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Hi everybody so here I am in my baby’s room
talking to all of you guys and trying to give some advice for things that I’ve learned across
having my 5 kids that have made things easier. And today what I’m going to talk about is
engorged breasts, every partner’s favorite topic. I’ve had engorged breasts with all 5 of my
kids. This is a totally normal thing; you have to
hang in there! Okay, when you first have your baby at first
your body is going to be producing a substance called klystron. This is a thick gooey yellow liquidly sort
of thing and it’s very healthy for the baby. It helps to immunize the baby and to prevent
gonads’. Within about two to six days after when you
had first had your baby, your milk is going to come in. And when it comes in, it can come in too fast
and too much. It’s like Niagara Falls but with milk, kind
of gross. And whereas before you might have had a nice
supple breast like this, nice and soft, this is what you’re dealing with now, a hard big
apple. This is very hard for the baby to latch onto
— think about how hard it is to take a bit out of an apple like this. And it’s also very uncomfortable for you. So what I’m going to do today is talk a little
bit about how to deal with this engorgement and also how it can be dealt with in terms
of getting your baby to latch on, those two things. Okay, in terms of getting your baby to latch
on when you have engorged breasts a good thing to do is to express a little milk out of your
breasts before your baby nurses. If you have a pump, you can also put the pump
on just for a few minutes to get out some of that extra milk so that your breast is
a little suppler ant it’s easier for the baby to get a latch. Okay, also in terms of the baby, feed your
baby fully, make sure your baby is full, try to do frequent feedings — you might be feeding
on-demand, you might be following a schedule (I’m a big fan of the schedule)- but regardless
of what you choose to do when your baby is full if you’re still very, very engorged you
might want to express out a little more milk or use the pump. There’s another debate about over production
of milk so check this out with your doctor but this is what I have always done and it
really, really has worked for me. And I have used the excess just to store it,
which has really been something that has helped me in terms of knowing that I have milk down
the line when I need it. Okay, how do you deal with those very, very
sore breasts? Number one – warm showers, get in the shower
this is also a nice opportunity to take a break. Get the water going, get both sides under
there, let it just sort of rain onto you and this is really, really going to help. And you can do warm compresses too. Now you have to be very, very careful with
this but one thing I have done is to take a small dishtowel from the kitchen and I’ve
put water on it and I’ve heated up the water or I’ve heated this towel in the microwave. Be very, very careful because you don’t want
to burn yourself. But you can do is put this in a Ziploc sandwich
bag, cover it with another dish towel, and put this right into your bra. And this is good, the Ziploc bag really works
because it helps keep the heat in so it’s a very effective compress and it’s manageable,
it will fit into your nursing bra. So I would definitely give this a try, but
be very safe with it. Okay, so you’re going to do the warm showers,
you’re going to do the hot compresses, and you’re going to make sure that you’re frequently
feeding your baby. You do not want to go 4 or 5 hours without
feeding your baby so whether it’s on-demand or on a schedule make sure that you’re doing
those frequent feedings with pumping if you follow the Melissa point of view. And this will really help. Engorgement is going to go away naturally
overtime. You’ll be dealing with this for a week or
for two weeks but overtime your body is going to start to regulate itself and it’s going
to start to produce the amount of milk that your baby needs. So these are the key things to do early on,
good luck and hang in there.

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  1. I had my baby 4 days ago and my breasts hurt so much!! I am breastfeeding but I feel like nothing works (I've tried the showers and compresses) even when she eats I don't feel any relief so I feel like she's not getting enough milk or not latching on correctly because my nipples are also very sore and are getting scabby..I just want to give up sometimes!

  2. Don't give up!! Check with your dr or a lactation consultant and make sure that your baby is latching on properly… then, make sure the baby is eating for long enough and regularly enough. It is TOTALLY normal to feel some pain at the beginning!! Please stay in touch and let me know what happens… If your baby is only 4 days old, she (and you) and still just getting the hang of things! Check out my other videos on… xo Melissa

  3. Engorged breasts are a fact of life for new breastfeeding moms.  Here's a video I did on remedies that can help.  Hope you like it!

