this child in nine months he said God has promised us this child and Satan is a liar and he's trying to throw deceit at us he said but we're not we're gonna choose not to believe that we're gonna choose to believe what God has for us and God said that this child is gonna be here nine months and so that is what's going to happen as Christians if we choose to be excited after we receive a word and then something started looking different oil see like it's turned in a different direction and get down then what does that say about us that should that should be an indicator do we really believe this word that was given to us from the Lord are we calling God a liar or all we want to say you know what I believe God God cannot lie he would never lie perfect love casts out all fear so no matter what happens there's no excuse to walk in fear so then I went back to the doctor and she said I want you to be on bed rest until the sign stop and I'm like no I said care to see you on the couch I'm gonna feed myself the word so so that day I think we'd even turned on Gloria and Kenneth Copeland and their helium school and so for two months it was just about two months of me sitting on the couch and I don't think many family members knew nobody really knew until recently after we had him that we kind of went through this time but they I literally sat there and I spoke the word and I fed myself the word because I wasn't gonna allow my mind to look at the signs that were happening to my body and and allow my mind's getting fear and my heart to get in fear and worry because it's not what you know God gave us that word from Kenneth and Gloria Copeland and it's so important that no matter what healing you're believing for even if God does give you a word you can't let go of that promise no matter what trial or obstacle tries to come up no matter how hard it seems and I feel like there's so so many that they start feeling that healing and they know it's going to be easy and then they start straying away from it and that was something that I had to learn not to do and I think that was something that God taught me that was so huge during this whole pregnancy because for two months I could choose to sit there and give in to the fear and give in to the worry or I could choose like no I want to step by faith God has a promise for every single believer but every believer has to do their part and stand for the promise God will tell you something or show you something that is to come but until it arrives the enemy is gonna try to scream kick punch throw words out there but you cannot give in to what he wants you to do these he's a defeated foe keep him in this place has been a defeated foe if he's already defeated don't be moved by someone who's already lost be moved by the word because when we are moved by the word we win

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  1. Please pray for me I am 12 weeks pregnant from day one of this pregnancy I see blood as I pray blood stop but still pray for me I don't want to see blood again I don't get rest Dr told me to tk rest

  2. This is so amazing and it woke me up completely..this testimony gave me soo much joy..I am 35 with 2 boys from previous relationships and my husband has 1 from a previous relationship..we have been married for 7 years and have had 5 miscarriages and 1 ectopic pregnancy behind each other..we have No children together and our dream is to have children together.IN JESUS NAME AMEN

  3. Amen🙏🙏Please pray for me I have had 2 miscarriages at 11 weeks and 6 days each time. I am trusting God again to conceive and have a baby ASAP

  4. Amen and Amen! So encouraged by your story. God is soooooo amazing. I have had 7 miscarriages and I BELIEVE GOD!!!!!

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