How to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy

hey guys here's my tutorial on how to get your belly tube glow so the first step that I'm gonna be doing is I'm going to apply this illumise superfood vital veggie mask and I'm going to apply this on the sides of my belly well wherever I have stretch marks so wherever you have little stretch marks you can apply this with a brush with your hand and I'm applying it and it feels like a really good refreshing mask because it's has like this feeling that it cools your skin a little bit so it tightens it and it just feels really good and you know comfortable doesn't irritate me at all I love how it feels so this is just to refresh and you know brighten those little dark spots so keep in mind that stretch marks are natural you know there's something beautiful from your pregnancy you know you shouldn't be ashamed of it but we can also take care of her skin so I'm putting this all around my Le wherever I have those little stretch marks I'm already 39 weeks old I'm already about to have this baby I think I'm just waiting for the day to come yes I just can't wait to meet my little warning I just wanted to share this video because you know some momma struggle with stretch marks and it's normal but if you want to prevent them because I've been doing this for my whole pregnancy so after you're done you can wait ten minutes for the mask after the ten minutes we can wipe this down with a you know warm YP so you can put some warm water and you can start wiping it off your belly here's my little sister on the back you can use the stretch mark lotion for the next step and I love this is really famous so we're gonna use this to prevent it is supposed to prevent stretch marks – you know moisturize the skin from the belly so we're putting this all over the belly because we want to prevent stretch marks and you know also helps a lot to hydrate all the you can put this on your legs you can put this on your boobs you can put this anywhere and it'll be amazing there you go just apply it all over your belly and make your little massage you know touch your little baby bond with your baby talk to your baby it's really important to talk to your baby to bond with him even before he's born it's just amazing the next step that I'm doing is I'm doing the same brand the dry lotion I mean the the itchy skin dry skin oil and this is amazing because it like whenever my skin is itching a lot my belly's itching while I put some of this and it's amazing amazing amazing and now we're done thanks for watching guys you guys are the best

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