How to Prepare for Pregnancy

everybody I just like to jot down the things that I did to prepare for getting pregnant kind of the steps that I took to ensure basically the best result for myself and my baby or future babies um so the first thing that I should point on is that I've been preparing for this I should say like three and a half years but actually really just focusing it on the preparations for two years I'm one of those people that I met my boyfriend and I knew that I was gonna be with him forever I knew that we were gonna have kids and get married someday so um I basically started taking prenatal needles when I met him and I know that's crazy but I know I'm not the only one so come on girls fess up um yeah so that's just me being weird so I take prenatals actually let me go get them let me just show you my little vitamin contraption here um basically I take a prenatal every other day and then when I'm not I kind of take different vitamins so I'll show you what I do personally I've been taking the second batch when I'm not taking micro needles for like a long time now so at least two years okay so I take this Omega 3 6 9 they are really large capsules but I know that they are good and I take vitamin D these are the 1000 you eyes and I take the folic acid and this is also 1000 MC G's or 1 milligram and I take a calcium with a little bit more of vitamin d3 and this is my maternity health total one multivitamin and mineral maternity support and this is from Swiss natural and this was $23 for 60 caps which is pretty expensive but you got to think that these people know what they're doing and you shouldn't self-medicate but you should be making sure at the very minimum that you're getting your folic acid for a proper spine development of your child and for neuro defects and that you don't get a pregnancy outside of your tubes next up two years ago I started going to the dentist got all of my teeth done I knew that I've been putting it off for a long time I never had benefits at my previous jobs and definitely took advantage of it I had a lot of work to be done I still have a couple of cavities that need attention these things all cost a lot of money and it is better to kind of get out of the way before you get pregnant also dental health is a large factor on your baby if you have bad gums it affects your baby so it's better not to have dental concerns while you are pregnant so I kind of did as much as I could financially before I got pregnant then all gift stuff last year I went to the gynecologist and made sure that everything was fine with me and I got every blood test under the Sun since it was also the mark of my 30th birthday I got tested for everything and kind of wanted a starting point for my house from the time that I was thirty so I went to the doctor I went to God I know about every test down under the Sun and everything was a-ok except for my weight so then I went to the eye doctor and I bought glasses and that is also expensive if you suspect that you need glasses go get it then now it is also a financial burden if you will that is much easier to get out of the way now than going without and potentially making your eyesight worse um then I started eating healthier and actually did lose weight initially very quickly and then I kind of gained it back so I'm kind of back to square one I think unfortunately however I do feel healthier I eat very healthy and I make healthy choices um there's been a couple things that's nothing that I wouldn't usually eat now that I am pregnant but I mean I'm pretty sure that's what pregnancy is all about so um then also I did I'm actually embarrassed about this fact I used to smoke for a really long time I honestly I smoked in junior high which is terrible and then I stopped and then I start again and then didn't stop toll last year so I smoked from time that I was 18 until right before my 30th birthday like a month before my 30th birthday so I basically smoked non-stop for 12 years and I'm mad at myself for having done that but nevertheless if you are a smoker you should be proactive and quit smoking before you get pregnant and give yourself some time for those toxins to leave your body and for that shock to wear off your body um as far as drinking I only drink when I was on my curse on that Friday Saturday I'd have two beers on that Friday and two beers on that Saturday I didn't get wasted I didn't really want on my system I was and I'm focusing on my health so getting trashed on the weekend wasn't really much of something that I wanted to do I'm kind of like moved into the next phase of my life so I would to be social but really it wasn't a large part of my life anymore I also quit my addiction with diet coke aspartame I basically love that stuff I used to have back in the day I used to have a lot of died coke then I cut it down to one count a day and I used to kind of still have some in the beginning but just the amount of side effects that you could get so this time when I actually got pregnant I had an and he had any diet coke also I was actually pretty proud of myself because like I was saying I would have it for like the first week when I think it wouldn't do any harm but this time I'm so happy um I actually don't I'm not gonna lie actually I do miss it how sad is that I'm now I drink natural spring water with a twist of lime and lemon it is just so much better for you let me tell you um and then basically once we were trying because we tried for seven months every time we tried I would abstain from other medicines I'm a migraine sufferer so I rely on Advil I'm not also suffered a really long cold and for that cold all I relied on was ginger and lemon I did miss my nyquil and my neo Citroen I'm not gonna lie but it's better just to stay away from that stuff if you're not sure and as far as Advil like I've heard that one's not the best one to have when you're pregnant so luckily I actually didn't have any migraines while I was trying so that wasn't a big issue I think I had a headache one time but that's nothing if you're if you get migraines that's a walk in the park so I'm an other little tip that I should mention is that I've been buying makeup and clothes probably at threefold that I would normally and that's because I'm counting I'm actually going to be on leave not even maternity leave I'm basically gonna stay home for seven years I'm gonna try for a second baby after two years and I'm gonna be a stay-at-home mom for seven years and my fiance will be giving me allowance every month and that will be living expenses and groceries that's the household budget that I have to work off of and when you don't have to worry about i shadow x' and makeup brushes and hair brushes or a shirt that's kind of I think it helps yourself out right so I got kind of everything that I would want and need I have surpassed my own needs and kind of like stocked up on the things that I would want also I should mention that I change to antiperspirant without aluminum in it and I actually use the junior Watkins aloe and great tea deodorant and it's all natural I know it's kind of hard to see with my light one of those crystals but it hasn't really grown on me yet so I've been sticking to this one but it works just great also just a couple of kind of obvious things I think is obviously talk to your partner make sure you're on the same life path or have the same goal or outcome to where your relationship is currently if both of you want children that's a good place to start if your own birth control speak to your health care provider um I think some brands want you to wait for a certain amount of time some people get pregnant straight away I've actually personally never been on birth control so I can't touch on that directly doctor would be a great source for that also make sure to track your curse um it's good to know how long your cycles are if there is various lengths or times it's great to pinpoint kind of how long your cycles are some people are religiously 28 days and some people are 34 so it kind of depends person to person and it helps pinpoint early pregnancies also this is also a good reason why to go off the birth control once you and your partner have decided this is the right choice for you in your partnership because I think it's gonna take some time to stabilize your own natural cycle again so good things to keep in mind a great way to keep track actually is there's some great free apps also there's some great free pregnancy apps so keep that in mind too so yeah I hoped you liked um the way that the stuff that I did to prepare oh and I would only whiten my teeth and color my teeth when I was on my curse – um so if you're into doing that stuff that's the best time to do it because I don't suggest putting chemicals in your mouth or your hair but lots of people still do get their hair colored while their prayer I probably will not yeah so I hope you found this helpful that's the way that I prepared for my pregnancy if there's something that I missed or there's something different that you did for yours listed down below is always so interesting to see how people went about their stuff I already have my first doctor appointment my first doctor's appointment booked for June 24th if that's a Monday that's the right date yep so I'll let you guys know how it's going I'll actually be doing another video pretty soon after this um about my symptoms and how my pregnancy is going and a baby belly so I'll see you guys next time thanks for watching love yes yeah

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