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  1. My first ivf frozen transfer ended in left ectopic pregnancy. What should i do to avoid this in my second transfer

  2. Maybe!! I'm trying to get my fiance to agree on IVF we have kids already but not together and pulse I have my tubes tried before we meet and now we getting married I will love to have kids by my husband one day..

  3. can I take herb suplements while taking Clomid?
    what wuld you recomend to take if the goal is to conceive

  4. 2019 IVF in 2 days💖 did acupuncture for 6 months & taking supplements for egg quality for 6 months as well

  5. I’ve done three IUis that failed so I’m moving onto my first cycle of IVF in January🙏🏼🙏🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼

  6. My IVF cycle is in January! I’m very excited!🤗 I’m still not sure if my husband and I will do a fresh transfer or frozen one. Any suggestions? I keep hearing pros and cons about both of them.

  7. Which are the herbs, you didn't mention any. Plz tell the herbs as well for egg and sperm health, utrine as well

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