  4. I weaned off my baby its been 2 days .. And my breasts hurts terribly . Its like a rock instead . What should i do ?

  5. My baby is 6 days old and my breast are hard and sore. Is it normal for it to hurt a bit when he starts feeding? Also some times I'm breast feeding him from one side and the other side starts to drip, what should I do? Also do I have to breast feed the baby from both breast every time he feeds? Please help:) thank u

  6. Hi Melissa, Just wanted to say thanks for the video. My newborn is 10 days old. I suffered severely engorged breasts and it not only drove me to tears with the excruciating pain, but made me so depressed as it felt like I had to give up breastfeeding my child. BUT I stuck with your advice, tailored it, and now breastfeeding is about a million times better. I can't wait for the next couple of weeks to be over so that my body really regulates, but until then, it's so manageable. You're doing such a wonderful job helping us new mums. THANK YOU  

  7. How do you handle having an engorged breast that will not express any milk at all suddenly? I am able to pump a little but I don't think even when he nurses he's getting anymore.

  8. Thanks it is good to know it will go away. I was encouraged by the lactation consultant in the hospital. She was very nice and taught me a lot of stuff I didnt know from my first baby. This time, my breast milk came in so fast, the 3rd day after C section, my baby couldn't latch on well so I am pumping out the milk to the bottle. However, I can only pump 1oz all together each time and my breast still feels so full and painful after.

  9. your so right i learned this on my own as i go but to hear you say it makes me feel good. thanks

  10. OMGG this is sooo truee lmfaoo my breast are HUGE now and im pumping😭😭😭😭😭

  11. hi. i have engorged breast but my milk is not coming in yet.. ive delivered my baby 2days ago as c-section… what to do? is your advice helps also even i cannot feed my baby yet?

  12. my baby is 4 days old. only 1 side os engorged but milk flows from it. i have letdown but baby cant latch and its so hard and painful :(my left boob works well

  13. I alwayss get this and cry in pain and stop feeding. Then when the breasts are no longer sore, I start geedingvagin but have a low supply. I am having my 3rd in Nov. I hope to get through this phase a lot better this time. Thank you!

  14. Hi. Just had a baby Wednesday and just got out the hospital today. My breast hurt so bad. Thanks for the video and I'll be sure to check out your other video's.

  15. I was crying a few min ago coz my boos are soo painful I’m even struggling to sleep coz of them😭😭. My baby is 4days old

  16. Do not use heat on ur breast it increases ur milk supply when I had my first baby I tired to do all the warm and take a shower it just made me worse so I ended up putting her on formula and I used frozen cabbage leaves to dry up my milk it took up to a week or two for it to go down but it took a good 3-4 weeks for it to be completely gone but I'm really pushing through with my second Bc ik its best for her and I'm in pain all the time I pump 30 before she wakes up give it to her in a bottle Bc she isn't latching Bc of how badly my best are swollen but I always take ibiprofin for the swelling and them after I pump I used frozen rags for swelling too and I do this 3-4 times a day and I pump right before I go to sleep Bc I cant sleep when I'm in pain Idk Wht else to do

  17. My baby 4 months old and still engorgement every day,I m not on scheduling I follow feeding on demand he feeds every 2 or 3 hours

  18. Actually I have stop feeding my baby for the last 3 days and I'm using cabergoline 0.5 mg tablets from the last night…and I was pumping my breasts too..but still it feels full…and I'm suffering with fever and chills…lots of pain…can u please tell me how can I get out of it..

  19. What can I do when my baby is in the NICU and can't breastfeed her yet 😞 I have to pump and it hurts but I want to feed her eventually and I'm so full and engorged I just want my milk to flow freely

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