How to swaddle a newborn | Fairy Non Bio

we know you were probably taught this before leaving hospital but if the whole experience was too much for you to take it in here's a little recap swaddling helps a baby to feel secure and reminds him of being in the womb which will help them sleep better so you'll probably get to sleep better you want to use the breathable and soft fabric the one I've got here is fairly large and I've actually just washed they're in very non-bio fabric conditioner so it's lovely and soft when it comes to swaddling it's important to not let your baby overheat you can check their temperature by placing two fingers inside the blanket positioning your baby is vital you must make sure you lay them on their back so they can't wiggle their way on their fronts must also allow your baby enough leg room to wiggle around in proper swaddling and trapping the baby's legs in a tightly wrapped swaddle could damage the joint lay a swaddling blanket on a flat surface and position it like a diamond place your baby's neck on the fold hold your baby's right arm down at the side of his body pull the left corner of the blanket over his body and tuck it under his side hold your baby's right arm flat at the side of his body take the left corner and pull it across your baby's right arm over his body and tuck it under his left side tuck it in securely while making sure your baby can still move his hips up and outwards Mable really loves swaddling but it might not be for you so it's important for you to focus on what's right for you and your baby swaddling is designed for newborns and the general advice is to stop swaddling when your baby starts to move around in their sleep or intact themselves I found with Mabel it was really clear when she was ready to stop being swaddled if it's not helping them to sleep then it's probably time to stop I hope you found this video useful please subscribe to the Mumsnet channel for more [Applause]

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