1. My best friend of 8 years just had to give birth to her stillborn daughter a few weeks after she had the baby shower…she had to have labor induced and she texted me when she finished telling me that being able to say goodbye to her daughter was helping her keep pushing…… her cousin adopted my only son and I feel guilty for having such a healthy pregnancy while she's struggling…….like I'm arrogant……does anyone get what I'm trying to say??

  2. I told my friend that I am sorry for her loss.
    Some people say "6 weeks, where's the loss?" but she did lose.
    She lost hopes, dreams, for God's sake a Child.

  3. (lil backstory) When I was 10 my mom had a 2nd trimester miscarriage and it really heavily effected me and the whole family because we had lost my oldest brother the year prior, and this baby was supposed to be our new hope. When I was 16 I gave my son up for adoption to a woman who has had so many battles with miscarriage and fertility. So miscarriage in general really lays on my heart heavy

    A few days ago My sister inlaw had an early miscarriage, When I was so excited ( and i know you shouldn't even get that excited before they are later in their pregnancy, BUT I WAS SO EXCITED AND HAPPY to finally have children around me, I even bought her some baby stuff ) I've found it difficult to convey how much i feel for her, and how much I want her to know that I'm here for her, Because we aren't very close at all. This video really helped me understand what she needs right now. Thank you for being such a strong person.

  4. a week since i experienced my miscarriage, believe me ive heard all these statements and true, it sucks. the bottom line for me has been,……'i lost my baby'…..sometimes ive felt like screaming 'my baby just died'..to them……

  5. I'm 19 and was pregnant at 18 and I honestly didn't know until I had my miscarriage I was about 6 weeks pregnant and was more heartbroken than ever. I'm adopted and that's mostly why it hurt so much I don't have anyone related to me in my family and my baby was my own blood and my heart broke instantly. since I didn't know the gender I named my baby angel. I miss my baby everyday and it's been a year.

  6. Thank you for sharing this. I found it very helpful for myself as well as for being of support to the people I love. Much love to you!!! Takes courage to share and be vulnerable to help others. 💜

  7. thank you for being so honest. I just found out this morning that my close friend is going through a mc and I just want to show her I'm here without overstepping her need for alone time, you know what I mean. Thanks for the advice!!

  8. I have had 2 miscarriages. The most recent one was one month ago, and I was 11 weeks.
    People have been amazing they Brought food and flowers. All the people close to me were amazing. But what I found were people whom I knew but weren’t close to said the stupid things. Here is my list of things that you should never say:
    “It’ll work out” …. actually it won’t work out. This baby died, there is nothing to work out.
    “At least we know the parts work”…..okay first off ew, don’t talk about my husbands parts… 😉
    I had many wonderful woman tell me that they had had one or several and if I needed anything, to just call them. I loved that because I KNEW they understood.

  9. Girl, you are right on the money with all of these! This makes me so happy that you have such empathetic people in your life. I have to constantly remind myself that everyone is doing the best that they can even when their words hurt. So thankful for this youtube community! You are such a light for me.

  10. I think you're so amazingly brave making this. So much love and prayers for you and all of your family, xxxxx

  11. Hope these Do's and Don'ts offer some help when navigating how to support a loved one.  Please share any do's or don'ts that might help others.  As always, sending strength to all affected,  and those around them….who have experienced miscarriage or multiple miscarriages.

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