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  1. What lenses are you using ? And what’s your favourite lenses for newborn, sitter and cake smash photos

  2. Hi Fenna, dank je wel voor al je prachtige gedetailleerde video’s jij bent echt een inspiratiebron voor mij.

  3. My budget is 1.3L & offering available to me is 7dm2 crop sensor, 6D & EOS RP.. m confused which to go for? As canon in store guy suggested for RP & he also insisted to first invest in 2 lenses 1. 50mm & 2. 85mm only instead pf camera with 550D (old) bosy. Pls help with few imp differences. My uses are potrait shoot/infant photography & food /ecommerce photo shoot. Pls suggest

  4. Absolutely correct! I really dont like photographers posing the babies in a difficult way and i dont think the babies are comfortable! Love your value and your attitude~ Look forward to more sharing!

  5. I've been following and binge watching your videos for a while now. I just creeped your website and I'm flabbergasted at how little you charge! Your work is worth SO MUCH more! You do amazing work.😍

  6. Love how much you advocate for newborn's safety. It's not talked about enough!

    Our little one will be arriving any day and we cannot wait to actually be able to photograph him and our toddler together for the first time.


  8. I like your approach with the baby. Your poses are so simple and beautiful without put the baby in dangerous position likE froggy pose.

  9. Hello Fenna,
    Very nice video, very helpfull for me.
    I have a question about the noise box near the baby… What is it?

  10. I have been starting newborn photography for the last year or so. It has been so stressful trying to master all of these "popular poses". I am so grateful you helped met to see how simple it can be, and that it doesn't have to be complicated. Thank you for sharing your experience and expertise. I really appreciate it!

  11. I just subscribed! I love how in depth this tutorial is and also how much consideration you give to the babies and mothers! Plus, your photos are lovely! 😊

  12. looove how gentle you are and making everyone comfy :)))
    because of this video now I know wich direction I have to go to become a new born photographer 💖 thank you

  13. I have the nifty 50 for my Nikon D3300! I will be having another baby in September and would love to have an input on what settings to use to take my own pictures of baby??

  14. Love ur videos …..I seen in the feet shot there were some flakes on toes what’s your process editing wise

  15. Hi, Fenna i love your video's 😊 thank you for sharing so many things 😍 sometimes you talk about that the parents have chosen af set of colors for the photos. How do you make then chose colors? Do you use some kind of color charts? Would you maybe make af video talking about how you prep your clients and mayby show some color charts or what you use?

    Kind regards from Denmark 😊

  16. I binge watch your videos all the time. One quick question. Can you share you got the white rompers? Super cute.

  17. This video is amazing thank you so much! I like how you broke down the different steps of your work flow, and you shared such helpful information. You are super professional and just lovely, and your studio is stunning 👍 thanks again 😊 x

  18. I love your videos and I find them super helpful ☺️ could you possibly do a video on how to transition a baby from its side to its belly? Xx

  19. I want to say that you are creative 😍 I can have a contact directly with you Fenna if its possible?

  20. Hi, i love watching your vlog! I was wondering how and where do you get massive and constant work from? What to do to get work all the time and to be able to open space that you have you will be busy all the time?

  21. I have a question..first I love your videos! I was wondering where you get the cardboard that holds your tiebacks?
    Thank you <3

  22. Don't get me wrong, but I don't see need to mention how other photographers work. Just because you don't like or can't do some poses, doesn't mean they are crazy. You seem nice and gentle, very educated, but as a person who is a perfectionist and slightly OCD 🤣 I must say your posing is mostly not on the point. I love simple as much as I love props and "crazy" set ups, but I noticed that mostly people who don't know how to pull up some harder poses or set ups will talk about those who can in negative way. No hard feelings. It's just my opinion. Keep up with your workflow 🙂 Every photographer has his clients. And must say, very beautiful studio!

  23. Fenna…LOVE your videos and thank you for sharing your tips and techniques!!!! I watched a video a couple of weeks ago of a photographer wrapping a rather chubby newborn in the potato sack pose. The poor baby was wrapped so tightly that it sounded like he was having trouble breathing and I felt so sorry for the baby. I just don't see the need for that kind of posing.

  24. May I ask what settings you used on the Nikon – I heard F2.8 but ISO and shutter speed? Thank you! Love your work!

  25. You have a very good studio setup and the needy things to the baby and parents.
    Inspiration to budding new born photographers like me.
    Love from India

  26. I am enjoying your videos. I am without a studio for the first time in 4 years as we live in a small house waiting to build a barn house behind this old house. My new house will have a 16 x 24 studio and your videos are very helpful to see how you have arranged your studio and work stations. I do newborns, family , pregnancy and weddings in Granbury Texas. I love your thoughts on posing too, I don't do the other poses as well, for the same reasons.

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